Support KABF: Become an Underwriter

Underwriting at KABF

KABF is 100% community owned nonprofit radio station.  You can support KABF by becoming an underwriter.

Drive-time Programming                                            

Daytime, Nights, and Weekends                                

Public Service Announcements  (non-profits only)    

Monthly Sponsorships on KABF

Full Sponsor: $500.00 Monthly

Underwriting announcement aired once each hour of programming.

Co-Sponsor:  $300.00  Monthly

Underwriting announcement aired once each day of programming.

Benefactor: $150.00 Monthly

Underwriting announcement aired three times a week.

Supporter: $100.00 Monthly

Underwriting announcement is run twice on same day and program each week.

Long-term contracts and special rates are available for remote broadcasting.

Please email or for more information.

Pledge your support for KABF.

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