Wednesdays, 2:00—3:00 P.M., KABF 88.3 FM, Little Rock, Arkansas

Regular Host:  “John S”


GENERAL FORMATIt Could Be You is a forum for thought-provoking discussion and sharing information, spring-boarding from two general bases about purpose:  1) to help create safer communities; and 2) to help improve communities.  Cooperative, collaborative discussion will explore various approaches to ensuring public safety, rehabilitating offenders, alleviating homelessness, and exploring ideas about what we can do to work together to strengthen our communities.  We also work to improve access to community information regarding: education, employment, social services, help for those in need, and much more.  All guests will have the opportunity to voice personal issues and opinions, unique advocacy and professional awareness.

PRODUCTION FORMAT:  Interviews will be conducted by the host/s, (usually) live with in-studio guests, or using the KABF studio phone line/s, during on-air broadcast time.  Phone-in questions and comments from listeners can be accepted only during live in-studio interviews.

PRODUCTION POLICY:  Our job is to share information and inspire discussion.  Even in the event of challenging, or perhaps even angry calls, our job is to listen and respond with empathy —not to convince anyone that he or she is wrong.

INVITED GUESTS:  Including but not limited to:  Ex-Offenders and/or their family members; University Professors; Therapists; Attorneys; Authors; Clergy; Law Enforcement Personnel; Community Activists; groups & persons working for social, legal, and/or criminal justice reform.

For guests who want a recording of their interviews, have someone else record the program, OR

In-studio guests:  Bring a flash/thumb drive so we can download an unedited copy at once.

Phone-in guests:  On request, we will:  burn an unedited copy onto a CD and send it to you, OR send an unedited copy using Dropbox or other service.

If you use all or parts of the interview in any way, you must give KABF proper credit for its use.


Please be at the studio by 1:30 P.M. on the Wednesday you are scheduled to appear.


Please call the direct studio line 3 to 5 minutes before air time.

IMPORTANT!!  If you cannot participate as scheduled/need to reschedule, please contact the host/s and/or KABF as soon as possible!


KABF 88.3 FM, Little Rock, Arkansas’, Community Radio—The Voice of the People  2101 South Main Street Little Rock, AR  72206 Office:  (501) 372-6119 Studio:  (501) 433-0088*, 433-0089* (Using the “Listen Live” link)

Arkansas Time After Time (ATAT): P.O. Box 11491 Conway, AR  72034 (501) 444-ATAT (2828)

*Currently only 1 line at a time can be used.

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