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Arkansas Talks

Date: Wednesday from 9 – 10 am


Bio: Pat Ward is the  Founder and CEO of the Arkansas Talks Communications Network, LLC, which publishes a free statewide newspaper. She has over 35 years of experience.in management consulting with an emphasis in small business and real estate development, compliance, strategic planning, and public relations to business owners, corporate executives, government administrators, and elected officials.
Address: Arkansas Talks Communications Network,LLC P. O. Box164409, Little Rock, AR 72216


BantuNauts Raydio


Date: Saturday 10pm - 12am

Genre: African/Caribbean/Global Music

Hosts: DJ Charles Ray and Bibi

BantuNauts RAYdio is a weekly music and talk radio show broadcasting from Little Rock (Arkansas). The show was created in 2014 by husband and wife team, Charles and Bibi Ray.

The name of the show is a combination of the words Bantu (people) and Nauts (sailors). BantuNauts are “travelers who explore the world through music, arts, and traditions”.

One of the goals of the BantuNauts RAYdio show is to explore cultures around the world, with a particular focus on the music and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. If you like listening to great music, exploring other cultures, and connecting with people from all over the world, you’re in the right place!


Blues House Party

Date: Friday 3pm - 5pm

Genre: Blues

Host: Deb Finney

The KABF Blues House Party, hosted by Deb Finney since May 1992, is an absolute treat for blues lovers and enthusiasts. With her undeniable passion for the blues, Deb has become deeply involved in the blues scene, showcasing her love for the genre through her show and various contributions to the blues community.

Bluegrass Show & Tell

Date: Tuesday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The Bluegrass Show and Tell had a DJ change in September of 2016.  Since that time Larry and Angel have been handling the show and filling their two hours with the music they love.  This is the first radio job for both Larry and Angel and both consider it a privilege to share great bluegrass with the KABF listeners.  They have an extensive library of bluegrass music and are adding to it all the time.

Requests are always welcome at the Bluegrass Show and Tell.  If they don’t have exactly what you want, they will play something close and get your exact song on the next week if they can.

The show has an active Facebook page – The Bluegrass Show & Tell – with regular posts about the music and the artists performing the songs.

Larry and Angel strive to provide a good combination of current hits, old favorites, local talent, and just plain old good music.  They usually open the show each week with a couple of bluegrass gospel songs.  Live music is also part of the show to give some extra air time and recognition to local performers.



Date: Saturday 12pm - 3pm

Hosts: Tim J and D Gold

Genre: Eclectic: roots rock, blues, Americana, soul/R&B, folk, jazz +

Bio: Record store guy mojo for the earworm-afflicted. Funk for the jazz-curious. Dad rock from the future. Tastefully curated playlists for the incurably tasteful. Blues you can use. Out of control soul. If Boudreaux’s gumbo were a radio show, he’d spice it exactly like this.

Threads: kabf_collage88.3 

Community Voices, The Workplace

Community Voice: Tuesday 9am – 10am

The Workplace: Thursday 9am – 10am

Host: Rev. Denise Donnell

Denise is a freelance consultant whose primary role is to provide the very best care for her mother (Tee) who she had the pleasure of inviting into her home.

Denise is a… critical imaginist, cultural strategist, human, sacred story collector, sacred storyteller, therapeutic friend, unapologetic truth teller, visual artist and vocalist.

She also guides a conversation in pursuit of a deconstructed faith called “The Good Fight” Tuesday nights at 7pm CST live on Facebook. In her spare time, Denise consistently tries her hand in the culinary arts and the world of gardening, both artistic realms that consistently prove to be beyond her grasp.

Fix It Show

Date: Saturday 11am - 12pm

Hosts: Carter & Gary

Gospel In My Soul

Date: Saturday 5am - 7am

Host: Elder Maurice Tatum

Genre: Traditional Gospel & Quartet Music

Gospel In My Soul

Host: Mo Childress,

Date:  5:00 to 7:00 am, Friday. 

Tune in for wonderful gospel music.

Gray Matter Radio

Date: Thursday 9pm-11pm

Host: Shayne Gray

Gray Matter Radio is an alternative music show that focuses mostly on rock, punk, post-punk, psychedelia, goth, local artists, and more!
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Heartbeat of the Nation

Genre: Native American Music

Date: Saturday 9am - 11am

Host: Cuchi

Let's Talk About It

Date: Monday 9am - 10am

Host: Larry Hicks

Bio: Retired elected County Commissioner Geary County Kansas, Member of Little Rock NAACP, Chairman Legal Redress Committee, Member Eight Street Missionary Baptist Church, and Member L.C. & Daisy Bates House Museum Foundation.

Love On The Rock Radio Show

Date: Thursday 2pm - 3pm

Host Name: Stephanie Nicole

Tune in and elevate your spirit with the soulful sounds of “Love On The Rock Radio Show” with award nominated radio host, Stephanie Nicole on KABF 88.3FM! Join us on Thursdays at 2 pm Central Time for a transformative journey through faith and music. Stephanie Nicole’s engaging personality and deep connection to her audience have cultivated a loyal fan base that tunes in regularly to experience the uplifting and soul-stirring content of the show. Through her unique approach to radio, Stephanie Nicole continues to inspire and entertain listeners with a mix of faith-based discussions and soulful music, making “Love On The Rock Radio Show” a must-listen for those seeking inspiration and positivity in their lives.



Radio Show Group Page


Mad Titan Radio

Date: Saturday 9pm - 10pm

Genre: Hip Hop


Bio: MAD TITAN RADIO, hosted by THANOS on kabf Saturday nights at 9 showcases the rawest hip-hop from the 80s, 90s today that represents the culture we all grew to love. 

His mission, Is to dominate the airwaves and show us all that’s hip-hop is and will always be a dominant for on the world. And he’ll do it at a snap of his finger.

NVRMND (Nevermind) The Morning Show

Date: Monday - Friday 7am - 9am

Genre: Variety

Monday: Jared
Tuesday: Al
Wednesday: Marvin and Sam
Thursday: Chris and Jesse
Friday: Wes

Respect For Life

Format: Black Talk

Date: Sunday 8:30am - 9:30am

Host: Bro. Wayne

Contact: Respect4life@comcast.net

Rhythm Room

Date: Friday 9pm - 12am

Bio: The Rhythm Room is KABF's weekly excursion into the world of dance
music - touching on everything from classic club anthems to the latest
bangers-- with occasional detours into allied fields of popular music
like new wave, post-punk, darkwave and glam rock. Join DJ Dreamtime
every Friday night from 9 to midnight as we unify our souls and bodies
in the ecstasy of dancing.


Sacred Gospel

Date: Sunday 2pm - 4pm

Hosts: Glenda Faith and Mike

Shoog Radio

Date: Tuesday - 12pm - 2pm

Hosts: Phillip Labeau & Brad Caviness

Sound Salvation

Genre: Punk/Metal/Indie

Date:  Monday nights 10 pm to midnight.

Sound Salvation is a night time show spinning punk, metal, and indie jams.  The show went on the air in 2005.  Andy first got into the station listening to shows in the 90’s such as Adios Amerika, Underground Railroad, Rebel Radio, and The Musical Fruit.  He likes shopping, talking on the phone, and just being with friends.

The record industry corporations have picked up on the desire kids have for music with an edge and have co-opted the sounds.  The dollar dances on our asses!  Sound Salvation counters this trend by taking it back for the working class… music that relates to us, with freedom and solidarity.

The Method

Date: Saturday 3pm - 5pm

Focus: Faith and spirituality for young adults and college students using pop culture and current events.

Host: Deena Marie Hamilton (Pastor Dee) is a Voice over actor, sound engineer, and published writer.She has 14 years of experience working with youth, young adults, and college students in ministry in local church, college campuses, and public high schools. Master‘s in Divinity from Southern Methodist University. Member of Pulaski Heights UMC.

Producer: Kristin Knox (Positively Krissy) is a Theater actor and coach. She's also a Television personality, Director of Communications for Pulaski County Sheriff Office. She have a Bachelor degree in Mass Communications from UALR and a Member of Wesley Chapel UMC in Little Rock.

Quartet Music is My Joy

Date: Thursday 5am - 7am

Genre: Gospel

Host: Ms. Cee

Bio: I been singing Quartet music since I was 2 and I love it, my family and I been singing for 64 years in the Quartet industry along with my parents years The Rev Rodger and Oletha Golatt. And the legacy continues.

The Quiet Storm

Genre: Jazz

Date: Sunday 9:30am - 12pm

Host: Mr. Griff

The Soundboard

Genre: Jam, Live, and Local

Date: Saturday night at 12am (Midnight) - 2am

Host: Clint Evans

Bio: The Soundboard serves kind jams from multiple genres of jam friendly bands. The focus is on live material, some decades old, and some hours old, including fresh music from local bands, venues, and festivals recorded by Clint.  The Soundboard has been on KABF since 1997, and also airs on KPSQ in Fayetteville since 2019.


Tuesday Jazz Venue

Date: Tuesday 10am - 12pm

Host: Leola (Lola) Saab

United Streets of Dance & HipHop

Date: Thursdays 7pm - 9pm

Genre: Dance & HipHop

Host: Lead Host : Aloha Peezy
Co Host: Daddy Rooster & Mr. Freeze 


World Tour

Date: Sunday 12pm - 2pm

Hosts: Paul Kelly and Grant Tennille

Tune in every Sunday from Noon to 2 pm for a musical odyssey that transcends borders and cultures with Kabf 88.3's "World Tour" hosted by the dynamic duo, Paul Kelly and Grant Tanille!

Immerse yourself in the diverse sounds of the world as Paul and Grant curate a unique blend of music that spans continents and genres. From the rhythmic beats of Africa to the soulful melodies of South America, "World Tour" promises to take you on a global adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your radio.

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