Voice of the People

Internet Providers and Online Services Slowdowns, Trump Lawyer and Adult Film Star Payoff, NFL and Payments to Former CTE Players, Senator Graham, Sales Taxes, Traffic Accident Deaths, Tunisia Arrests, Craft Industries, Bears Ears and Mines, Chinese Communist Party and Internet Comments, and the Vietnam War 01-16-2018

States and Medicaid Work Requirement, Chase and Class Action on Overtime, Racist Trump, Walmart Pay Raises, Tax Payers and Internet Access, Youth Unemployment in Iran, Pope Francis and Crises, Oil Pension Funds, Clean Energy Employment, Y2K Bug, Assange and Ecuadorian Citizenship, and Special Education 01-15-2018

Affordable Housing Crisis in Denver and Voucher Program, Fast Food Justice in NYC, ICE in 7 Eleven Stores, IRS and Debt Collectors, Migration into US, Legalized Pot and Tax Revenues, Coffeeshop Protests in Canada, and the CRA 01-14-2018

Former Arizona Sheriff and Running for Senate, Antiwar Organizations, Micheal Cohen and Fusion and Buzzfeed, Homeless Prostitutes in Mexico, Tax Bill and American Workers, and Rutgers News Journalists Charged 01-13-2018

Gospels and Early Christianity, Indian Supreme Court and Gays, California Billionaire Election Spending, Miller and Trump Interview, Tax Bill, DACA, Bannon and Breitbart News, North Carolina Congressional Map, and Offshore Drilling 01-12-2018

Boycott of Israeli Occupation, Police Per Capita, Loans from Israel, Saudi Princes Arrested, 911 Technology, Trump Administration and El Salvador Protections, Energy Commission and Coal Power Plants, Nevada Standoff Charges Dismissed, Parents and Children and Internet Data, and Britain and Average Salaries 01-11-2018

Smokers, State Taxes and Charity, Low Power Stations, Gender Masking, United Emirates and Passport Sales, Kaiser and Hospice Complaints, Contracts and Nursing Home Spending, NAACP and NCAA Protest, Steve Bannon, India and Internet Access, and Crime Costs 01-10-2018

Journalists at the LA Times, CitiGroup and Money Laundering, DACA Permits, DOT and Flights Diverted, Clinton Foundation, Oregon and Self-Serving Pumps, Facebook and Net Neutrality, Payday Lender Sentenced, Adultery, and Cuban PrisonĀ  01-09-2018

Integration, Train Accidents in South Africa, Tweeter Freed, Migrates, Federal Crimes for Pot, HUD and Fair Housing Rule, Trump Book, Insurers and National Disasters, and Minimum Health Care Coverage 01-08-2018

Trump and Voter Fraud Commission and Voter Data, Utah Redistricting, Mumbai Protests, National Health Services Cuts, Iceland and Salary Structures and Genders, Motel 6 and Immigration, Developers and Gentrification, Ethiopia and Political Prisoners, Native American DNA, and Republicans in Virginia 01-07-2018

Budget Protests, Florida and Voting, Food Labels, Time’s Up, Germany and Social Media Comments, Census Experts and Citizenship Status, Greece Pension System, Foreign Investment in the US and MoneyGram, Empire State Building Broadcast Tower, and Trump and Bannon 01-06-2018

Minimum Wages, Republican House of Representatives, Israel Right Wing and Palestinian State, Falling Courses, Blue Book Project, Traffic Deaths, Internet and Trump, Astrology Columns, Health Care Prices, and Utah Senator 01-05-2018

Congo Protests, Catholic Church Shooting, Google Street View, Babies and Empathy, Middle East and Religion, GM and Profits, African Forest Losses, Rectangular Gates, Oil Agency, and Banking Regulations 01-04-2018

Tents, Women in Blue Collar Jobs, Louisiana Voters Purged, Japan, Britain and Alcohol Misuse, Private Schools, Park Fees, Cell Phone Materials, Syrian Damage, Sports Protection Act and Betting, Poor Peoples’ Campaign, and Coal Terminal Permit Expires in Louisiana 01-03-2018

Tax Laws and Charity, Protests in Iran, US Postal Services and Under-Pricing, Trump and HIV-AIDS Advisory Council, Philadelphia Eagles Player Donates Salary to Charity, First Drone, High Tech Jobs in San Francisco, Girl Football Players, Plastic Trash, and Trump Nominees 01-02-2018

Public School Districts and Settlements on Sexual Harassment, Court Martial Convictions and Gun Purchases, Democrats and Women, College Textbook Prices, Puerto Rico and Power Outage, ER Visits and Heavy Drinking, Startups and Untreated Water, and Campaign Donations 01-01-2018