Voice of the People Daily Bulletin 2017

Bakery Discrimination, Roller Derby, Facebook and Account Removal, Book Store Sales, Liberia Election, Zimbabwe President Retirement Package, Crime Victims’ Rights, Harassment in the Workplace, Landscaping, Tweets, Returning Gifts, and the Visually Impaired 12-31-2017

China and Foreign Companies and Taxes, Alabama Elections, Montana and Wrongful Discharge, New Years Resolutions, Price, Gratitude and Compassion, Smartphone and Ads, Facebook and Donations, Rural and Small Town Gaps, and Life Expectancy Drops and Drug Epidemic 12-30-2017

Democrats Filings, EPA and Lead Standards, Food Recalls, Brazil and Forest Lands, Liver Transplants, Political Art in Germany, WFP and Election Contests and Voter Registration, British and Estrangements, and Off-Shore Safety 12-29-2017

ACA and Uninsured and Medicaid, Tech Companies and Health Care Equity, Customs Offices, Plant Layoffs in Israel, Color Vision, Homicides, Roy Moore Sues, Nursing Home Violations, and Mexico and Public Advertising 12-28-2017

Business Schools, Federal Assistance, India and Junk Food, Texas Voter ID and Race, Pentagon and Gun Reporting, and GDP Growth Under Ronald Reagan 12-27-2017

Separatists in Spain, Journalists and Deathly Country, Facial Recognition, Human Rights Violence, Justice Department and Disabled and Fines for the Poor, Vice Media, Children and Mobile Devices, Women, Plastic Surgery, Peru President Sentenced, New Voters, and Louisiana Tribe and Climate Change Grant 12-26-2017

Deutsche Bank and Election, Mining Licenses, White Luggage Tags and Ireland and Abortion, Travel Ban, NOPD and Fired Officers, Britain and Private Dwellings, and Banks and Wages 12-25-2017

Treaty and Commercial Fishing, CEO at Ford Motors and Sexual Harassment, Trump and Parents and Children at Border Crossings, Sexual Harassment at Alternet, Benefits of Naps and Coffee, Nutrition, and the Miss America Pageant and Sexual Harassment 12-24-2017

Memphis Removes Confederate Statues, Donor Advised Funds, Washington State Amtrak Crash and Automatic Breaks, Fire Season Costs, UN on Jerusalem, Trump Administration Insurance Signups, Gun Laws and Crime, and Gun Purchases and Accidental Deaths 12-23-2017

Women and Older Relatives, Polio Cases, Pension and Welfare Benefits Cuts in Argentina, Ford Motor and Sexual Harassment, Microsoft and Force Arbitration for Sexual Harassment,  We the People Petition Tool, UN and Migration, Age Targeted Facebook Ads,  and Civil Cases and Drug Companies 12-22-2017

Virginia Elections, French Government and Marquis de Sade, Mines, Warm Water Patch Blob, Bermuda Gay Marriage, Tax Bill and Poll, President of Peru Impeachment, Germany Anti-Trust, Children and Spanking, Social Media Influences, and Airline Union 12-21-2017

Republican Tax Bill and Child Tax Credit and Social Security Numbers, Honduras Election, Irvin Mayfield and Library Foundation, Lithium, South African National Congress, Suburban Education Districts and Trump, Taxes, and College Students and Age 12-20-2017

Housekeepers in Chicago and Hotel Panic Buttons, Murder Accountability Project, Airline Profits, Venezuela Economic Crisis and Malnutrition, NYC and Street Vendor Permits, World Bank and Financial Support for Oil and Gas, Carolina Panthers, and Election Poll 12-19-2017

Federal Election Commission and Facebook, College Enrollment, Income, Older Workers, Puerto Rico Foreclosure Rate, Fact Checking on Trump, Political Contributions, Undocumented Parents, Stolen Wages, Census and Top Metropolitan Areas, and North Dakota Police and Pipeline Protestors 12-18-2017

Fraternity Parties and Colleges, Uninsured Rates and Race, Emoji Users, High Heels and Social Class, Uber Spying, EPA Consulting Firm and Employee Investigations, and Dustin Hoffman 12-17-2017

Human Trafficking Women in Tech Fields, FCC and Net Neutrality, NLRB and Joint Employers, Executions, Aid to AG in Texas Resigns, Sexual Misconduct and Travis Smiley Show, Disney and 21st Century Fox, Tax Bill and Johnson Amendment, and Interior Department Employees and Harassment at Work 12-16-2017

Data Analyzed by Stanford and Chicago Public School System, Trump and Diet Cokes, Orleans Criminal Court Judges and Fines, White House Aide Fired, Minimum Wage Increase in Miami, Smokers, South African Supreme Court, PM May and Brexit, Alabama Senate and Black Turnout, CWA and ATT, FCC and Net Neutrality, and the Chinese Blacklist 12-15-2017

Agencies and Temp Workers in the EU, FAA and Airport Fees and Ride Sharing, Undocumented Dreamers, Dong Jones Wins in Alabama, Haitian Life Expectancy, Indian Population, Afghanistan, Governor of Brazil and Condoms, Ice Melting, and Virginia Denies Permits 12-14-2017

Nonprofits and Directors and Offices Claim, Income Taxes and Employee Wages, Europeans and Atypical Employment, EPA and Endangered Species Act, California Drought, Saudi Arabia and Movie Theater, China and Migrant Workers, NAFTA and Mexican Diet, Federal Judge and Transgenders in the Military, and Sexual Harassment 12-13-2017

Equal Rights Advocates and Title 9, New Republican Tax Bill and Disasters, Hotel Workers in Chicago and Harassment, Start Page, UPS and Packages, Women and Trump, EPA and Penalties, Amok, Nonprofit Hospital Merger, Foreclosure Prevention, and Free College Education 12-12-2017

New Drugs, Draft Animals, PreK Seats in New Orleans and Charter Schools, Marriott, Bios of Former Presidents, Tobacco Settlement and Ads, Feminist Festival Indonesia, Feministing Five and Politics, 2020 Census, Global Markets, and Nonpartisan 12-11-2017

Population Growth and Immigration, Fight for the Future, Project Veritas, Former Memphis Congressman and Morgan Stanley, Households and Net Worth, Law Professors in Louisiana and Felons and Voting, Jobs, Death Count in Puerto Rico, Airline Ticket Prices 12-10-2017

Dreamers and Government Shutdown, Hispanic Adults and Trump, Low Cost Homes, Senator Al Franken Resigns, Oral Contraceptives and Cancer, Lower Wage Metros, Solar Wind Technology, Florence Italy Woman and Free Taxi, Rep. Trent Franks Resigns, and Media Bias 12-09-2017

American Jobs and Robots, Australian Same Sex Marriage, Atlanta Mayoral Race, Commissioner Goodell, Senator Al Franken, Quebec Greetings, Public News Agents & Sexual Harassment, Concealed Weapons, Black Mayors, Travel Restrictions for Cambodians, and Houston Congressman Al Green and Trump Impeachment 12-08-2017

Opioid Epidemic, Facebook and Parental Permission App, Apple Back Taxes in Ireland, Russian Team and Olympics, California Home Prices, Representative John Conyers, Gretna and Court Fines and Fees, Stealing Public Lands, Homeland Security Arrests, State and Local Tax Deductions, Home Sales, and Abode Systems and Workforce Benefits 12-07-2017

Silver Panel Factories in China, Mosquito Disease, Black Americans and HIV Infections, Higher Education Act, Former Congressman Jefferson Settles, Trump and National Monuments Scaled Back, New Orleans Public Schools and Low Income Black Students, Opportunities for Children, ACA Enrollment, Pain Relievers, Trump Travel Ban, Gucci Taxes, YouTube Hiring Reviewers, and Restaurant Servers and Tips 12-06-2017

Protestors in Honduras on Elections, Charlottesville,  #MeToo and Campuses, NY Times and Opioid Foundations, Tax Bill Loopholes, and Soil and Carbon 12-05-2017

Beijing Population,  Big Oil and Biofuel, Flynn Pleas Guilty, Single Family Homes in California, Republican Tax Bill, House Settlements, Housing Accountability Act, and Anti-Corruption Committee in Mexico 12-04-2017

Wells Fargo and Enforcement Actions, Tax Cut and Economic Growth, Sexual Harassment and Airplanes, Keystone Pipeline, Australia and Sexual Harassment, Assault Allegations, Skinny Health Care Policies, Roy Moore and Me at 14, and Wealth 12-03-2017

Brexit Problems, Bored Panda and Lightweight News, NFL Players and Donations, Grumpy Middle, Singapore Activist, Christopher Ray and Black Extremists, Matt Lauder and Garrison Keller, and Tyson Foods and Pollution 12-02-2017

NYC Residents and Commuting, Uninsured, Canada Purging of Gays and Lesbians, Bangkok Snakes, Chinese Court and State Subversion, Tax Filers and Health Insurance Penalties, Air Force and Crime Reporting, Royal Dutch Shell, Britain First, and Vietnamese Blogger and Anti-State Propaganda 12-01-2017

Trump Settlement on Trump Tower, CBO and Republican Tax Bill, Commercial Banks and Profits, Space Treaty, Honduras Elections, Gun Violence and Ghost Guns, Seniors and Voting, James O’Keefe, Suppliers and Late Orders, and Wells Fargo Charges 11-30-2017

Carbon Dioxide, Farms in India, Day Laborers in Houston, Baseball Fines, Consumer Spending, Antisemitism, Churches and Politics, Charity Deductions, and Atlanta Election and Displacement and Zoning 11-29-2017

Rapes at Resorts, Police Procedures and End Violence Against Women International, Equal Rights Center and Uber, Florida and Nursing Home Violations, Tourism and Economy, Podcasts, Voter List Purging, Sugar Cane Strike Memorial, and Wages 11-28-2017

Fake Messages on Net Neutrality, Voting Process, Second Life, Working Households and Retirement, Astrologists, National Well-being, Big Tobacco, Employers and Payday Apps, Sexual Harassment, College Learning, and Consumer Protection 11-27-2017

History of National Anthem and Race, Business Employees, Grand Ole Opry, State Department and Ethnic Cleansing, Ban the Box, CWA and Tax Cuts, 1%, Pleas and Due Process, and Impeachment Campaign 11-26-2017

Nebraska and Keystone Pipeline, Humanitarian Status, Labor Secretary and Worker Centers, Zimbabwe, Michigan Congressman, Uber and Hacking, NAFTA, Child Trafficking, Net Neutrality, State Department and Child Slaves, and Chinese Workers 11-25-2017

CNN and African Slaves Video, Morocco and Poverty, SEIU and Sexual Harassment, 21st Century Fox and Harassment Settlement, Sen Al Franken and Charlie Rose, Audit and Nursing Home Care in Louisiana, AT&T and Times Warner Merger, Louisiana and Race and School Suspensions, Elephants as Trophies, and Coffee Grinds Oil 11-24-2017

Banging Pots and Pans, Air Strike Sites, Migration in the United States, Charles Manson, Mel Tilly, Costs Per Mile, Staying at Home and Voting for Trump, Louisiana Science & Education Act, and France and Protest on Sexual Harassment 11-23-2017

Bail Fund, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Zimbabwe President and Coup, Russian Language Twitter Accounts and Brexit, AirBnb, Democrats, Fox Sports and Bribes, Infant Mortality Rate, Canada and Money Laundering, and Gun Law Bill 11-20-2017

Canadian Senate and Indigenous Women, 17 Journalists Arrested in US, Raises and Tax Cuts, NFL Concussion Settlement, Hillary Clinton Funds, Lawsuits and Senate Debts, Fatal Car Crashes, Traffic Noise Exposure, Blackout In PR, Campus and International Enrollment, Paying Doctors, and France Train Cleaners 11-19-2017

Deregulation Teams and Conflicts, Medical Standards and Blood Pressure, Bank Rate and Raises, Home Health Aide Industry, Bankruptcy, Wagner’s Law, and Australians and Same Sex Marriages 11-18-2017

Honduras President and Homeland Security, Sexual Harassment and Judge Roy Moore, Veterans and Benefits Appeals, Sugary Drinks and Columbia, Jerry Jones and Contract Extension, Capital Hill Aides and Harassment Training, FDA and Anti-Psychotic Drug, Coal and Nuclear Power, and Missouri AG and Google Business Practices 11-17-2017

Anti Doping Agency, Cancer and Alcohol Consumption, Veterans and Minimum Wage Increase, Lawsuits Against Gun Makers, Bipartisan Law and Doctors’ Value, PR and Mental Health Crisis, New Orleans and Katrina Brain, and Republican Tax Plan 11-16-2017

Homicide Rates, Turkish Meeting, Uber in Britain, Discrimination and Health, Democratic Socialists, Congress and Indivisible,  Pain Pills, Democratic Party, Global Warming, and ACA and Insurance Agents 11-15-2017

Nonprofits and Violent Crime, Weed Killer Banned, Legislators and Baltimore School Districts, Car Models and Spare Tires, Maine Secretary of State and Voter Panel, Veterans Organization and Privatization, Roy Moore and Louis CK, Polls and Health Care, and ACA Enrollment 11-14-2017

Jerry Jones and NFL Contract, Warren Stevens and Payday Loan Company, Justice Department and ATT & Times Warner Merger, Suicides and Transgenders, Dirty Air in Delhi, Universities and Blocker Corporations, Tax Break for Private School Children, and Arbitration Claims Uncollected 11-13-2017

Military and Domestic Violence, Wealthy and Assets, Tax Dodgers, Walt Disney and LA Times, Population, Maine and Medicaid Expansion, Queen Elizabeth and Fund, and Union Voters and Trump Support 11-12-2017

Department of Defense and Domestic Violence, Church Killer and Bad Discharge, Investigated Journalists and Apple Funds, Heart Failure, Princeton Slave Heritage, Tax Plan and Middle Class Taxes, Facebook and Ethnic Affinity and Ads, Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey, Solar and Wind Capacity, FARE, and Syria and Climate Accord 11-11-2017

GOP Tax Plan, Federal Reserve and Emergency Expenses, Income Earnings for English Majors, Living with Parents, Gluten Free Foods, Early Earnings, Catalonia, Hours Online, and Forced Marriages 11-09-2017

Chinese Middle Class, Houston MSA and Home Values and San Jose, Chest Pain, Trump Lease, DNA Info, Undocumented Immigrants, Child Tax Credit, Global Warming, NYC Police and Weinstein, Military Service, Economy, CDC and Drug Deaths, Tech Companies and Victims of Sex Traffic, and Trump Twitter Account 11-08-2017

Yemen Conflict, French President and Wealth Tax, Chinese Government and Nature Articles, Buildings in Orange and Gun Violence, Ideology and Policy Questions Polls, EPA and Weed Killer and Soybeans, Cap on Prescription Drugs, Political Polarization and Hedge Funds, and the Tax Plan 11-07-2017

Louisiana Nonviolent Offenders and Early Release, ACA Enrollment, Trump Administration and Penalties for Polluters, World Trade, Toxic Employees, Chinese and Rural Poverty, General John Kelly and Civil War, Hearing Impairment, AirBus and Arms Exports, EPA and Scientists, and Rehab and Plastics Company 11-06-2017

Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico, Kaiser Foundation and Obamacare, Hotel and Tips, Restaurants, British Parliament and Sexual Harassment, Political Oppression, American Indian Movement, Russian Facebook Posts, and World Well-being Project 11-05-2017

Road Payments, Icelandic Pirate Party, Drugs and Taliban, Peace Cross and Maryland State Land, Tax Increases, Identity Theft, Time in House and Mobility, Transgender Troops, Manafort Indictment, Pain and Profanity, Indoors, and Flood Zones  11-04-2017

ROC and Sexual Harassment, Acts of Generosity and Health, Chinese and Meal Delivery Service, Sexual Harassment and Productivity, Moving Home and Work, Licensing Laws, Run for Something, Trump Ratings, and State Capitals and Sexual Harassment 11-03-2017

Dutch Supermarket Chain and Robot Cleaning, Health Advocacy and Lead in Hair Dyes, Oxycontin Makers, Jail and Reputation, McDonalds and Digital Ordering, Overdose Deaths, US Timber and Illegal Timber Imports, Wrongfully Convicted, and Student Debts and Refunds 11-02-2017

Amazon and Employees, Italy Public Debt, Women and Movie Tickets, Public Schools in PR, Trump Tax Cut, Twitter Bans, Nonprime Credit Scores, Billionaires, Maine and Medicaid Expansion, Utah Senator and Bears’ Ears Monument, Writers Guild Union, and Britain and Cyberattack 11-01-2017

Kenyan Elections, Apartment Survey, French Labor Code and Flexsecurity, House Budget and Tax Cut, Reddit and Violence, CVS and Aetna and Amazon, and Rent Payments 10-31-2017

Treasury Department and Military Trips, Check Into Cash, American Health Care Industry, NAACP and Missouri, Turkish Court and Human Rights, Sexual Harassment, Labor Department and Construction, New Orleans Schools and Filters, IRS and Lawsuits, Eminem Copyright, and Trump and Kennedy Assassination 10-30-2017

Trump and Refugees and Extra Screenings, Employment and Wages and Immigration, Labor Department and Tip Rules, SEIU and Fight for 15 and Sexual Harassment, Fats Domino, Daily Beast and Trump’s Election Firm and Hillary Emails, FCC and Newspaper and Broadcast Station Ownership, and the Texas House Speaker and Resignation 10-29-2017

Delta Timber and Tax Benefits, Assets, 1 Child Policy in China, Editor of New Republic and Sexual Harassment, Arizona Senator and Trump, Language, Myanmar and Ethnic Cleansing, and UK and Russian Efforts and Elections 10-28-2017

Road Traffic Deaths, Loaded Handguns, Extreme Weather Costs, Italy and Churches, Honduras and DEA Deaths, South African Economy, Iowa and ACA, Climate Change, Honolulu and Electric Devices, Air Pollution, Cycling Injuries, Amazon Bids, and US Farms 10-27-2017

Electricity and General Electric, Election Integrity, Bill O’Reilly Settlement, Malta Protests, DACA Renewals, Hollywood Director and Sexual Misconduct, Wall Street Bully, Girls Scouts and Domestic Abuse, Top One Percent, Czech Republic Richest Citizen, AirBnB Listing,  and New Orleans Chef and Sexual Harassment 10-26-2017

Men Sperm Counts, Racial Incidents and Transit Blocking, Coffee Bushes and Climate Change, EPA and Water Contamination, ADHD, Japan and Women in Legislation, Quebec and Face Coverings, New Mexico and Science Textbooks, Solider Family and Trump, Party Affiliation of Judge Candidates, and Asylum Seekers from US 10-25-2017

Wells Fargo and Auto Insurance, Amazon and Diversity, Fox News and Bill O’Reilly, Women and Besh Restaurant Group, 13 Month Calendar, Cheaper Health Insurance and Unpaid Claims, Highways, Sit-ins and Desegregation, and Cash Bail 10-24-2017

Moore Charity in Alabama and Guarantee Payments, Foreign Exchange at Wells Fargo, Boycotts and Publicity, House and 401k Caps, Active Duty, TIA Investments, and the IRS and Tax Returns and Health Care Exemptions 10-23-2017

TWA and Times Square Protest, Grad Students Union, Brazil and Poor School Children Food, #METOO, New Zealand Young Voters, Washington DC Police and Cameras, and Daily Demonstrations in St. Louis 10-22-2017

Supreme Court and Amicus Briefs,  Netflix Subscribers, Internet Companies and Online Advertising, Michigan Council Members Take the Knee, Hatred, LA Police and Rape Case on Weinstein, Credit Card Debt, and Amazon Tax Subsidies 10-21-2017

Trump Travel Ban, NC Governor and Transgender Rights, Serviceman Family and Trump Dispute, Gene Therapy and Cancer, High Profile Actresses and Sexual Harassment, Spain and Independence Fight, NFL and Protests, and the Supreme Court and Data 10-20-2017

France and Sexual Harassment and Abuse, Women Legislators and Staff Members and Harassment, Fake News on Facebook, EEOC and Sexual Based Harassment Complaints, England and Wales and Hate Crimes, Sexual Harassment Lawsuits in France, Italian Regions and Autonomy, Civil Rights Lawsuit on Fake Subpoenas in New Orleans, Free Theater Ban, and NFL Owners Meeting 10-19-2017

Trump Travel Ban, Drug Legislation, Health Insurance Markets and Subsidies, Sores and Open Society Foundations, Coal Assets, Waiting Periods for Hand Guns, and Draft Calls 10-18-2017

Kaiser Health Poll and ACA and Payments, Rose McGowen and Sexual Abuse and Twitter, NFL Protest and Blackballing, Nonprofits and Food Safety Inspections, Weinstein, Trump and NFL Protests, and Venezuelan Elections 10-17-2017

Young Living and Essential Oils, Items Pawned, Ads and Children, Credit Reports and Hard Pulls and Soft Pulls, Guardians and Assets, Self-Censorship, Working Women, Baby Boomers and Smart Phones, Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey, North Korean Hackers, and Austrian Election 10-16-2017

Credit Card Profits, Financial Complaints from Elderly, Colleges and Hate Speech Codes, Mexican Wages, Social Security Benefits, Foreign Profits and Tax Havens, World Heritage Sites, UN and Mass Arrests of LGBTs, Iran Treaty, Social Security Benefits, Scott Tucker and Fraud, and Facebook Accounts and Russian Operatives 10-15-2017

Bike-Related Deaths, Weather Disaster, EPA and Fines, Palestine Agreement, Trump and PR Support, American Trade, Blue Dog and Paid Leave, America Leaves UN Group, Skin Color, Subway Delays, and Polling and Trump Attacks on NFL 10-14-2017

Equifax and Drivers’ License Information, Boyscouts of America and Girls, Tom Hacks and White House Press Core, Flights, East Africa and Second Hand Clothes, Indian Supreme Court and Rape, Storms, IMF and Inequality, LA Times and Employment Discrimination in Hollywood, NBC and Trump, Brazilian Troops, and Japan and Aluminum Supply 10-13-2017

Pregnancy Rate and Poverty, EPA and Endangerment Findings, London and Britain GDP, Public Schools in NYC and Homelessness, Europe and Small Pox, Vaccine Act, Populations and Recession, NFL Owners and Trump, Gun Violence, Walmart and E-Commerce, and Spain 10-12-2017

Mice and Physical Activity, Philippines President, 26 Year-Olds, Stock and Value, Women Executives and Raises, Older Women Looking for Work, Age Discrimination and Women, HERE and Clinton Initiative, Maryland Wage Increase Delay, Supreme Court and Coal Case, Actresses and Sexual Harassment, and Kenyan Opposition Candidate 10-11-2017

Education and Charter Schools in Louisiana, EPA and Clean Power Plan, Liberia Elections, Breast Cancer Survival, Stomach Growth, AirBnB, Visas in Turkey, Google and Russian Agents, DACA and Wall, Sexual Harassment, ESPN Reporter Suspended, and Privacy Concerns 10-10-2017

Weinstein Fired, Pence and NFL Game, Chinese in Countryside, Barcalona Protests, Las Vegas Police Force, Dove and Body Wash Commercial, Antisemitic Incidents, Moroccan Protest, Twitter War for Trump, Germany and Refugees, FCC and Alphabet, and Economic Growth 10-09-2017

Britain and Charities, San Francisco Health Rules on Soda, Women in Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Ventilation, Unions, Drug Overdose Deaths, Stock Shares, Emails and Government Employees, Gerrymandering, and Trump Tax Plan 10-08-2017

Federal Regulations and Criminal Background Checks, Tax Cuts, Canada and Forced Adoptions, Environmental Rules, Tokyo Sinking, Renewable Energy, Lawsuits for Fox, California and Gun Investments, Automobiles and US Made Parts, Balance Budgets, Brazil Census and Trash Pickups, and Law Cases 10-07-2017

State Street Bank and Female Pay, Trump and Birth Control and LGBT Rights, United States Direction, Contrasting Political Values, Bite Mark Evidence, DOJ and Forensic Science, Dementia Community, Gun Laws, Violence Crime Rights and Gun Permits, and Diversity and Inclusion 10-06-2017

Rich Countries and Gender, Rapid Fire Devices, Payday Loan Stores, Death from Overwork in Japan, Cubans and Immigrant Visas, PR and Out Migration, Sexual Harassment and Film Industry, Secretary Treasurer and Bills, Nobel Peace Price for Anti-Nuclear Power Group, and Methane Flaring and Environmental Rules  10-05-2017

London Black Cab Drivers and Testing, Baseball Inaction, Payday Lending Company Case, Resumes and Race, Education Reforms in Louisiana, Asphalt Hiring, Canadian Parliament and Foreigners, ACLU and Free Speech Groups, Singing Waiters and IWW, EU and Amazon Taxes, and Newsroom at LA Times and Union 10-04-2017

Losing a Child, Gay Weddings, DHS Employment and Travelers, Germans in Manufacturing, Estonia Singing Revolution, Abortion Clinics, Developers in New Orleans and HUD, FBI Background Checks for Gun Sales, 1%, Firearms of Vegas Killer and Gun Violence, Yahoo Breeches, and Ben & Jerry’s Migrant Workers and Diary Workers 10-03-2017

Russia and US and Chemical Weapons, Migrants in San Diego, Fueling Change in Saudi Arabia, HIV and Drugs, National Gas, Pay Scale and Service Industry, Wisconsin Voters and ID Laws, Las Vegas Shooting, New Zealand River as Legal Person, Puerto Rico and Degrees, Social Media News, and Tom Petty 10-02-2017

National Police in Spain and Independence Vote, Wisdom of the Crowd, Germany and Same Sex Marriage, DACA, Football Kneeling, EU Countries and Uber Model, Shipping Laws and Jones Act, AirBnB and Hotel Workers Unions, and Johnson and Johnson Lawsuit  10-01-2017

Land Grabbing in Ukraine, Temporary Professors, Iraq Flights Suspended, India and China, Higher Education, Rural Paid Work, Green Building in Hospitality, Indonesia Art Show Attack, Corral Reef Fish, PGA and Caucasian Only Policy, Cuban Government Labor Contracts, and Gig Economy  09-30-2017

Former Alabama Judge in Senate, Uber and Driving Rules, Trump Tax Cut, Louisville Cardinals, Troops, Chicago Court of Appeals Appointee, DHHS and Price Plane Costs, Twitter Briefing and Russia, and Hugh Hefner Dies 09-28-2017

Survivors Network President, Myanmar and Facebook Censure, Africa and Human Trafficking, Anti-Hate Tactics, Health Care Bill, Saudi Arabia and Women Driving, Equifax CEO Resigns, Marriage Rates, and Twitter & Micro Messaging  09-27-2017

Price and Private Jets, Health Care Bill, Travel Ban and Supreme Court, German Elections and AFD, Dallas Cowboys, Congressman Sentenced, PETA and Dog Fighting, and Target Wages 09-26-2017

Golden State Warriors and White House Visit, Trump and NFL, PR Governor and Dam, Sleeping Giants, Facebook and Stock Structure, Big 3 Credit Bureaus, Republican Bill and Federal Funding of States, and Facebook Structural Problems 09-25-2017

United Slate and Candidates, Senator McCain and Health Care, Federal Government and Election Officials and Hacking States, Trump Travel Ban, Uber and London, Nonprofit Governance and Auction, and Cancer and Student Loan Payments  09-24-2017

Health Care and Tom Price and Airline Fees, Amazon and Bomb Making, Job Market and Working Americans, Small Businesses and Health Care, Stopping Work, Facebook and Accounts, Italy Birth Rate and Unemployment, Tax Rates and Income, CEO of KB Homes, and Win the Future 09-23-2017

Hurricane Maria, Equifax and Sub-domains, Hackers and Wall Street, Congressional Leaders and Social Media, Hackers at Equifax, Census Data and New Companies, Women Voters in UK, and Spanish Authorities and Independence  09-22-2017

Myanmar and Ethnic Cleansing,  Republican Health Care Bill, Disability Benefits, Social Inequality, Corporate Tax Cut, and Health Care Industry and Senate Bill 09-21-2017

NY State and Credit Reporting Agencies, Bank of America Branches, Bipartisan Coalition on Sessions Civil Assets, Salary as Bonus, Governor Walker and Fox Conn, National Student Loan Trust and Debt Collection, Flights, Migraines, GM Workers in Canada, Cognitive Behavioral Problems and Football, and Trump at the UN 09-20-2017

Drinking Survey and Older Adults, Pain Medication, Facebook and Vietnam, Homebuyers and Mortgage Insurance, University of New Mexico and Hispanics, Migrants in Italy, Black and Hispanic Freshmen, Holocaust Museum, and Travelers and AirBnb 09-19-2017

Police Force in Philippines, Exxon and Climate Change, Taxes on Pot, Female President, Junk Food in Brazil, Mobility in the Twenties, Japanese and Gulf of Alaska, St. Louis Police, Guatemala Infection Lawsuit, and Urban Growth and Sand Extraction 09-18-2017

Police and Rent Free, Legal Status, Silicon Raising, Justice Department Funds to Sanctuary Cities, Chelsea Manning, Immigrants in Arms Forces, Trump and Visitors, Google and Facebook Ads and Racism, Military Veterans and Credit Issues, Free Speech and ESPN, and Monuments 09-17-2017

Early School Start, Whistleblower Lawsuit and For-Profit Schools, Canadian Stock Exchange, Equifax Investigation, Global Warming, Mexicans and United States, Doctors without Borders, Immigration Lawyers and Motel 6, Hyper Loop System, Google and Gender Discrimination, and Contract Workers 09-16-2017

Equifax and Fees, 15 Million Without Power, CJT Rally in France, Trump and Financial Advisors, Democrats and DACA Immigrants, Londoners and Sewerage System, UN and Myanmar, Egypt and Human Rights Watch, and Prisoners’ Research 09-15-2017

Teenagers and Vaccines, Katrina and Mental Health Problems, Talented Workers, Irma and Amusement Parks, Public Schools Named after Confederate Leaders, Ecstasy and PTSD, Wages, Catholic Orphanages, Jews and Military Service, Refugees, NSA Limits, and Voting Commission 09-14-2017

Equifax and Data Protection, Workers and Retirement, Farm Labor Committee and E-Cigarettes Boycott, Detroit Foreclosures on Taxes, Hurricane Irma, Chronic Back Pain, Birth Certificates and Paternal Data, Caribbean GDP and Tourism, Voter Turnout in Norway, Protests in Barcelona, and Virginia and Touch Screen Voting Machines  09-13-2017

DHHS and ACA , Voter Poll on Hillary Clinton, Companies and Schools, Emergency Response System and Polk Sheriff Office, Cultural Touchstone, NFL Players, Uncontacted Tribes in Brazil, Kurds, and Voter Commission and NH Election 09-12-2017

Justice Department and Uber Software, Google and Diversity, Bangladesh Refugee Camps, Eye Drug Patent Challenge, Hospital Accreditation, FEMA and Flood Insurance Policies, SCC and Whistle Blower Program, Amazon Employees, Flooding in South Asia, California and Pot Production, CPR, Texas Churches and FEMA, and London Fire Victims and Permanent Housing  09-11-2017

Justice Department and Discrimination Against Gays, Refugees, Israel PM’s Wife, Separation from Spain, New Mexico and Drug Companies, Amazon and Second Headquarters, Hawaii and Upscale Developments, and Congressional Budget Office and Hurricane Costs 09-10-2017

President Trump and Debt Ceiling, Attorney Generals and DACA, Facebook and Fake Ads, Netherlands and Bikes, Migrants in Europe, Journalist Killed, Supreme Court and Gerrymandering, NYC Free Lunches, Hackers at Equifax, Robert E Lee Statue, Seattle Income Tax, and British Ads 09-09-2017

Swimming and Essential Skills, American Students and Student Lunch Program, Britain and National Action, Brazil and Olympic Committee, China and Human Rights, Emails, Divisions, and Verified Fans and Ticketmaster 09-08-2017

Inflation and Disasters, Muslims Protest, UN and Activists, JJ Watts Money for Houston, Trump and DACA Program, Medicare Patients and Observation Status, Canada and NAFTA Talks, Housing Storage in New Zealand, Boston Red Sox and Catcher Signs, and Houston Fires and Chemical Explosions 09-07-2017

California and Indian Children, Rebuilding Houston Costs, Women Unemployed, Yale, Cambodian Newspaper and Political Oppression, Streaming Music, Veterans Affairs and Vacant Building, Texas Cattle, Rainbow Railroad to Canada, FBI and Justice Department and Wire Tapes, and Crisis in Korea 09-06-2017

Dell Computers and Texas Rebuilding, Brazilian Tribes and Ancestral Lands, Infrastructure Funding, Labor Force Participation, Lobbying Expenses, Arizona Sheriff Pardon Support, Migrants in European Colonies, Joel Osteen and Houston Response, Drug Overdoses, Deforestation, California and Inmates Fighting Fires, and Re-Insurance in Minnesota 09-05-2017

Finance Chiefs at Private Colleges, Transamerica Life Insurance Sued, Glenn Beck Layoffs, Flight Attendants Unions and Nonflying Shoppers, Texas Abortion Law, Live Birth Data, Kenya Supreme Court and Presidential Election, Dreamers, and Chinese Investment in the United States 09-04-2017

US Military and Troops in Afghanistan, Harvey and Texas Senators, Illinois and Automatic VR, EEOC and Estee Lauder, Texas Legislation on Immigration, Wells Fargo and Fraud Accounts, Chemical Explosions in Texas, Trump Administration and Company, Gender and Earnings, Cluster Bombs in Syria, Iran and Nuclear Deal, NYC Principal and Progressive Labor Party, and Suburban Growth 09-03-2017

Uber Investigation, Banks in Britain and Payment Protection Plans, Harvey Rainfall, Wages in Mexico, New American Foundation and Google Fine, Statues, Night Mayors, Victims of Vigilante Violence in Indonesia, Texas Voters and ID Requirement, and Brazilian Judge and Mining in the Amazon 09-02-2017

Scientific Papers and Awards, Wikipedia and Women, Open Fires for Cooking, Female Doctors, Water Station, Houston Drainage Systems, Labor Stats and Injuries, Home Health Care and Turnover, Japanese Whaling, and Mexicans Against Corruption  09-01-2017

Except Relatives on Travel Ban, Asian Americans and Justice Department Complaint, China and Exports of Garbage, Red Ants Evictions in South Africa, Summer Vacations, FIFA and Armadillo Habitat, African Americans and Doctorates, and Substance Abuse Deaths 08-31-2017

Tunisia and Inheritance and Marriage, Teens and Friends and Sexual Activity, Arrests and Jail Occupancy, Trump and Attorney General and Military Surplus, Transgender Ban, Plastic Bags in Britain, Kenya and Plastic Bags, Construction Workers, Hurricane Harvey and Insurance, and Workers and Vacation Time 08-30-2017

Berkeley Protests, UN Corruption Team, Police Offices in Brazil, Congress members and Science, Cardiovascular Disease and Anti-Inflammatory Drug, Sierra Leone and Group Jogging, Cultural Exchange Programs, UN and Migration and FB Video, St. Louis Living Wage, Mortgage Lenders, India and Radio Station License, Primary Health Care, Louisiana Land Mass, and Ted Cruz Opponent 08-29-2017

CFPB and Payday Lending, Classified Documents, Coverage Gap and Texas, Camping, 2013 Government Shutdown, Protests in Morocco, Russian Tanker and Arctic Shipping, Paul Ryan and Pardon, Migrant Workers Unpaid at Trump Property, Women and People of Color, Bathroom Lists at College, Monuments, and Nevada and Solar Energy 08-28-2017

Indian Court and Privacy, Transgender Troops, President Trump Pardons Arpaio, National Security Officer Forced Out, Banks and Uruguay, 3rd Gender Option, Direct Selling and Women, Navy Warnings, Brazil, and Hearing Aids Over the Counter  08-27-2017

South Korea and Bribery Case, Amazon and Whole Foods Prices, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Black and Hispanic Students at Top Colleges, Death Rates, Trump and Public Works Jobs, Syphilis as Public Health Crisis, SEIU and Labor Friendly Politicians, Ford and Borrowers, and ACA 08-26-2017

Arctic Melting, Girls Trip Milestones, Social Dumping, Cigarette Prices, Shrinking Monument Sizes, Mexican Murders, Trump and Voter Registration, and Immigration and Dreamers 08-25-2017

Federal Judge and Texas Voter ID Law, Journalists and Violence, Energy Department and Electric Grid, UN and Racial Discrimination in US,  Judges and Facebook Friends with Lawyers, Dream Host and Website Users and IP Addresses, and American Express Settles 08-24-2017

State Attorney Generals and Hatred, Greenpeace Suit Under RICO Act, Walmart and Installment Loans, NFL and Politics, Trump Speech in Arizona, Trump and Rabbis , Fed Loan, Women and Lead Lawyers, Judges and Courtroom Rules, Mexican American Program, Spanish Speakers  08-23-2017

Consumers and Mobile Phone Contracts, Mandatory Union Fees in Missouri, Worker Bills in Illinois, Indian Supreme Court and Muslim Divorce, Johnson and Johnson, Coal Industry, Mexican Auto Industry and Wages, Marshall Project, and Chinese Shoemakers and New Balance Trademark 08-22-2017

Long Term Study and Overweight Adults, Interior Department and Coal Mining, Colleges Remove Statue, Commuters, Meat Consumption, Trump Resort, Food Services and Substance Disorders, Welfare, Walmart, Refugees and Benefits, Congress. Gerrymandering, Temporary Contracts, Strikes in France, and Misogyny and Economists  08-21-2017

ACLU and Armed Protestors, Black Owned Banks, Bannon Resigns, Labor Committees in Missouri and Right to Work, Broken Hips, Police Agencies, USPS and Mediation, NFL Players Protest, Trump’s Art Committee Resigns, Poland Springs, NLRB and College Football Players, and Panhandling  08-20-2017

Trump Polling and Support, Gender Disparity and Work Force Participation, Canada and US Pac, Mexican Soccer Federation,  Fake Twitter Accounts, Adoptions from Abroad, Trump and Confederate Statues, Carbon Tax, and Democracy Movement 08-19-2017

Murders and Domestic Extremists, Justice Department and Dream Host, Baltimore Confederate Statues, Connecticut, Women Earnings, Burn Hospital, Nepal Supreme Court, Guns in the US, USA Today and Donald Trump Lawsuits, Trump’s Business Councils, Lebanon and Rapist Law, and Bathroom Access for Transgenders in Texas 08-18-2017

Congressional Budget Office and Health Insurance Premiums, Trump on , Bank Board, Manufacturing Advisory Board,  West Point, Executions, Emissions, Tax Revenues, Homeland Security and Physical Barriers, Cambodia Charity Kicked Out, Free or Reduced School Lunches, College Tuition Costs, and VA Choice Appointments  08-17-2017

Asian Americans in College, Plane Crash Deaths, Mexican Government Surveillance Scandal, Black Female Wages in Louisiana, Netflix and Paid Cable Subscriptions, Trump and White Nationalists, Bus Riders, Critic Reviews and Red Scored Albums, and Online Dating 08-15-2017

Children and Asthma, Bruce Springsteen Tour Sales, Twitter Offices in Germany, White Nationalists Protest, Public Works Spending, Children in Foster Care, 16th Century Trials, Back to School Shopping, Transportation, Detroit Blight, Kenyan Officials Pay, Google Searches, and US Police Killings 08-14-2017

Border Security Bill, Poor Families and Living Conditions, Kenyetta Wins Elections, Taylor Swift and DJ Case, National Monuments Review, UNITE HERE and Chinese Insurer, Babies in Rural America, College Deposits, Wall Street Brokers, and Pot Sales in Colorado 08-13-2017

Children and Gun Deaths and Suicide, Trump Polling, Glen Campbell Passes, Climate Change Lawsuits, Asylum Seekers in Canada, Car Loans, Giant Chicken, FoxConn Plant, and Single Family Rentals 08-12-2017

Ohio Inactive Voters, Foster Parents and Concealed Weapons, Uber and Car Leasing, Keystone Pipeline and Eminent Domain, Oregon Law and Workers’ Schedules, Former Trump Campaign Manager Home Searched, NYC Warrants, and University of Mississippi and Campus Landmarks 08-11-2017

Wells Fargo and Discrimination and Immigration, Government Construction Projects, State Insurance Commissioners, Kansas City and Minimum Wage and State Law, EEOC and Federal Age Discrimination Act, Rising Temperature,  Texas and Corporate Ads on Transgender Bathrooms, and Wells Fargo and Car Insurance Refunds 08-10-2017

Montgomery County Maryland and Math Achievement Gap, Security Dogs, Trump and Coal Mining Expansion, Trump Statements Rated on Truth, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, SCC and Georgia Firm and Fraud, and Fox News Host and Sexual Harassment Scandal  08-09-2017

US Security Counsel and North Korean Sanctions, Trump and 2020 Ballot, Public Universities and Race and Admissions, PayPal Accounting, Regional Director of NLRB and Nissan Complaint, Students and Institutional Control at University of Chicago, and Segregation  08-08-2017

Wells Fargo and Unauthorized Accounts, Blackwater Contractors Appeal, Drug Prices, Cooking, Special Prosecutors and WH Subpoenas, Confirmation Process, Union Election, and French Labour Code 08-07-2017

Disease Causing Mutations, Affirmative Action and Asians, Education Benefits for Veterans, Food Industry and FDA Labeling, Southern Poverty Law Center and Orleans Parish Fake Subpoenas, Teachers in PR, Jails and Drug Recovery, and Women and Top Jobs at Troubled Companies 08-06-2017

FDA and Generic Drug Companies, Tanzania Government Contracts, Trump and Legal Immigration, Women and Retail Jobs, Rural America and Mobility, and Culturally Traditional Voters 08-05-2017

Linda Howard and Sex Trafficking Case, Trump and Son’s Statement on Russia, Justice Department Civil Rights and Affirmative Action, Payments to Health Insurance Companies, Tunisia and Violence Against Women, Washington State Judge and Seattle on Uber and Lyft, Diversity, State Department Briefings 08-04-2017

American Companies and Profit Growth, Sexual Harassment on Campus, Venezuela and New Political Body, Trump Communications Director Fired, Sheriff Arizona Sheriff, Starbucks in China, and Oil Profits 08-03-2017

Apple in Greater China, US District Court Judge and Abortion Laws in Arkansas, Putin and US Diplomats and Sanctions Response, Afghanistan and Women and Identity, Hackers and German Parliament Emails, and Google and Privacy 08-02-2017

Pope Francis and Wealth, Trump and Insurance Company Payments, Touchscreen Voting Screens and Windows XP Flaws, Gulf of California Fishing Permits, World Population, Brazilian Law Changes and Working Hours, Venezuela Sex Workers,  and Electric Car Tesla and UAW Drive 08-01-2017

Savings Accounts, Tax Reform, WH Chief of Staff John Kelly, Cigarettes and Nicotine Levels, Wells Fargo and Auto Loan Refunds, Bible Story on Canaanites, and  Lawsuit on CIA Psychologists 07-31-2017

Profit Margins of Grocery Stores, Pollution in Britain and Diesel Fuel, Designated Monuments, Pakistan and Corruption, Senator McCain and Skinny Repeal Bill, Car Loans at Wells Fargo and Auto Insurance, Border Patrol Agents, Oil Production, London Apartment Fire and Corporate Manslaughter, and Fox Conn Plant  07-30-2017

Remote Work and Full Time, Women and Law Suit Graduates, Lime Disease, Public Awareness in Middle East on Rape Marriage Laws, Coast to Coast Solar Eclipse, Manufacturing Jobs, Opioid Deaths, Syrians Displaced or Dead, Transgender Soldiers, Enclosed Malls, WH Communications Direct, Sexual Orientation and Discrimination  07-29-2017

Yale Research and Medical Bills, Senate Vote on Repeal of Obamacare, Boy Scouts and Partisan Speech, Veterans Choice Bill, Economic Sanctions, GAO and HUD and Distressed Mortgages, Brain Disease and NFL Players, Conceal Ban, Jobs and College Degrees, and Global Temperature 07-28-2017

Overtime Rule, New Jersey Governor and Paid Family Leave, Minimum Wage, Remote Area Medical Care and Basic Care, Canada and Annuity Payments, EPA Chief in Oklahoma, Diamond Mines, GoDaddy, and Federal Reserve and Drug Screenings for Workers 07-27-2017

Women Journalists and BBC Gender Pay Disparities, Chinese Investment in Housing, Foreign Investments, Deutsche Bank and Trump Loans, Workers and Savings, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Government Investment, and Customers Online Finance Complaints 07-26-2017

Homes and Medicaid, Minority Women and Stripe Searches, Walmart Truck Deaths in Trafficking Case, Drug War, Poland Protests, Tuition in College and Graduate Schools, and Australian Police Killing Protests 07-25-2017

Driverless Vehicles, Legal Fees and Marriage License, Sanctions and Russia, Turkey and Corporate Assets, Payment Transfer Systems, Trump and Pardons, Sessions and Campaign Activities, Detroit Foreclosures and Property Taxes, and Women in Prison 07-24-2017

Nonprofit Budget Report and Uninsured and Deductibles, Health Coverage, Awaiting Trial and Jail Populations, Online Black Markets, Transgender Service Members, White Space, Pollution Fine for Harley Davidson, Weekly Pay, VA Loans, Press Secretary Resigns, and Senate Health Care Bill and Votes 07-23-2017

Voter Fraud Conviction in Kansas, NYC Artists, BBC Women and Minorities,  NY Motel & Trades Council New Contract, Diversity of Hiring in NYC Museums, Colleges, Pot in Ur, Veterans in Alaska, India Homes and AC, OJ Simpson Granted Parole, Rwanda Health Care System, and Drivers License and Unauthorized Immigrants 07-22-2017

Moderate Republicans and Obamacare Repeal, Global Jukebox, Whats App, Class Action Lawsuit on Uber and Disabled Riders, Polish Leaders and Courts, Supreme Court and Restrictions on Refugee Program, Trump on Jeff Sessions, Senator John McCain and Cancer, and Costs of Y2K Computer Bug  07-21-2017

Trump and Signed Bills, Student Loans in Court, Trump and Iran Nuclear Program, California Trade Program and Climate Change, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Voting Commission, and Hard Places for Building New Housing 07-20-2017

Venezuelan Leader, Census 2020 and Budget, Trump and Deportations, NPR and Staff Contract, Washington Influence, Housing Crisis in California, and Republican Health Care Bill 07-19-2017

Election Litigation, Refugee Organizations and Safe Country, China’s Mobile Payments, NFL Concussion Settlements and Loans, May 24th Hacks, National Flood Insurance Program in the Red, and Global Poll on Trump Policies 07-18-2017

California and Non-Compete Clause, Charity Giving, Trump Approval Rating, Overdose Victims and Drugs, Obamacare Poll, Unpaid Leave and Paid Leave, and High Income Children and College 07-17-2017

False Testimony and Death Row Inmates, Pew Poll and Republicans on Colleges and Universities, Latin American Murders, France and Healthcare for All, Words and Nervous Systems, Health Care Bill and McCain Surgery, and Maid and Employer Dispute in Delhi and Riot 07-16-2017

Columbia University and Harassment Campaign Settlement, Governors and Health Care Bill, Russian Lobbyist and Donald Trump Jr., Freshman Enrollment and Missouri School, USGS Email and Research and Budget Cuts, Health Care Plans, and Facebook Data and Social Interactions after Death 07-15-2017

Corruption Charges and the Supreme Court, Chinese Dissident Dies in Custody, Ivanka Trump Clothing Company and Factory Location, Marijuana Flow, Hong Kong Democracy Movement, and Code Pink Legal Case 07-14-2017

Royal Bank of Scotland and Housing Settlement, Brazil Senate and Labor Reforms, New Version of Health Care Bill, Trump Budget, Airline Apologies, Chicago Sun Times, Minnesota Judge and Prince and Universal Deal, Hawaii Travel, and National Monuments 07-13-2017

Activist Murder Investigation in Hungary, Brazilian President Conviction, Federal Inmates and Mental Illness, Federal Prisoners and Solitary Confinement, Net Neutrality Day, FDA and Treatment for Leukemia, Google Legal Battle, and the EPA and Rat Ice 07-12-2017

President Trump and Voter Data, UAW and Mississippi Plant, Appointees and Conflicts, Chinese Labor Activists, Haitian Factory Workers and Minimum Wage, United Nations and Cholera Vaccine, and Canada and Chinese Direct Foreign Investment 07-11-2017

Donald Trump Jr. & Russian Lawyer, CFPB and Class Action Lawsuit, Simmons Firm and Russian Turbines, 2010 Land Deal by Vermont College, Democratic Mayors and Trump Opposition, Foreign Entrepreneurs, Italy and Drug Costs 07-10-2017

Black Millennials Moving South, Psychologists and Moral Emotions, Gun by Gun, Drug Rights and Deals, Turkey Protests, Moscow and Washington Relations and Ukraine, VA and Employees, and G-20 Meetings and Climate Change 07-09-2017

London Fire Brigade, G-20 March, Populist Marital Arts Star and Mongolia President, Trump Polling, Decline in Roof Top Solar Panels, Klan in Virginia Protest, and Black Immigrant Migrants 07-08-2017

Republican State Legislatures and Local Laws, Opioid Pain Killers, Government Ethics Director, Hong Kong Activists and Pro Democracy Protests, Turkish Police and Human Rights Leaders, National ID Cards and Immigrant Rights, Hackers and Nuclear Facility in Kansas, Radar Satellites, and Fox and Sexual Harassment 07-06-2017

State AG and Student Loan Debt, Center for Coalfield Justice, Better World Books, Mobile Phones and Mental Health Data, Human Rights Abuse Videos, Washington and Paid Family Leave, and Nursing Homes and Dangerous Care 07-05-2017

Trump Hotels New Line, Chinese Marriage Crisis, Public High School in Chicago and Graduate Requirements, Uber as Taxi in France, North Korea Missile Test, Car Sales, Steve Jobs and Apple Park, and Illinois Budget 07-04-2017

Poverty, Right to Vote for Women, Food and Recreational Drugs, Stress and Biological Changes, Airport Security, EPA and Oil and Gas Wells, IRS, Senior Center and NYC Subsidized Housing for LGBT, and Louisiana and Drug Patents 07-03-2017

Private Sector Workers and Paid Sick Days, Little Rock 10 Commandments Monument, Sexual Charges on Cardinal, Ransom Files, Hong Kong and Chinese Identity, NY Times Protests Layoffs, France Average Age of Deputies, Trump Mocks News Host, and Poor Southern Counties and Global Warming 07-01-2017

Kansas Safe Act and Voter Registration, Taxi Sharing, Republican Health Care Bill, California and Weed Killer, Disability and Life Span, Sports Bets, Germany and Same Sex Marriage, Modern Slavery, Doctors and Americans, Illinois State Budget, and Work Hours 06-30-2017

Bob Parker and Arms Sales, Whirlpool and Plastic Fridge and Fire, Facebook Rules, Credit Scores and Tax Liens, Women and Minority Actors in the Theater, Men Paying Bills, Google Searches, Social Mobility in the UK, and  Job Loss Effects 06-29-2017

22 Million Uninsured Under Trump Care, Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage and Birth Certificates, Republican Health Bill and Waiting Period, Seattle Wage Increase, Indian Courts, Supreme Court Travel Ban, Natural Gas,  and Boys and Sex 06-28-2017

Corruption in Public Contracting, Pray Area in Jerusalem, Bloomberg and City Programs, Charter Schools and Integration, Government State Websites, Earthquakes in Netherlands, Google and Pay Data, Mozambique Funds, and Employee Rights Act and Unions 06-27-2017

Pew and Gun Owners, Male Teenagers and Auto Insurance Rates, IRS and Unpaid Taxes, Turkey and Evolution, Republican Insurance Plan and Out of Pocket Expenses, Cuba and Internet, Immigrants and Discrimination, EDF and Lead in Baby Food, Retail Employment, Foreign Born in Canada, and India Software Companies 06-26-2017

Collection Companies for the IRS, Privacy and Google, Cell Service Costs, Smartphone Uses, EPA Suit, Trump Cuba Order and Remittance, Canada and Migration, Medicaid, and Jimi Hendrix and Singing Lessons 06-25-2017

Health Care Jobs and Median Wages, Oil Production in US, Canada Trade, Cremations, Supreme Court and Citizenship, Brooklyn Catholic Diocese, Warren Buffett and Home Capital, Facebook Groups, PM May on British Housing Projects, Health Care Bill and Abortion, and OSCA and Obama Limits on Coal Slag 06-24-2017

Cuba Visitors from the US, China Car Production, Millennials and Living at Home, Women and Consumer Purchases, NY Protection Costs for Trump, Israel Airline and Women, CFPB and Asset Advisors, Opioids in Missouri, Romanian PM, Blood Testing Claims, Texas Charter Schools, and Building Codes and Escape Route 06-23-2017

Mexico and Spying, Russia and Human Rights, Drug Pricing, Transit System in Austin, Uber CEO Resigns, NYC and Domestic Workers, Russian Government Hackers, Schools and Homeless Children, and Landlords in the UK 06-22-2017

Supreme Court and Registered Trademarks, Gerrymandering Case, Foreign Travelers on Airlines, Senator Warren and Wells Fargo, Universal Income, Cashiers, Online Reviews, Interfaith Marriages, Trump Polling, Orlando Removes Confederate Statue, Air Bag Company Near Bankruptcy, Redistricting,  Eagle Scouts, and Georgia Congressional Race 06-21-2017

Subprime Lending Boom in Auto Industry, Google and Offensive Videos and Warnings, Higher Water Levels in the Great Lakes, Quality of Life in Nursing Homes, Emergency Response Numbers, French Election, Voters in Midterm Elections, College Degrees, and Celiac Disease and Gluten 06-20-2017

Civil Rights Commission, Bill Cosby Trial, London Tower Fire Deaths, Trump Revenue, Poor Man’s Uber, and Liberal Activists 06-19-2017

Trump Administration on Cuba, Contractor and Classified Information, Connecticut Legislature and Public Employee Protections, Swiss Banker and Money Laundering Case, Anti-Trust Watch and Google, Trump Voters and Hillary Clinton, and Cigarettes and Poverty 06-17-2017

Michigan Health Department and Flint Water Crisis, Congressman Steve Scalise, Wells Fargo Class Action Lawsuit, Constitutional Court in Taiwan on Gay Marriage, Turkish Detail and Protestors Attack, Interrupting Women, and Closed Door on Health Care Bill 06-16-2017

Unionization at Chavez DC School, Bible Scriptures and Social Justice, ICE Arrests, Nuclear Reactors, Juneteenth, Hungary and Donors from Foreign Sources, Trump Suit, Uber Board and Culture Change, Europe and Cell Phone Rooming, Hope and Donations, and Youth Employment 06-15-2017

Uber and CEO, Patients with Employer Insurance, Protests in Russia, Travel Ban, Insurance, PR and Statehood, Inmates in Congo, Mothers and Citizenship, Bears Ears Monument, Disconnected from Mothers, UK and Turnout, Payments to Trump Hotels, and Polio 06-14-2017

HIV and Race, Flights Landing on Time, Comey Testimony, Household Income and Maternity Leave, UK and Trump, Murderous Counties, PR and State Hood, French President and Legislative Majority, Southern States and Inmate Populations, Homeland Security and International Terrorism, World Obesity, and Inspector Generals and Recovered Funds 06-13-2017

Nursing Homes Lobbyists in Louisiana, Beaches in Texas, Airline Travel, Anxiety Disorders, Chinese Rail Products, Websites Blocked in Turkey, Pico Network,  Per-tax Income, Consumer Abuses, Eric Trump Charity Investigated, and Black Lives Matter  06-12-2017

Turkey Coup, Running Water, Kenyan Railroad, Zika Virus, Finance Advisors Rules, Kansas Governors Race, Tennessee Plan,  Paddling Banned, AG Sessions and Nonprofit Payments in Settlements Free Birth Control, Homeowners, and Mental Illness 06-11-2017

Congress and Subsidies, Tax Receipts, Full Time Minimum Wage Job & Rent, Donations for Prostate Cancer Drug, Attorney Generals on EPA and Emissions Standards, and Transparent Pricing 06-10-2017

Uber and Harassment, Influence for Marketing on Instagram, Lincoln, Yoga, Santa Rosa and Rent Control, Choice Act and Financial Institutions, Comey Testimony, and Budget Shortfalls in Kansas 06-09-2017

Cells in Brain, Comey and the FBI, Isolating Qatar, Jeff Sessions, Working Girl Music, Body Cam Footage, and America and State and Local Bond Interest 06-07-2017

Lash Law, CDC and Salmonella Outbreak, Harvard and Chat Page, London Attacks, College Students, NC District Case, Lawyers and Trump Twitter Attack, Qatar, Drug Overdose Deaths, Tigers in the Wild, and Students and Healthy School Lunches 06-06-2017

Luck and College Students, Portland Oregon, Child Poverty Rate In America, Navy Warship, AXE and Suicide, Mayor of London and Trump, Mexican Elections, US and Paris Agreement, Wonder Woman, Educational Fees and Earnings, Santa Rosa Votes on Rent Control, Amazon Share Price, 3 Mile Island 06-05-2017

Telemarketers and Ring-less Voicemail, Beverages and Utah, EPA and Greenhouse Gases, Physicians and Primary Care, Insurance Companies and ACA, Federal Reserve and Bail, Gunfire Detection, Interracial Marriage and Adoptions, and Unpopularity and Life Span, Yahoo 06-04-2017

Office of Government Ethics and White House Waivers, Daughters and Senior Partners in Firms, A Better Balance and Walmart Employees with Doctors Notes, CIA Torture Program, Japanese Population, Paris Climate Control and Pittsburgh, Penn State Punishments, Unemployment Rate, Disabled Travelers, Mayors and UN and Paris Agreement, and Prisons and Violent Felons 06-03-2017

Medicaid and EPI Pens Payments, JBS Investments Settlement in Brazil, Social Responsible Investing, Trump and Paris Climate Control, Teachers in NOLA and Katrina Layoffs, Sound Cannons by Police, Turkey Educators on Hunger Strike, and Religious Objections and Health Insurance 06-02-2017

Tuna Fish, Exxon Mobile and Global Warming, Suicide Bombing in Kabul, Overdose Deaths, Ohio and Drug Lawsuit, Bicycle Deaths, Food Stamps, Bank Accounts, Hourly Workers and Schedule, Express Scripts Lawsuit, Twitter and Hate Speech, and Election Conversation on Twitter and Autobots  06-01-2017

Nursing Homes Government Owned, House Election, SSI, Payday Loans, Sweden and Wikileaks Founder, Interracial Marriages, Flynn and Documents, Trump Communications Director Resigns, Disease and Foreign Aid, Kabul, Fastest Growing City, Governor Walker and Drug Testing, Alabama and Morality, Uber and Driverless Executive, Ohio Voter Repression, and Restaurant Losses 05-31-2017

Italy Right Wing Media, Case Farms Chicken Plants Dangerous, US Presidents and Mental Illness, Disabilities, Medical Treatments, Aid Groups in Egypt, British Columbia Government, White House and Religious Employers, Trump Tax Cut, Sexual Orientation and Providers, and Credit Scores and Risky Borrowers 05-30-2017

Benefits, Child Marriages, Universities and Diversity, Airline Ticket Prices, 38 Executives in Pot Industry, Hate Crimes, Global Warming, Freedom Party, Sharing Economy, Muslim Women in India and Literacy, Retirement Plans, Cyber-security, Tax Payer Audits, and Incarceration Fees and Repayments 05-29-2017

Trump Golf Clubs, Refugees, Occupations and Poverty Level, 17 Million Washer and Dryers, UN Budget, Wikipedia Suit, US Spending in Afghanistan, Chinese Students in US, Return to Cities, Parking Fees in Pittsburgh, Cell Phone Service, Law Firm Resumes, Hungry Strike in Israel Jail Ends, and Tunisia Protests 05-28-2017

Exxon Mobile and Climate Change, Debit Card Fees, Travel Ban and AG Sessions, Kushner Meetings Investigation, American Booksellers Association Membership, NATO Money, Service Programs Cut, GM and Emissions, Police Incidents, Waivers and Former Lobbyist, Beauty Products Spending in Russia, and M15 Investigations 05-27-2017

Global Public Health Cuts, Financial Advisors, Education Secretary and Private Schools and LGBT Students, Bonuses for Assets, Health Insurance, Montana Candidate Assaults Journalist, Charles Murray Protest, and Ben Carson on Poverty 05-26-2017

North Carolina Legislative Districts, Flynn and Subpoena, Single Payer Health Care in California, Citigroup Settlement, Caregivers, Emotionally Tormented Students, Sanctuary Cities, CIA and Presidential Election, Fox News Error, Trump Budget Accounting Error, and Uber and Underpaid NYC Drivers 05-25-2017

Car Makers and Airbags, Fox News, Human Rights Lawyers Detained in China, Ethics Watch, Social Centers in Greece,  Pittsburgh and Uber, Trump Budget Cuts, Trump Russian Investigation, and AT&T Strike 05-24-2017

College Costs, Older Americans, Cervical Cancer, Subcontractors in Conflict, Scientists and Future Thinking, Russians and Trump, College Costs Increases, Accidental Deaths, OPT Approvals, Activity on Amazon and Online Sales, Venezuela Supreme Court, and Census Blocks in Wayne County and Tax Foreclosure Rate 05-23-2017

Education Department and Federal Student Loan Services, NAACP President, Anthony Weiner, Inheritances, Chrysler Fiat Emissions, Pentagon Revenue, Trump Presidency and Mall Protests, Iranian President Re-Elected, and Banks and Short Term High Interest Loans and Predatory Lenders 05-22-2017

Civil War Statues in New Orleans, Bill O’Reilly on Blaze, Chobani Yogurt, Incarceration Rates, Louisiana Governor and Prisons, FDA and Patient Roles and Lobbying, Brazilian Hush Money, and Attorneys Generals and ACA Lawsuit 05-21-2017

Transgender Killing and Federal Hate Crimes Act, Facebook Practices and Data Protection, Comey Emails, Job Applications Testing for Drugs, Turkish President and Attacks, Flynn Investigation, EU and Anti-Trust Case on Facebook and Whats App Data, and ICE Arrests after Jan 22 05-20-2017

Secret Intelligence and Trump, Former FBI Chief as Special Counsel, Mishandled Luggage, Conservative UK Minister and Worker Protections, Whistle-blower Suit, Local Election Results, EPA and Chemical Spraying, and Independent Contractors in NYC 05-19-2017

Germany Elections, Homeowners, Muslim Registry, Digital Companies, Facebook Ad Manager, Museums, Central Cities, Moscow Demonstrators, Trump Polling, Caravan Against Fear, Children Earnings, Google Self-Driving, and North Carolina Voting Law 05-18-2017

Children and Google Educations App, Disabilities, Cyber-weapon from NSA, Grandparents Spending, Undergraduate Syllabus, Rich Donors, Government Finances, Independent Drivers’ Union and Company Unionism, Housing Standards, Median Households, and 5 Figure Incomes and Mortgage Interest 05-17-2017

Mormons in the Boy Scouts, Uber, Fannie Mae Mortgages, New Homebuyers, Liberty Mutual and Workplace Injuries, Trump and Tapes, Uber and Trade Secrets, Tax Revenue, LGBT Attacks, Insurers and Genetic Tests, Paleo Diet, Vaccine Distrust, Ransomware Attack, and Homeowner Net Worth 05-16-2017

Migrants in Canada, Human Remains of Native Americans, Media and Politics, BC Legislative Seats, Census and Sexual Orientation, Department Store Credit Cards, Statue of Jefferson Davis Taken Down in NOLA, Voter Commission for Elections, Acting FBI Chief and Trump, Fish for Protein, and Leased Vehicles 05-15-2017

Southern Comfort and and Janis Joplin, Indonesia Governor Sentenced, Foreign Born in Canada, Cuban Visits, Spirit Airlines Cancellations, New South Korean President, Justice Department on Walmart on Foreign Bribery, Minimum Wage Violations, Betty DeVos Booed at Cookman, James Comey and Russian Investigation, and Methane Emissions 05-14-2017

American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer, Express Scripts, Corporate Taxes, PETA and Billboards, Grad Students Union, Poor in China, Little Rock Tax Bond Defeated, Voting and Hacking, and Trump Fires FBI Director 05-13-2017

HBCUs, Yale Law School Student Association and Immigrants, New Jersey Transit Fares and Loss Revenue, Moroccan Women and Tribal Lands, Annual Deaths and Health Insurance, Sally Yates, French President and Parliament Elections, PETA and Billboards, Equal Protection, and Cohabiting 05-12-2017

China and Trade Partnerships, Moving in Elder Years, House Republicans and ACA Repeal, Tunnels to Mexico, Google Data and Exaggerated Wealth, Financial Crisis and Flawed Business Models, Foreign Caregivers in Israel, EPackets, Social Aid and Pleasure Costs and Street Costs in New Orleans, and Privately Held Rural Land in Scotland 05-11-2017

Argentina Activists, French Elections and Hacking, Health Expenses, Immigration Judges, Working Age Women, Bulgarians and News Media, Museums and Gallerias in NYC, Bail in Texas, Chair of Fed. Reserve and Working Women, States and Retirement Accounts, Fraternity Pledge Death, and Private Schools 05-10-2017

Apple and Fund for Jobs, National Monuments and the States, CFPB and Challenges, February Protests in Bucharest, Prohibition, French Politics, Children in NYC and Libraries, and the St. Louis Minimum Wage Hike 05-09-2017

Obamacare Repeal and Health Care Legislation, Uber and Justice Department Investigation, SCC and Fox News Settlements, City of Flint Michigan and Unpaid Water Bills, and EECB and Emails 05-08-2017

British PM and Elections, Puerto Rico Court Protection, Conservative Media, Drug Overdoses, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Pet Groomers, Companies and Drive-less Vehicles, Strike in Australian, Asylum Seekers, Special Education Program, HUD and Comfort, and IRS and Churches Tax Exemptions and Politics and Religious Objections 05-07-2017

Secret Tax Break in Canada, Map Tracking of Scaffolds in NYC, Writers’ Guild, Airlines and Consumer Service, Facebook and Female Engineers, Hillary Clinton and Loss, Boston Red Sox and Fans, High Risk Insurance Pools, and Repeal of Obamacare 05-06-2017

Compass Prison Application and Re-offenders, Housing in NYC, San Francisco and AirBnb, Diet Soda Drinks, Net Neutrality, RV Owners,  Alton Sterling, Workers and Overtime Pay, Abortion, Urban League and Household Earnings, and Rosa Parks House Moved to Berlin 05-05-2017

Supreme Court on Miami Lawsuit Against Banks, Grand Jury in Milwaukee on Dehydration Case, Trump Protections, Discrimination, Homeland Security and Ports of Entry, Terrorist Attacks in Oregon and Musicians, Protests, Sit-In Austin on Sanctuary Cities,  School Exemptions on Healthy Eating, Planned Parenthood Funds, and Executive Branches and Waivers on Ethics 05-04-2017

Haitian Immigrants and Deportations, Trump Tax Plan, Marches on Climate Change, American Gaming Association, HIV and Medication, Department of Agriculture and School Lunch Costs, Anti-Defamation League on Discrimination Increases, Young People Organizing on Corruption, Trump and the Philippians, Online Shopping, Lead Levels in Drinking Water, and Africa and City Living 05-03-2017

Unions and General Strike in Brazil, Brazilians Poll, Education and Vouchers, Free Tuition in NY,  New Mexico and Solitary Confinement, Top Percent and Unequal Societies, Britain and EU Residency, Russian Protests, China and Fleet Fishing, Daughters of Working Mothers, Texas and Feral Hogs  05-02-2017

Fastest Growing States, Letters and Internet Shopping, DEA and Opioids, Trump Tax Plan, Golden Visas, Anti-European Fringe Parties, Philippines Mining Companies, NFL and Employment Law Violations, NSA and Emails and Texts, Student Loan Debt and LA Riots 05-01-2017

Tyson Foods, FCC and Internet as Public Utility, ESPN and Subscribers, Corruption in Brazil, UK Firms and Paying Suppliers, Payments to Flynn, Renting Bikes, and Construction Bribes 04-30-2017

Turkey Arrests, United Passenger Removal Strategy, Russian Government and Open Russia, Fuel Theft in Mexico, Trump Tax Plan, Portland Families and Backyard Housing, White House and Health Care Support Payments, and NAFTA 04-29-2017

Road Rage and Firearms, Fox News Class Action Lawsuit, Chobani Yogurt Sues Over False Reports, Illegal Immigrants, Wells Fargo Board of Directors, June 4th Mexican Governor Race, Orleans Parish DA and Fake Subpoenas, Twitter Revenue, Apparel, and Internet in India and Protests 04-28-2019

Former Haitian Leader Convicted, Union Busters, NLRB, Average Lifespan, Trump Border Wall and Spending, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion,  and Populist Parties 04-27-2017

Women in Stem Jobs, US Seafood Trade Deficit, World Malaria Deaths, Violent Offenders, Amtrak Derailments, Adults and Middle Income Households, Nevada Jury and Bundy Standoff, Borrowers and Parent Plus Loans, Alcohol and Highways in India, and World Population and Poverty 04-26-2017

Pass the Trash Bills and School Districts, Cigarette Sales, Trump Approval Rating, Deaths from Overdoses, State Trust Lands, Anti-Bullying Law in Japan, Biometric Identification and Voters, World Bank and College Enrollment in Africa, Confederate Monuments in New Orleans, and Tax Rate Cut 04-25-2017

Fox News and Prime Time Viewers, French Elections, Broadband Providers, Aspirin, Stone Tools in Kenya, Mexican Law and Political Parties and Women, Shoppers and Amazon, Saudi Arabia, and Applications by Indians and Visas to US and Trump Administration 04-24-2017

Google Market Search and Internet Traffic, Facebook Networks, Social Media Influence Market, Spending on Lottery, Walmart Money Card, Wages in China, Mobile Platform to Reconnect Family, United Airlines, Trump and Exxon, BBQ and Prison Strike, Antidepressant, and Dreamers 04-23-2017

Federal Regulators on Ocwen, Cincinnati Sues Harbour Portfolio, Federal Funding and Border Wall, Attorney Generals and Sanctuary Cities, Airline Deregulation, Wills, Costs of Child Care, Democrats, Former Presidents Speech Fees, Employee Complaints, and Equal Media Exposure 04-22-2017

GM and Venezuela, Wharton School of Business and Gender, Verizon Loss, College Freshman and Papers, Methane Rules, Taxpayers and Uncollected Debts, Icebergs, Russian Supreme Court and Jehovah Witnesses, Ontario Tax, Electrodes and the Brain, and Death Sentences 04-21-2017

Writers Guild Strike, American Hotel and Lodging Association and AirBnb, Fox News Pay Out for Bill O’Reilly, Internal Revenue Service and For-Profit Debt Company, Aid for Child Care, and Retired Coal Miners and Health Care 04-20-2017

Childcare, Trump Towers, Indonesia Elections, Plastic in the Sea, Mexican Governors, Montana Election, Violent Crime and Prosecutors, NYC and Cigarette Prices, Drug Prices, Foreign Workers, Tinder Users, and Germany and Anti-Immigration Leader 04-19-2017

Border Wall Costs, Drug Cases, Georgia Election, NCAA and North Carolina, Former New England Patriot Player Suicide, Bill O’Reilly Forced Out, 2018 Elections, Oil in Arctic, Vegas Casino and Trump Donation, Protests in Turkey, White House and New England Patriots, and States and Fines and Fees from the Innocent 04-18-2017

March for Science, NYC and Uber Tips, Prescription Drugs, British PM, Large Banks, McDonald’s Worker Catch Facebook Killer, Modern Slavery, Trump and Aircraft Carrier, Ivanka Trump Trademarks, Hungary Migrant Applications, Immigrants and Food Selling, NFL Bets, and Peace Keeping 04-17-2017

Alcohol Banned, Age Discrimination, Wells Fargo Directors, Trump Taxes, Russia and French Elections, Facebook and Live Killing, Supreme Court Justices and Gender, Young Adult Population, Hungry Strike in Palestine Prison, Arkansas Supreme Court and Executions, and Former Microsoft CEO and Usfacts.org 04-16-2017

Generic Drugs, Oakland and Police Uniforms, Forbes Richest, Private Nonprofit College Costs, France Right Wing Party, Student Loans, Environmental Groups and Border Wall, Immigrants Detained, Trump Organization and Dallas Hotel, Abortions, Turkey President, Slack and Support, and Banksy Hotel 04-15-2017

Overseas Adoptions, Defibrillators, Visitors to White House, Executions in Arkansas, Fox News and Women, Trump Re-Election, Import Export Bank, Demonstrators on Tax Day, General Merchandise Stores, India and Population, and Lobbyists 04-14-2017

Planned Parenthood, Afghanistan Bomb, Trustees for Foundation, Driving and Public Transportation, Hearing Lost, Skin Cancer, Health Insurance Subsidies, Canada and Recreational Pot, Lending and Investment, Border Control Jobs, and United Airlines 04-13-2017

Gig Economy Workers, Alabama Governor Resigns, Wells Fargo, ATF and NASCAR Suite, Daily News and ProPublica and Pulitzer Prize, Voter ID Law in Texas, FBI and Russian Spammer, and Navient and Loan Collection Practices 04-12-2017

Wells Fargo and Merchant Credit Process, Washington State and Teamsters, Pittsburgh and Uber, Google and Fact Check Tags, PTAs in LA, Mental Illness, China and Solar Power Production, AIDS Relief in Africa, Homeless Students, US Workers Fired, and OSCA Standards 04-11-2017

Shopping Patterns, Solar Radiation Management, Civil Rights Complaints, Rural Area Jobs, Wells Fargo Whistle-Blower Fines, Small Craft Breweries, Flood Damage, South African Protest on President, Arizona and Private Schools, Twitter Account Holders, Blue Cross Performance, Baltimore Police Department, and Walmart and Target and Gender Neutral Bathrooms  04-10-2017

Sleeping Giants Twitter, GPV Infections, Firm Sizes, NLRB and St. Xavier University, Alabama Governor, YouTube and 10K Views, and Coal Fire Plants and Voting 04-09-2017

ACA Repeal, Federal Agents and LA Visa Fraud Operation, Women’s Soccer Team Labor Agreement, Amazon Stock, Trump Ties to Russia, Supreme Court Nominee, Twitter and Rogue Accounts, and Russia and Election 04-08-2017

Civil Rights Act and Sexual Orientation on College Case, Private Lenders and Regulations, NY State Court and Social Media Privacy Protections, Pepsi and Kendell Jenner Ad Controversy, Bannon Off National Security Council, and IG on IRS 04-07-2017

Tesla and Ford Motor Company, School Districts and Bus Driver Retention, Bill O’Reilly, Sheriff in Arizona and Tent City, NCAA and North Carolina Boycott, Police Unions and Relaxed Oversight, Chemical Weapon in Syria, and Precolonial Society and Authoritarianism 04-06-2017

Uber and Psychology, Michigan and Lead Pipes in Flint, Aggressive Investigation on Russian Ties, Women and Minorities and Facebook Contract Law Firms, Tapping and Pocketing Retirement Accounts, Texas Roadhouse and Employment and Age Discrimination, Bill O’Reilly Loses Ads, Settlements and Police Review, and the Freedom Caucus and Health Care 04-05-2017

Free Speech and Campaign Rally, Manufacture of Oxycodone, Video Games, Cambodia Debt, Financial Disclosure Forms, Ecuador Ballot Count, Gender and Appearance, Mexican Corn, and Female Statue in Parliament Square 04-04-2017

Foreign Workers, Bill O’Reilly Settlement, Signal Encryption, Airline Fees, Scottish Independence, Arkansas and Sex Selection Abortions, Millennials, Black Workers and Hours Worked, Shareholder Events, and Handguns 04-03-2017

Bank of America Fines, Burning Calories, Trump University, Trump Kids’ Worth, Tax Filers, CDC and Opioids, Trump Poll Numbers, Cosmic Radiation, Native Languages, India, Street Food, and Olympic Costs 04-02-2017

North Carolina and Bathrooms, Fox News Channel Sued, Angola Prisoners in Solitary, Flynn Testimony, Wildflower Seeds, Secret Intelligence, Statue of Liberty, Death Sentences, Russian and Alaska, Kansas Governor and Medicaid, Department of Education and Student Loan Forgiveness, South Korean Former President, McDonald’s Fresh Meat, and Planned Parenthood 04-01-2017

Ivanka, Research Funding, New Jersey Aides Sentenced to Prison, Women Voters, Pet Spending, NEA Costs, Mining for Gold, California Illegal Recordings, Supreme Court on Free Speech, Bob Dylan and Nobel Prize, Seizure of Money and Goods, and Mayor of Baltimore and Minimum Wage 03-31-2017

French Terrorism Court, Germany and Turkish Spy, Voter Files and Turnout, Tax Expert and Corporate Tax Rate,  Pot in Canada, Iceland and Gender Pay, Diversity, Wells Fargo CRA, UK and EU Exit, Westinghouse Bankruptcy, and Chinese Skyscraper Deal for Kushner  03-30-2017

Russian Truck Drivers Organize Protests, UN Talks on Treatry, Hong Kong Charges, Chinese Government Think Tank, Whats App, Corporate Tax Rate, Iowa and Minimum Wage, Kansas Republican Legislature, Climate Controls, Scotland Independence Vote, Gender Pay Gap, and  Ivory Coast Strike  03-29-2017

Uber and Self-Driving Cars and Testing, IRS and Layoffs and Audits, Whitehouse Budget on Small Manufactures, Medicaid Coverage, Intelligence Committee, Russian Protestors, AG Sessions Threatens Sanctuary Cities, and Maine 03-28-2017

HIV and Newly Infected, Russian Arrests on Corruption Protests, Ethnics Investigations, Active Duty Troops in US, Turkey Migration in Greece, Hong Kong Wealth Gap, Trump Visits to His Own Property, Ads on Breitbart, FCC and Consumer Privacy, Home Ownership, and Congress and Health Care Voting 03-27-2017

Kaiser Family Foundation and Medicaid Coverage and State Budgets, Polish Banks Attacks, Foreign-Born Living in United States, Fox News Rating, UN Peace-Keeping Budget, Arkansas Executions, North Korean Hacking Network,  US Emissions, Preserving Employee Wellness and Genetic Testing, and Children without Dental Healthcare 03-26-2017

Boycott of Google by Advertisers, American Wedding Guests Spending, India and Meat Exportation,  Toronto Schools and US Field Trips, California and Emissions Standards, Republican Health Care Bill Polling, Bicycle Sharing in China, Unwanted Fax Ads, Immigration Waiting Lists, and Military Coalition in Iraq 03-25-2017

Amendments on Health Care Bill and Coverage Reduction and Costs, Paid Leave, Teaching Assistants at Cornell, Dues Checkoff Ruling, Trump Keystone Permit, Republicans Pull Health Care Bill, Brazil and Tainted Meat Scandal, Penn State Scandal, and CIA and Spy Tools for Apple 03-24-2017

Mortality Raising, Top 100 Films in 2016 and Male Characters, Overtime Rule Adjustment, Japanese Workers, Supreme Court Nominee, GOP Health Care Plan Approval, Privacy Protections, Public Transportation, Famine Declaration, and Voter Registration and Voter ID Laws 03-23-2017

Louisiana and Immigration Marriage Law, Infant Deaths, Parliament Attack in London, Secretary of State and Terrorism Speech, Emily’s List, Disabled Children, Lynchings, ATT and Google Ads on Youtube, North Korea Theft, and Peabody Energy Cleanup Bill 03-22-2017

Sec of Agriculture Nominee, Baltimore City Council and Minimum Wage, Student Loans for Older Americans, Solar Industry, Unpaid Medical Bill, School Voucher Programs, Carbon Emissions, Electric Device Restrictions, Supreme Court and Nominees, Health and Climate Change, Health Care Bill, and Governors on Budget Cuts  03-21-2017

Berlin and Gentrification, FBI Director Investigation on Trump and Russian Interference in Election, Fox News Poll and Trump on Twitter, Passengers and Laptops, Halo Effect and Far Right Politicians, Grandparents in the US, Ivanka Trump Office, and Basketball Star Gabby Williams 03-20-2017

Voter Turnout in the Netherlands, Foreign Applications to US Colleges, Mexican Justice System, Humanitarian Aid, Foreign Physicians, Chuck Berry, State Turnout for Elections, Work Stoppages, Israel and Apartheid for Palestine, Wire-Tapping, Ride Sharing Apps,  Cholera Epidemic, and VW Documents Seized 03-19-2017

Trump and British Spy Service, Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients, Justice Department Opposes CPFB, Education Department and Default Debt,  Serial Comma Survey, and Default Mortgages 03-18-2017

Unsealed Records on Monsanto, Voters on Candidates and Children, South Korea and Trump, Wells Fargo CEO Earnings, Paying for Online Content, PBS Budget Cuts, and CDBG Elimination Under Trump Budget 03-17-2017

Germany on Facebook and Twitter and Hate Speech, Wages and Employment and Visa Program, Travel Ban, Anti-Immigrant Candidate in Netherlands, Fees on Checking Accounts, Jones Day Firm Raid in Germany, Trump Budget Proposal, and Nostril Widths and Climates 03-16-2017

Groups in Belgium Protest Deportation Law, Veterans and Discharges and VA Care, Emergency Medical Treatment Act, Landslide in Ethiopia Kills Waste-pickers, Drugs in Afghanistan, Performance-Based Funding, Health Insurance Premiums, Seattle Ordinances and Uber and Teamsters, and Health Care Coverage 03-15-2017

Federal Judge and Nude Dancing, Flynn and Turkey, Medical Bills, Voters, ACA Tax Cuts, Wildlife Sanctuary Takeover, State Congressional Districts in Texas, Scientists in Israel and Patrol Hearing, Indian Elections, and Jet-jag Remedies 03-14-2017

ACA and Essential Coverage for Drug Treatment, South Korea Leader Removed, Career Fields for Men, Pope Married Priests, Ports, Assange and Tech Companies on CIA Documents, Independent Assessment on Budget, and Co2 Emissions 03-13-2017

Higher Premiums for ACA, Houston Jail on Misdemeanor Charges, Governor Cumo and Fight Against Poverty, Company Taxes, Giant Companies and Market Share, and Obama Majority States 03-12-2017

HUD and Slavery and Immigration, CIA Hacking Tools, India and NGO Licenses for Foreign Funds, Israel Parliament and Boycott of Goods, Hungary and Asylum Seekers, Conservative Foundation in Dutch Election, Crime Conventions, Ryan Health Bill and Coverage, Poor Americans and Benefits Programs, and AMA  and Hospitals on Republican Health Bill 03-10-2017

Canton Mississippi Auto Workers March, Planned Parenthood and Abortion, Court of Appeals and Confederate Monuments in New Orleans, Discrimination and Sleep, Botulism Outbreak, Secret Jury Deliberations, British Parliament and High Heels,  Marines United, Undocumented Immigrants, and Obamacare Alternative Plan 03-09-2017

Class Action Lawsuit Against Private Prison, Nonprofits and Compensation Rate, Arkansas House and Medicaid Enrollment Freeze, Psycho-graphic Profiles,  FBI Director and Obama Wiretapping, Death Row, Israel and Pot Use, and Felonies and the Right to Vote 03-08-2017

NRA Requests on Mental Health and Guns, Trump Administration on EPA Budget, Uber and Authorities and Gray Ball Technology, CFPB and Constitutionality, Median Income for Retirement Age, New Orleans Last on Progress, Arkansas Executions, and Pope Francis on the Homeless 03-07-2016

2012 Study on Child and Robot Interactions, Obama Book Deals, Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Progress, Family Spending on Child Care, Sweden and Military Draft, Working Mothers, Tax Credit Vouchers, IRS Budget, Mobile Devices to Schools, and Caterpillar Company Raided 03-06-2017

Parking Meters in North Dakota, Sessions and Russian Contact, Trump Budget Cuts, Sexual Abuse Victim on Pope’s Committee, NGOs, Patient Advocacy Groups, FCC and Anti-Hacking Rules, Kansas Supreme Court on Education Spending, and Bills to Control Protests 03-05-2017

Public Citizen Watch Director on Public Services, Sterling Jewelry and Sexual Harassment, Class Pay Gap in Britain, Contingent Workers, Whistle-blower Claims for United Healthcare, South African Minimum Wage, Jeff Sessions and Police Departments, Republicans in Congress, Voucher Students, Outsourced Workers, and Small Town Refugees 03-04-2017

LifeSite Sued by AP, Justice Department and Texas Voter ID Law, Worse States, Auto Maker Pleads Guilty on Fraud, Netherlands Elections, Supreme Court and Social Media Rights, Governors Meeting with Trump, Warren Buffett and Hedge Funds, and YouTube Viewers 03-03-2017

States and Federal Laws on Pot, Assets Seizures, Law Professors and Professional Misconduct Complaint, FBI and Russian Agents, Jigsaw and Comment Filter, Media Banned by Trump, and Conservative PAC and FBI Threat 03-02-2017

Detainers and Secure Communities, British By-Elections, Mexico Soda Tax, Home Prices in the UK and City Earnings, Working People Parties, Loan Increases, Chair of Democratic Committee, US Secret Service Settlement, and Homeland Security Report on Country of Origin and Terrorism 03-01-2017

Unaccompanied Minors to US, Elected Women Legislatures, Millionaires, 20 Years in a Retirement Costs,  Whistle-blowing Standards, Privately Owned Dams,  Inclusionary Zoning in New Orleans, Louisiana School Voucher Program, Online Donors, Trump Ratings, and Secretary of Navy Nominee Withdraws 02-28-2017

New US Policies and Migrant Abuse, China and Resident Permits, Sweden and Work Life Balance, Democrats and Opposition to Trump, Teenagers and Transgender Identity, Airlines and Prices, Google Lawsuit and File Downloading, North Dakota Protests, and Brazil Corruption 02-27-2017

Santa Clara County Suit on Trump, Transgender Students, Uber Internal Culture, Solar City and Credit Standards, Banks and Credit Card Companies and Fees, Registered Voters and Trust, Illegal Immigrants, Trump Approval Rate, and CFPB Sues 02-26-2017

News Traffic, US Economy Growth, Activists on DPL, Trump and Media Coverage, Sanders Supports Take DNC Seats, and Vulnerable Republicans 02-25-2017

Billionaires, Net Worth Populations, Student Teachers in New Jersey, Richmond California and Homicide Rate, Luxury Housing Tax, Trump and Immigration Laws, For-Profit Education and Student Loans, and Air Flights Demand to US Drops  02-24-2017

British Lawmakers on State Visit of Trump, Criminalize the Muslim Brotherhood, Sweden and Asylum Applications and Crime, Breitbart Editor and Pedophilia, War and Sudan Famine, Uber Technology and Harassment, and Boob Upraising 02-23-2017

New Immigration Guidelines and Minors from Mexico and Central America, British Households and Car Loans, Donald Trump Invents Terrorist Attack in Sweden, Walk Out of Tech Workers on March 14th, Economic Growth in Philippines, Estate Taxes, and the American Conservative Union  02-22-2017

Greece Black Market and Unpaid Taxes, Indonesia and Forest Title, New Draft Procedures and Deportation, Amazon and Ivanka Trump Perfume, National Evaluation of Head Start Benefits, Republicans and Union Business at Federal Offices, Federal Commission Member to Resign 02-21-2017

Membership List for Trump Club, China and North Korean Coal, Palm Beach International Airport and Flights for Security Clearance, Nuclear Reactors, Greek Government and Tax Increases for Small Firms, and Health Care Plan Changes 02-20-2017

CNN and US Investigators on Russian Blackmail, Household Brands Mergers, Doctors and Gun Rights, NBA and Collective Image Marketing, Transfer Credits and Colleges, Funding for Arts,  Jobs to Exports and Trade, and Memo on National Guard for Illegal Immigrants 02-19-2017

Federal Investigators and Fox News, Motor Vehicle Deaths, Day Without Immigrants, Trump Companies and Federal Government Revenue, EPA Union and Scott Pruitt, CPFB and Housing Finance Company, and Netherlands Elections 02-18-2017

Secretary of Labor Nominee Withdraws, 13 Trump States Have Medicaid Expansion, Women in Senior Leadership, Traffic Actions, Breakfast at School, Russian Contacts, Movie Tickets and Race, NLRB Count at Boeing, and Medicaid Complaints 02-17-2017

Ross and Investments, UK Cooperative Bank, True Link and Elderly Scammed, FICO Credit Scores and Loan Repayments, Scammers on UK Pensions, Teachers and Body Cameras, Interstate Wars, Oklahoma Bill Calls Women Hosts, Kellyanne Conway, Flynn Resigns,  Hong Kong Police and Protestor Beating, HUMANA and ACA, and Travel Ban 02-16-2017

31% Favor Koch Brothers, Law Enforcement Leaders and Sentencing Reform, Researchers and Regional Differences from Doctors and Back Surgery, Voter Fraud in New Hampshire, Retirement Age Americans and Psychiatric Drugs, Trump and PM of Japan and North Korean Security Crisis,  Boeing Union Election, Grammy Awards and Racial Inclusion, and DuPont Settlement 02-15-2017

Public Policy Polling and Trump Protestors, Unauthorized Immigrants and Obama Administration, Asylum Applications in Mexico, Swiss Citizenship for Migrants, Bucharest Protests, Student Loans Over the Age of 50, IBM Employees and Free Society Projects, NCAA and Scholarships, Van Jones and Prince’s Estate, and NSA Michael Flynn and Russian Sanctions 02-14-2017

Plan on Taxes and Wealthy Tax Cuts, Senate Rules on Debates, Egyptian Police Closes Organization, Demonstrations in Cameroon, Robo Calls, Congressional Town Hall, New Travel Order, and Underground Railroad in France 02-13-2017

Jimmie Carter and Solar Panels, Substance Abuse and Coverage Under ACA, Israel Voters and Gaps in Turnout, Basic Income in India, Canada and Refugees, Dutch Prisons and Rehabilitation, Women Voters for Trump, Obama Fiduciary Rule, and Unemployment and Race 02-12-2017

Cameroon Government and the Internet, Deportations of Immigrants, AIG Officials and Fines, Mexicans and Flooding Immigration Courts, Indian Toilet Drive, DPL, Arkansas and Fayetteville Bullying, Ivanka Trump Brand Sells, Protests at Yale, and Working Women 02-11-2017

Spending on Public Schools, Parents Paying Rent, North Carolina and Powers for Governor, Muslim Ban, Kenya and Refugee Camp, Crowdfunding Sites and Travel Ban, Golden State Warriors and Speaking Out, Chinese Policy, and Financial Relief 02-10-2017

Supreme Court Nominee Remarks, Nordstrom on Ivanka Trump Clothes, Federal Judge Blocks Health Company Merger, Patriot Players and White House, Temporary Contracts, Ivanka Trump and Trust for Murdock, Financial Advisor Requirements, and Senator Warren and Censure 02-09-2017

Melania Trump Suit, Secretary of Education Confirm, DPL Permit, Amnesty International and Syrian Hangings, ACA and Obamacare, Muslim Brotherhood, NYC Students Walk Out, Law School Transparency, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Cyber Attack, SNAP Network Resignations, and Jeff Sessions Approval  02-08-2017

Tea Party, Tech Companies and Immigrants, Lawyers Sue in Louisiana on Public Defenders Systems, Medicaid Spending, Working Moms, Muslim Doctors, Orthopedic Doctors Salaries, 314 Action, Priests and Sexual Abuse, NFL Ratings, and Pipeline Companies 02-07-2017

Romanian Street Protests, Judge Criticism, FCC and Discounted Internet, Wells Fargo Sued, Secretary of Army Nominee Withdraws, AirBnb and Short Term Housing, Alliance for Board Diversity, Roman Catholic Church and Drug Campaign, Walmart Investigations in Mexico and India, IRS and Michael Jackson, and the Bitcoin 02-06-2017

Super-Emitters of Pollution, Muslim Ban Lifted for Visas, Bowling Green Massacre, NLRB and Charter Schools in New Orleans, France and Nepotism, Trump and LGBT Protections, Iron Workers Union Protest, Overseas Prisons, Police Department Run by Women, Argentina and Immigration, and Higher Schools and Grades in Predictive Courses 02-05-2017

Protests in Romania, Berkley Protests, Awarded Grants Under Homeland Security and Muslims, Coal Companies, Sheep Killing Practices, Google Outsource Workers, ACA Marketplaces, Santa Cruz Settlement Case, Afghanistan Territory, Widows and Poverty, Visas Revoked, and Seattle Divestment of Wells Fargo Funds 02-04-2017

Rush Card Fines, Bosh Fines in VW Emissions Scandal, ACLU Funds, Tax Day Protest, Indian Finance Minister and Poverty, Romanians Protest, US Consumers and Identity Fraud, DOL Dissent, Security Workers Join SEIU, Johnson Amendment and Church Endorsements, UBER CEO Resigns from Trump Council, and Paris and Peeing in the Street  02-03-2017

Paypal and New Zealand, Federal Court Judge in LA and Immigration Ban, Trump Hangs Up on Australian PM, Dutch Election and Hacking, Trump Golf Course and Deposit Refunds, Earth Day Protest for Science, Exxon Leader Approved as Secretary of State, Mexican Minimum Wages, and Facebook Loses Suit 02-02-2017

State Department and Dissent Memo, India and Malnourished Children, FBI and Ransom Ware Victim Costs, Animal Welfare Consumer Standards, Florida Governor and Budget Cuts for Ports and Cuba, Committee Protests on Confirmations, Blackstone Homes, NLRB and Scholarship Athletes as Employees, Republican Senators and Secretary of Education Confirmation, and National Right to Work Bill 02-01-2017

Koch and Donors and Trump, Political Party and In Laws, VA Hires, Insulin Manufacturers and Prices, St. Louis Cardinals Hacker, New Federal Nurse Home Regs, Trump Administration and Refugees, and Slum Dwellers in Philippines and Police 01-31-2017

Housing Discrimination Complaints, Trump Immigration Bans and Translators, Refugees, Nielsen Report and Social Media, Acting AG on Immigration Order, State Department Dissent Order, Muslim Exclusion Order, Right to Livelihood Law in India for Hawkers, and Transgenders and the Boy Scouts 01-30-2017

Trump Executive Order on Immigrants, Fetal Remains of Abortion in Texas, Free Birth Control, France and Sugary Drinks, Refugees and Terrorist Attack, Walmart Pay Restructuring, Germany on VW Emissions, National Origin Discrimination, Mongolian Demonstration, Key Witness in Emmett Till Case, Black Adolescents, Aged 65, and Overworked 01-29-2017

Seattle Voters and Hotel Workers, Public Voter Database and Double Registrations, Trump Wall and Import Taxes, International Students in Canada, Hunger Strike in Sir Lanka, Immigrants and Crime, Lynching Apology, Residential Mortgage Sales, NFL and Concussions, Free Trade Deals Polling Numbers, and National Park Service Twitter 01-28-2017

Six Journalists Arrested at Inauguration,  Health Care Costs, Believing Anything, Domestic Violence, Political Contributions, Black Money in India, British Woman Petition on Heels, Republican Legislatures in Ohio on Ethics Law, Alternative Facts, Automation, and Members of Unions 01-27-2017

Paychecks for Prime Age Women, Dakota Pipeline, Trains in China, Denmark Unions, British Supreme Court, EPA Blackout, Washington Post on Trump Tax Returns, No Vote Shares, Fannie Mae and Blackstone Debt, Wells and Fargo Branches and Risk Monitors 01-26-2017

Federal Judge on Insurance Buyout, Trump Order on TPP, Rent Moderation, Family Care Giver, Blacklisted Federal List for Aid, Voter Id Law, Presidents Win at Supreme Court, Peru Pipeline Contract, Citigroup, and Fact-Checking on Federal Employees 01-25-2017

Poverty, Children Lives, Crowd Scientists and National Mall Footage on Inauguration, Constitution Scholars and Trump Suit, Planned Parenthood Training Session, Cervical Cancer Deaths, Russians on Domestic Violence, Labor Protests in Garment Industry, Yahoo Data Breeches, Volcanoes, and Royal Royce Investigation 01-24-2017

Non-Bank FHA Loans, Philadelphia and Gender Equality, Uber Settlement, Korea and Women, Private Law School Losing Federal Loans, Media, US Men and Income, US Income Growth, Women’s March on Washington, Foreign Troops in Gambia, and Sham Treatments and Pain  01-23-2017

Colleges and Student Incomes, Indigenous Environmental Activist in Mexico Killed, China and Coal Fire Plants, Beatles Songs, JP Morgan Chase and Discrimination, Deadpool, City of New York University and Low Income Students, High Profile Boycotts and Stock Prices, Troops into Gambia, and Trump Appointees 01-22-2017

New Orleans Charter Schools Spending, Insurance and Individual Premiums, Donald Trump Popularity, Farmer Suicide’s in France, Puerto Rico Nationalist Sentence, President Obama Rating, Government Workers in Egypt, Records for Heat, Navient Law Suits, and Women and Sexism Problem 01-21-2017

University of Chicago and Sampling of Doctors and Ending Life, Weekend Warriors and Health, 26% Approve of Trump Twitter, Secretary of Labor and Class Action Lawsuits for CKE, Chelsea Manning and Clemency, and Democratic Congressman Boycott Inauguration 01-20-2017

46 Billion Dollars Worth of Climate Change Damage, Charter Schools in Louisiana, ACA Protests, Circus to Close, Hispanic Population and Voting Rights Act, Work Tests, Female Binge Drinking, Fastest Growing Jobs and Feminine Language, Construction Dangers, and Black Rock  01-19-2017

Online Funding Platform and NYC Votes, Wells Fargo and Credit Card Applications, Clinton Global Initiative and Risk, Married Before 18, Justice Department and Drivers License for Motor Voter Act, Opioid Addiction and ACA, Trump Poll Numbers, Department of Education and College Debt, Trump on John Lewis, and Military Chaplains  01-18-2017

Sugar and Obesity and Calories, Politico and Trump Voters and Immigration Problem, Lagos Nigeria and Land Grabbing, US Supreme Court and Mandatory Arbitration, Alaska and Mental Health Treatment for Involuntary Commitment, Foreign Aid Budget, and Household Purchases 01-17-2017

EPA and Chrysler on Emissions, Judge Department Investigation on FBI Director, LL Bean Granddaughter Illegal Donation to Trump, President Obama Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy, Russian Health Ministry and Cigarettes, Haiti Protest, Time Spent on Work Activities, and Ratings for NFL  01-16-2017

Big Tech Firms Pacs and Employee Contributions, Immigration Activists, Norway and FM Radio Broadcasting, Morocco and Burka Ban, Germany Applications for Asylum, Facebook and News, Cashiers and Cooks Protest, and Baltimore and African American Arrests 01-15-2017

Socialist Party, States and Minimum Wages, Programmatic Ads, Citizens Assembly in Ireland, Uber and City Planners, Right to Work States, World Bank and Remittances to Bangladesh, Indian Funding Licenses, Prison Population, and Orleans Parish Jail Costs  01-13-2017

Deregulation in Mexico and Gas Prices, Afghanistan and Sexual Abuse, Trump Cabinet and De-investment, Nongovernmental Organizations in Central Africa, China and Birth Control, Attachment Theory, Sleeping Giants, and Predatory Student Loans  01-12-2017

Staples Stores and USPS,  Kentucky Right to Work Bill, Salary Raises, College Packets and Information to High School Seniors, Texas Bathroom Bill, and Texting and Mobile Devices While Driving 01-11-2017

Fossil Fuels Concert, Trump Transition and Ambassadors, Opiate Crisis, Intelligence Officials on Russian Hacking, Chinese Spending on Renewal Power Sources, and Macy’s Closing and Job Cuts and Sears 01-10-2017

Cholesterol Drug and Exercise, Governments and Tech Giants, Education and Race Divide and Employment, Man Hunt in South Philippines in Jail Fight, Israeli Military Court, Violent Crime and Urban Neighborhoods, Apple and Chinese Authority Requests, and Baby Food and Peanuts 01-09-2017

Ford Motor Company and Plant in Mexico, California Legislature and Eric Holder, Assange and Conservatives, Judge Parker in Arkansas and Bond Conditions and Sex Scandal, Goldman Sacks on Trump Team, NAFTA in Mexico, and Exxon and Retiree CEO Severance 01-08-2017

Justice Department and Call Center Scam, Obama Overtime Rule, India Supreme Court and Voter Appeals, NY State School Tuition, Congressional Ethics, and NAACP and Sit-In at Jim Sessions Office 1-07-2017

House Republicans and Ethics Committee, French Labour Law and Work Related Emails, Border Control Delays, US Government and India Scams, Tariffs, and Changes in the Health Care System 1-06-2017

Nixon and Johnson Peace Initiative, Poor Indians and Prime Minister Support, Federal Government and Bids on Ocean Floor off NY State, Homelessness in DC, Marine Species, and Women’s March on Washington 1-05-2017

College Costs, Front Page Stories and Government Leaks, Occupations, Brands and Muslim Marketing, Trump Says Avoid Computers, and New Years Attack in Istanbul 1-04-2017

Korea Cabinet Minister Arrested for Samsung Deal, Economists and Student Vouchers, E-Generated Fat, Academics and Protect Safety, Teamsters Pension Fund, Air Carriers and Refunds on Checked Baggage 1-03-2017

China and Ivory, Russia and US Diplomats, China and International Programs, Best Political Ad, OMICS and Academic Fraud, NC and State Elections Board, and Sanctions on Russia and Malicious Software 1-02-2017

Obama Administration and Russia Hacking, Exploding Air Bags, Syrian Cease Fire, Silicon Valley and Women on Boards, Jewish Americans on Settlement Expansion, and Obama and National Monuments 1-01-2017

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