Voice of the People

Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Charges, NSA and Russian Hackers, Protests on Trump, Children and Lead Exposures, Americans and National Ban on Assault Riffles, Food Banks in Germany and Migrants, and Anti-Muslim Violence in Sir Lanka 03-16-2018

Small Businesses in Puerto Rico, Quebec, Arkansas and Medicaid Eligibility, Fortune 500 Companies and Benefits for New Hires, Travelers and Environmental Responsibility, Brimingham Schools Protest, Emergency Room Treatment and Gender, Fresh Fruit Imports, China and Fine Particulates, National Geographic and Racism, Latino Donor Collaborative and Latino Labor, Sales Returns, and Pennsylvanian Election 03-15-2018

African Americans in New Jersey and Pot, Leftism Young Movement and Mexican Elections, Dodd Frank Requirements, Data Analysis and Records, Dovetail and Fake Instagram Accounts, Tattoos, Forests and Carbon, Pro-Democracy and Hong Kong, England and Russian Spies, Nigeria and Tobacco,  and Tillerson Fired  03-14-2018

Intelligent Home Devices, Young Republicans and Young Democrats and Climate Change, Teachers Union in Chicago, Print and Campaign News, Prisons and Compassionate Release, Elite High Schools and Race in NYC, Walkout for Students, Trump and Guns, Term-limits in China, NFL and Under-Represented Individuals, Call Centers and Prices,  and England and Terrorism 03-13-2018

Reveal Report and Mortgage Loans, American Labor and Manufacturing, Statues Taken Down in India, Cement Giant in Syria, Nursing Homes, Soybeans, Journalists Killed, Women Earnings, Twitter and False Claims  03-12-2018

Orleans Parish School Board Settlement and Hazardous Landfill, China and Term Limits, John Kelly and EPA Climate Debate, Trump Voters, Trump Tax Bill and Farmers, Anti-Opioid Activists Protest, Billionaires, and Black Mortgage Applications 03-11-2018

Labor Negotiations and Ports, Fewer Jobs States, UK and Meat Packages and Factory Farming, Marine Toxic Work Environment, Copy Cat Threats, Obesity and Cancer in the UK, Private Parish Jails, Female Business Founders in the UK, and Equal Pay in Hollywood 03-10-2018

White Churches, People and Stories on Twitter and False News, Gun Limits in Florida, Drug Prices Prison Sentence, Trump Payments to Stormy Daniels and Election Laws, Education and Student Loans, and US Mortgage Levels 03-09-2018

Right to Work and Democrats and Voter Turnout, 11 Countries and Trans Pacific Partnership, Forest Service Official Resigns, Sexual Harassment Survey, International Women’s Day in Spain, Nuclear Submit, Costs of Care, and Iowa and Low Cost Insurance 03-08-2018

Federal Immigration Officials, Amazon Prime Membership, Round Trip Fares, Rows on a Plane, Labor Department and Back Pay, Puerto Rico and Storm Damages and Migration, and Democrats in Texas 03-07-2018

Interior Secretary and Montana Oil Lands, Russian Troll Farms, Trump Economic Advisor Resigns, White House Aide and Alabama Election, West Virginia Teachers Strike, South Korea Nuclear Program, Belgium Court and Sexism Case, and American Tariffs 03-06-2018

Russia Virtual War, Cities Ban Plastic Straws, Australian Telescope and First Starlight, HUD Complaint on Redecorating, Net Neutrality and State Laws, United Airlines and Bonuses, Protections, and Public Employee Insurance Systems  03-05-2018

Treasurer Secretary at UCLA, Trump and Tariff, Interior Department Emails and Oil Exploration,  Private Education in Australia, Congressional Election in Pennsylvania, Germany, and Elections in Italy 03-04-2018

Voters and College Degrees, Large Employers and Recruiting, Unions Dues and Rights, Ben Carson and Dinner Table, Circumcision, West Virginia Teachers Strike, and Digital Phenotyping 03-03-2018

Walmart and Gun Sales, Dick Sporting Guns and Assault Rifles, Trump and Gun Control, Kushner Meetings and Loans, US Olympic Official Resigns, Immigration Officials and Oakland Mayor, First Lady and Contract, Hungary Party Defeat, and the Individual Mandate 03-02-2018

NLRB and Joint Employer Ruling, Banking Fraud and Newsweek Magazine, Tax Cut and Stock Buy Backs, Jerry Jones and NFL Fines, Facebook and AI and Post Scanning. Kushner Security Clearance, and Taiwan Toilet Paper Prices 03-01-2018

Wall Street Firm Investigation and Trump, Republican Governors and Gun Control, Reduced Price for in-State Tuition, Right to Work Laws, Supreme Court and Undocumented Immigration, Don Blankenship, Trump Wall, and the Weinstein Company 02-28-2018

Germany and Jobs and Gender, Supreme Court Anti-Retaliation for Whistler Blowers, UN and Syrian Cease Fire, Tax Overhaul, Doctors without Borders and Sexual Harassment, New Orleans Storm Protection, and NRA Company Ties 02-27-2018

Electronic Voting and Hacking, Trump Advisor and Special Counsel, Florida Protests on Firearms, Justice Department and Kushner Issues, NRA Company Deals, and Public School Teachers in West Virginia Strike 02-26-2018

Nursing Home Regulations, Greek Lawmakers and Committee on Corruption, College Accreditation Agencies, NYC and Uber Lawsuit, Bayou Bridge Pipeline, Black Joblessness, and Mexican Case on Public Funds to Political Campaign 02-25-2018

Poland Law & Justice Party, Casino Head and Sexual Harassment, Met Life and Benefits Payments, Twitter Rules, and Sheriff Deputy at Parkland School 02-24-2018

Common Cause and Trump Payoffs, Senator Rubio and Gun Laws, Rev. Billy Graham, Mississippi and Hotel Tax Break, Ireland Secondary Schools, Tweets in Saudi Arabi, Gun Victims, and DNA Analysis Requirement 02-22-2018

Italy and Party Votes, Republicans and Trade, Donors for the Midterms, Twitter Accounts, 3M Settlement on Contaminated Water, and AT&T Merger 02-21-2018

NCAA and Player Scandals, Social Security Benefits and Family Leaves, Bump Stocks, Russia and Trump Campaign, Kushner and Classified Information, Rite Aid Buy Out, Poverty and Medicaid Expansion, and DC Public Schools 02-20-2018

Student Loan Balances, Pennsylvania District Maps, Individual Health Insurance Market, NLRB and Joint Employer Status, Worker Protections, Actor Markets, and Activism by Parkland School Shooting Survivors 02-19-2018

Multi-Employer Plans and Liabilities, Budget and Retirees, EPA and Travel by Administration, Russian Agency and the US Election, Virginia Budget and Medicaid, Household Debt, Asian and Textile Industries, and Student Loan Debt 02-18-2018

Gun Violence and State Laws, Supervised Exercise Program, SNAP Funds, Brazil Federal Police and Fake News, Payday Loan Customers, Ride Sharing Companies and Charges, and FCC and Sinclair Broadcasting 02-17-2018

Rebuilt Engines and Pollution and Campaign Support Funds, NYC and Credit Scores, Black Panther, Trump Campaign, Russian Indictments, and the White House and Security Clearance Problems 02-16-2018

School Shootings and Gun Violence, Immigration Compromise, President Zuma in SA, VA Trip, Executive Order and Health Insurance, and Federal Appeals Court on Travel Ban 02-15-2018

Oxfam Director Resigns, US Department of Labor Funding, President Trump Budget and Food Stamps, Israeli Police and PM, Transient Art, CDC and Births, and Oregon and Meth Deaths 02-14-2018

Cleveland Mississippi, Myanmar Massacre, Section 8, Automation, Sex Education, Wall Street, Songs and Adult Tastes, Larger Sized Apparel, Winter, Migrants, and the Girl Scouts of Colorado 02-13-2018

Virtue Signal, Facial Recognition and Gender and Race, Minority Children and Television, Weinstein Company Sale, Podcast Listeners, Wells Fargo, Opioids and Doctors, Tax Compliance, and Daylight Savings Time  02-12-2018

Oxfam and Sexual Misconduct, Waste Work Deaths, Spending on Variable Pay, Indiana and Medicaid Program, Paying for Drugs, Poverty Rate, Kratom, and the Girl Scouts 02-11-2018

Democrats and Republican Seats, Ethiopia Turmoil, NLRB and McDonalds’ Franchises, Indian Students, White House Drama, and American Adults and Facial Recognition Data and Race 02-10-2018

Class Action by Au-Pairs, Chile and Healthy Foods, DOT and Airline Penalties, Universal Housing Vouchers, Complaint in the Philippines, Teachers Unions and Betty DeVos, Cancer and Drinking, and Spending Bill 02-09-2018

British Judge and Assange, Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, NY Times Study and Toxic Chemical Sites, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Wind and Solar Plants, Workers and Dating, Nonprofit Taxes on Individual Pay, Least Healthy Groceries, Fair Skin Pigmentation, Investors, and Affordable Housing in Seattle  02-08-2018

Direct Care Workers and Foreign Born, Pay Gap for Women, Latino Population and Film, Banks and Branch Closings, Girl Scouts and Savannah Bridge, Labor Department and Tips, FEMA Contract, Polish Death Camps, Economic Freedom Fighters, and Anonymous Jury 02-07-2018

Justice Department and New Jersey Senator, Facial Modifications, State Laws on Rent Control, Insurance Mandates, Ecuador and Presidential Term Limits, Financial Aid Assistance at Stanford, Black College Students, Mississippi Black College Students, and Cesarean Section Deliveries 02-06-2018

Assistance Living Facilities, Gene Sharp, AP and NFL Black Players at Pro Ball, Worker Programs, EEOC and Retaliation, Advised Funds, Florida and Voter Rights, Online Spending, Amtrak, Simpsons, Greeks Protest, and Iran and Women  02-05-2018

Rules of Paris Climate Accord, Distressed Community, Kyoto University and Dating Sites, Ikea, Farm Safety Group and Children, Amazon Application Process, Artificial Intelligence and Heavy Trucks, China and Agricultural Products, Earnings, and Mayan Structures 02-04-2018

French Dairy Company, Legal Aid, Humane Society Head, Black Rock and Female Directors, Wells Fargo Growth, Chinese Population and Deodorant, Funeral Prices, Iranian Women Arrested, Kenya, Cell Phones and Health, Lowes and Paid Level, Health Care, Boycotts, and Trump’s State of the Union 02-03-2018

Interior Department and Legal Challenges, FBI and Trump and Secret Memo, Title X Grants, Equifax, International Sports Corruption, Graduate Student Union Efforts, DACA and School, and Nick von Hoffman 02-02-2018

Digital Ads, Hillary Clinton, Water Levels in Cape Town, Muted Stem Cells, US Homeownership Rates, Trump Approval Rating, and CDC Director Resigns 02-01-2018

Australian University Student and Fitness App and Military Sites, Texas Border and Extreme Living Conditions, Largest Employers and Independent Insurance Company, New Orleans Officials and Violent Crime, New Jersey Governor and Utility Tax for Carbon Emissions, and Latinos and Slave Trade 01-31-2018

Cleveland Indians and Logo, Holocaust, Terran Protest, Late Night Television, 7 Years of Retirement and Positive Health Impacts, Ireland and Abortion, Democrats and Abortion, Secret Memo Release,  and Taxes and Opportunity Zones 01-30-2018

Mexico States and Travel Advisories, Extreme Poverty, Certified Refugees, Obesity in Africa, Pedophiles and Reporting, Working Governments, World Bank and Air Pollution in India, Married Americans and Living Apart, Public School Funding, Pew and Jon Stewart, Inflated Bride Prices,  and Sexual Harassment Lawsuits and Settlement Interest Rates 01-29-2018

Smoking Pot, Women and College Attendance, BBC and Female Pay, Casino Owner and Sexual Harassment, National History Museum Protesters, Mortgage Debt, Budget Transparency, Twitter Followers for Sale, and Female Artists 01-28-2018

Men’s Only Fundraiser for Financial Times, True to Life, Adults and Conversion Therapy, Poverty, Absolute Poverty in the United States, Starbucks and Tax Savings, Governmental Accounting Office, UPS and Teamsters, Changing Jobs, and Mueller Firing Threat 01-26-2018

French Labor Policy, LA Museum of Art & Satellite Campuses, USA Team Doctor Sentenced, President of Michigan State Resigns, White Nationalists on Facebook, Mental Illness, FDA and Drug Trials, Discourse Styles, Save the Children, Top Grossing Films, Legal Marijuana, Hourly Employees, and Trump and Dreamers 01-25-2018

#MeToo and Morgan Stanley, Facebook Whats App, USA Gymnastics, Brazilian Dumps, Radio Bursts, Facebook News, Hugh Masekela, Rev Walker, Protests on Trash Pickups in Lebanon, UN in the Congo, US Military and Human Rights Abuses in Afghanistan, and Trump and Union Approvals   01-24-2018

Women’s Colleges and Historical Black Colleges, United Nations Peacekeepers, Cancer Society and Prostate Cancer, Dementia Risk, French Prison Guards Strike, Gerrymandering Case, Georgia Governor and Gays, Kentucky and Medicaid Requirements, Stock Grants, Companies and Tax Break, Chinese Property Taxes, and Montana and Internet Access 01-23-2018

Cognitive Impairment, Sports Stadiums, Co-Housing, Paperwork and Applications for Benefits, Pornography, Women’s Marches, Cashiers, Republicans and Israel and Palestinian, Bitcoin Electricity, Support Animals, and Government Shutdown 01-22-2018

Russian Retirement Ages, Lebanon Spy Technology, Warmest Years, Adult Women and ADHD Drugs, Tax Law and Affordable Housing Growth, Union Members, LA Times and Union, Criminal Cases, CVS Drugs, Machine Learning Techniques, Breast Cancer Survival Rate, Kindergarten Vaccination Rates, Chilean Catholics, and Trump’s California Voters  01-21-2018

Hospitals and Generic Drugs, New Orleans DA Office Lawsuit and Hiding Evidence, Huffington Post and Self-Publishing, Lebanon Elections, Border Wall, Minimum Wage and Hospitality Workers, and Amazon 01-20-2018

Kentucky Workplan and Medicaid, Forever Prisoners, MS 13 Gang, Pipeline in Louisiana, FCC and Net Neutrality, Longterm Care Plans, Democrats and Legislative Seats, and Drinkers and Abstainers 01-19-2018

Greece Debt, Fossil Fuels, Music Therapists, Atlanta and Bail Reform, Mississippi State Flag, Trump’s Racist Remarks, Clean Air, Detention Cells, Bannon, National Parks, Democracy Activist in Hong Kong 01-18-2018

Model Alliance and Sexual Harassment, Abortion, New Vehicles, International Visitors, Trump and Race Relations, Colleges and Intelligence Studies, Expressions, Treasury and Congressional Staff Settlements, Physical Punishment, Mid-Term Elections, Italians and Biodegradable Bags, Immigrants in Jail, and Symbols for Confederates 01-17-2018

Internet Providers and Online Services Slowdowns, Trump Lawyer and Adult Film Star Payoff, NFL and Payments to Former CTE Players, Senator Graham, Sales Taxes, Traffic Accident Deaths, Tunisia Arrests, Craft Industries, Bears Ears and Mines, Chinese Communist Party and Internet Comments, and the Vietnam War 01-16-2018

States and Medicaid Work Requirement, Chase and Class Action on Overtime, Racist Trump, Walmart Pay Raises, Tax Payers and Internet Access, Youth Unemployment in Iran, Pope Francis and Crises, Oil Pension Funds, Clean Energy Employment, Y2K Bug, Assange and Ecuadorian Citizenship, and Special Education 01-15-2018

Affordable Housing Crisis in Denver and Voucher Program, Fast Food Justice in NYC, ICE in 7 Eleven Stores, IRS and Debt Collectors, Migration into US, Legalized Pot and Tax Revenues, Coffeeshop Protests in Canada, and the CRA 01-14-2018

Former Arizona Sheriff and Running for Senate, Antiwar Organizations, Micheal Cohen and Fusion and Buzzfeed, Homeless Prostitutes in Mexico, Tax Bill and American Workers, and Rutgers News Journalists Charged 01-13-2018

Gospels and Early Christianity, Indian Supreme Court and Gays, California Billionaire Election Spending, Miller and Trump Interview, Tax Bill, DACA, Bannon and Breitbart News, North Carolina Congressional Map, and Offshore Drilling 01-12-2018

Boycott of Israeli Occupation, Police Per Capita, Loans from Israel, Saudi Princes Arrested, 911 Technology, Trump Administration and El Salvador Protections, Energy Commission and Coal Power Plants, Nevada Standoff Charges Dismissed, Parents and Children and Internet Data, and Britain and Average Salaries 01-11-2018

Smokers, State Taxes and Charity, Low Power Stations, Gender Masking, United Emirates and Passport Sales, Kaiser and Hospice Complaints, Contracts and Nursing Home Spending, NAACP and NCAA Protest, Steve Bannon, India and Internet Access, and Crime Costs 01-10-2018

Journalists at the LA Times, CitiGroup and Money Laundering, DACA Permits, DOT and Flights Diverted, Clinton Foundation, Oregon and Self-Serving Pumps, Facebook and Net Neutrality, Payday Lender Sentenced, Adultery, and Cuban Prison  01-09-2018

Integration, Train Accidents in South Africa, Tweeter Freed, Migrates, Federal Crimes for Pot, HUD and Fair Housing Rule, Trump Book, Insurers and National Disasters, and Minimum Health Care Coverage 01-08-2018

Trump and Voter Fraud Commission and Voter Data, Utah Redistricting, Mumbai Protests, National Health Services Cuts, Iceland and Salary Structures and Genders, Motel 6 and Immigration, Developers and Gentrification, Ethiopia and Political Prisoners, Native American DNA, and Republicans in Virginia 01-07-2018

Budget Protests, Florida and Voting, Food Labels, Time’s Up, Germany and Social Media Comments, Census Experts and Citizenship Status, Greece Pension System, Foreign Investment in the US and MoneyGram, Empire State Building Broadcast Tower, and Trump and Bannon 01-06-2018

Minimum Wages, Republican House of Representatives, Israel Right Wing and Palestinian State, Falling Courses, Blue Book Project, Traffic Deaths, Internet and Trump, Astrology Columns, Health Care Prices, and Utah Senator 01-05-2018

Congo Protests, Catholic Church Shooting, Google Street View, Babies and Empathy, Middle East and Religion, GM and Profits, African Forest Losses, Rectangular Gates, Oil Agency, and Banking Regulations 01-04-2018

Tents, Women in Blue Collar Jobs, Louisiana Voters Purged, Japan, Britain and Alcohol Misuse, Private Schools, Park Fees, Cell Phone Materials, Syrian Damage, Sports Protection Act and Betting, Poor Peoples’ Campaign, and Coal Terminal Permit Expires in Louisiana 01-03-2018

Tax Laws and Charity, Protests in Iran, US Postal Services and Under-Pricing, Trump and HIV-AIDS Advisory Council, Philadelphia Eagles Player Donates Salary to Charity, First Drone, High Tech Jobs in San Francisco, Girl Football Players, Plastic Trash, and Trump Nominees 01-02-2018

Public School Districts and Settlements on Sexual Harassment, Court Martial Convictions and Gun Purchases, Democrats and Women, College Textbook Prices, Puerto Rico and Power Outage, ER Visits and Heavy Drinking, Startups and Untreated Water, and Campaign Donations 01-01-2018