Voice of the People Daily Bulletin 11-20-2014 to 3-31-2015

Federal Agents Indicted, Black Arm Bans, Comedy Central, FCC, Phone Calls in Prison, Supreme Court on Religious Groups, Coal Companies, NWF and Species Damage, Vote Tampering in Nigeria, Unequal Communities, Rhodes Scholarships, Blogger Hacker, and Detroit Schools 3-31-2015

Irish and Water Fees, Indiana Governor and HIV Crisis, Visa Program Problems, Foreclosure Victims, GMC and Diet Supplements, Pew Research and Income Gap, Republican Candidates for President, Voting in Nigeria, Air Crash Liability, Chinese Investment Bank, and Work 3-30-2015

Medicare Spending Areas, Film Tax Credits, Governmental Accounting Standards, Nigeria Voting, Sales of CDs, Corporate Board of Directors, Climate Clubs, Florence Colorado Prison, Indiana Law, WHO and Roundup Cancer, and Personal Tax Credits for Private School 3-29-2015

New Airline Rules, University of Oklahoma President, Soft Drinks, Henry Reed, Gender Discrimination at Tech Firm, Eating Out, and Doctors and Addiction 3-28-2015

Asylum, Supreme Court on Alabama and Sex Discrimination, Facebook Drones, Citigroup and Cyber-attacks, FCC and High Speed Computer, Payday Loans, The Villages, Population Growth, Turkey and Firearms Against Protests, Budget Bill, and Immigrants and the Workforce 3-27-2015

Employers and Hours, Foreign Students in US, Exposure to Chemical Weapons, California and Executions, Israeli President, TransPacific Partnership, Microsoft, 3G and Kraft Foods, Arizona and Police Officer Shootings, and Medicare Changes 3-26-2015

Philadelphia Police, Governor of Okinawa, Sea World, Breast Milk, National Analysis of Wages, Films in Louisiana, Indian Supreme Court and Online Posts, Hackers and ISIS Twitters, UN Employees and Same Sex Benefits, and Teachers and Testing 3-25-2015

Union Power in Illinois, Colorado and Minimum Wage, Physician-Assisted Dying, Farmers and Modesto, Cabin Crews Complaints, UAW and Two-Tier Pay Gap, Walmart and Assault Rifles, Civil Rights Group on Voter ID Law, RAL Rise, NFL and Home Team Blackouts, and Israel Prime Minister 3-24-2015

Congress Watch on CitiGroup, Prenups, Urban Farm, Back Taxes, Brazil Demonstrations, Weight, Bird Shot, Doctor Reimbursements and CHIP, Pilot Program on Patient Care, Confederate Flag, and ACA and Diabetes Identified 3-23-2015

Divorce Rate in Korea, Metropolitan Opera Wages, Associated Press and Republican Budget Analysis, Rise of Progressive National Party in Scotland, HR Block and ACA Clients, LGBT Populations, Wealth, Recordings Revenue, Job Market, Norway Prison Sentences, Sentencing Project, and Cats on Regrets and Forgiveness 3-22-2015

Obama Administration on Fracking, Hacks and Greatfire.org; Chained at Last, Fair Housing and State Authority, Overtime Standards, Alzheimer’s Drug, Children’s Products Recall, FDA and Apples and Potatoes, Women and Excess Breast Milk, and Data Collection on Student Debt 3-21-2015

New Mexico Oil and Gas, USDA and Online Tool for Jobs, Federal Government on Emissions, German Solar, ACA and Kaiser Poll, Biologists and Genes, FTC and Google, Drivers and Fatalities, NLRB and T-Mobile, Target in Hacking Scandal, and Israeli Prime Minister 3-20-2015

France, Germany and India and Chinese Bank, Activist Charged, Chinese and Cement, India and Housing Infrastructure, HHS and Fiscal 2014 Health Fraud, European Central Bank, Fracking, Target and Wages, German Courts on Uber, Karl Rove and Primaries, Gates and Bloomberg and Tobacco Industry, and France and Models 3-19-2015

Wall Street Bonus Pull, Aging and Memory, UN Personnel and Sexual Assault, Israeli Election, Presbyterian Church and Same Sex Unions, Frat Suspended and Facebook Page, Republican Budget Cuts on Healthcare, Warm Air and Elevator Shafts, Tax Subsidies and Top 1%, and Social Insurance in the US 3-18-2015

Fraud Rate for Apple Pay, Israeli Election Fight, ACA and Budget, Governmental Accounting Office on Financial Institutions, Justice Department and Veterans Care Repossessions, Cheaper Bus Service, Oil Prices, and Haitian President 3-17-2015

Baby to Baby, Tracking Food, IRS, Social Security Data, Syria Population, Sweden Law on Purchase of Sex, Theater Union on Producer Harassment, Wet Wipes, Tech Kings, Corporate Criminals, and UN on Poor in Latin America 3-15-2015

Newspapers and Iran, Carbon Dioxide, Sweden and Wikileaks, State Department Email Retention, Social Security, Big Data and Employee Turnover, Asian Investment Bank, Cuban Spending, Kickstarter Record, and Smart Phone 3-14-2015

Violent Deaths, Steelworkers Agreement, NOLA School Workers, Fraternity, Ebola, Syria War, Veggies and Tea Imports from Japan, El Salvador, Conservatives and Liberals, Iran Sanctions, and Dietitians and Kraft Singles 3-13-2015

Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast Sentencing, Duke Energy, ACA Enrollees, Liberian President, Chicago Mayor’s Race, Email and Hilary Clinton, Utah and White Collar Register, Direct TV, and Online Apps and Privacy 3-12-2015

P&C and Coal Mining, Congressional Budget on ACA, Apple Shuttle Drivers and Teamsters, Hillary Clinton Email, Jury on Marvin Gaye Case, Seattle $15/hr, Countries with Night Shift Premiums, North and South Korea, and Left Party in Spain 3-11-2015

Republicans Senators on Iran, Section 8 and Crime Rates, Striking Car Wash Workers, New Jersey and Exxon Lawsuit, UN Report on Women, Catholic Family Association Complaint, Fraternity Closed in Oklahoma, Immigration Arrests, and Right to Work Bill 3-10-2015

Cycle Union, Coolest City, Clothing, Vodafone and Maternity Leave, Papa Johns, Minor League and Minimum Wage, Credit Bureaus, Tax Exempt Bonds, Swiss Bank Accounts, Brazil and Gender Killings, and Missouri Supreme Court 3-9-2015

Critical Habitat, Charter Schools, Tax on Summer Camps, Better Together, Supreme Court on ACA, Gap between Poor and Rich Children, Hispanics Employment Levels, and Home Nurse Visiting Programs 3-8-2015

Television Ratings by Sports, Detroit Judge Shot, Women and Corporate Board, Senator Robert Menendez, Chinese Web Access, Chinese Sexual Attitudes, Clinton Foundation, Investors, FDA and Copy Cat Biotech Drug, and Local Nonprofits in China 3-7-2015

Japan and Aging, France and Corporal Punishment, Kentucky and Greenhouse Gases, Florida and Welfare, Fruit, Wall Street and Banks, Conservative Legislators, Mars Ocean, Ringling Brothers, Pizza Hut, and Chevron 3-6-2015

Faith Changing, Native American Speakers, Public Schools After Katrina, Detroit Home Prices, Net Worth, Tattoos, Hillary Email, Sugar Intake, Ferguson Police, and McDonald’s Chicken 3-5-2015

Military Commander, Obama and Immigration, Crying, School in New Orleans Scandal, Private Email and Hilary Clinton, Supreme Court and ACA, South Korea Anti-Corruption Law, Indian State Beef Ban, Department of Agriculture, Columbia University Teacher Assistants, Garbage Workers and Composing Law, and Household Savings 3-4-2015

Right to Work Bill, Restaurant Wages, Wages, Nebraska and Same Sex Marriage, Hillary Clinton Emails, Indian Mothers, China, Oil Rigs in Pacific, Surgery Mortality Ratings, and Annoying Sounds 3-3-2015

Wells Fargo and Subprime Care Loans, Ferguson Police, Medicare Actions, Physicians and Vaccines, Israeli Prime Minister, Rebecca Brooks, Russian Protests, Indian and Free Legal Representation, China and Under the Dome, and Opiate Usage 3-2-2015

New Jersey and Exxon, Medical Debt, Consumers, Arizona Legislative Districts, Weed Usage, ACA and Insurance Changes, Maine Law on Canadian Drugs, New Mexico Nurses Call Center, Indonesia and Tupperware, Tickets on Public Transit, and Venezuela Education 3-1-2015

South Korea and Adultery, Obama Administration Banning Bullet, Internet Access, 1.3. Billion and AIDS in Africa, Pope Francis, CRA and Bank Buyout, Album Releases on Friday, Prime Minister Assassination, and Maid Beaten Case 2-28-2015

Union Leaders in Wisconsin, Israel Prime Minister, Senators and Retirement, ADD, Pot, Morgan Stanley Settlement, Hong Kong, Labor Department Wage and Hour Division, Groundwater Protection Counsel, NY Governor and Minimum Wage for Tip Workers, 3 Strikes Law in California, and DC Weed Law 2-27-2015

Algeria and Daily Protests on Shell, Public Pensions, UN and Afghan Prisoners, Hillary Clinton, TJMaxx and Hourly Wages, Mid-Town Detroit and Wayne State University Police, Supreme Count on State Dental Board, and WRAP and Food Waste 2-26-2015

HBSC and Hong Kong, President Obama Vetoes Keystone Pipeline, Justice Department on George Zimmerman, Republicans on FCC and Net Neutrality, Right to Work Bill in Wisconsin, Casey Foundation Report, Re-Election Campaign in Chicago, and Raising Competition on Chinese Imports 2-25-2015

Americans and Banking, Post Offices, Nike Ad Firm, Drones, Dumpster Diving, President Obama on Brokers’ Standards, Government Regs on Mileage Rates, Employment Trends, Protestors Sentenced, Hunger Strike, and Speaking on the Positive 2-24-105

Railroad Oil Spills, Polls on Taxes, Lawsuit Pleas, Malls Targeted by Isis, Animal Rights Activist, Pew Research on US View, Highly Educated, Bill O;Reilly Accused of Lying, Shipping, and Teamsters for Facebook Workers 2-23-2015

American Express Lawsuit, BP Fines, Pope Francis, North Korea, NK Watch, Ideology and Recommendations, Howard University and Wikipedia, Wesley College and Women, NY Times and Clinton Foundation, Lynchings of Mexicans, Corporation Cases,  and Anti-Trust and Sysco 2-21-2015

Unions in Bangladesh, Federal Minimum Wage, Resistance to Anti-Malaria Drug, Nutrition Guidelines, New King in Saudi Arabia, Loans and Sub-prime Consumers, Argentinian March, Dr. Seuss Books, and Mayor in Chicago Endorsements 2-20-2015

Arkansas School Breakfast, Elizabeth Warren and Swear Jar, Longshoreman, Middle Class, Used Car Prices, Justice Reform, Students, Award to Indian Guest Workers, and Bills on Concealed Guns in Schools 2-19-2015

Nestle USA and Artificial Colors and Favors, Washington State and ACA Signup Extensions, Private Schools, Internet in the Middle East, Medical Tourism, Survey and Financial Insecurity, North American Health Care Bankruptcy, and College Degrees 2-18-2015

Federal Judge in Texas Blocks Immigration Lawsuit, Hot Flashes, Altered Engineering Reports and Hurricane Sandy, Inequality, Russian Firm and Sabotage Tools, Poverty and Benefits, and Public Aid in California 2-17-2015

Outdoor Recreation and Endangered Species, Clinton Money, Movies and Facts, CIA and Rockets, FAA and Drones, ACA Enrollment, Safety at Rail Crossing, NYC Police Union, Racial Profiling, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Poet Laureate Passes Away 2-16-2015

GMO and Biotech Apples, NFL Commissioner, Legislation on Domestic Violence and Guns, NBA Players Unions, Bank Thefts, Selfie Sticks at the Louvre, Coal Plant, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Weather and Worker Production, UK Political Parties, and Debts and Taxpayers 2-15-2015

18.9 Billion for Valentines, Chris Martin and Global Citizen, College Education for Officers, BBC and Apple and Recruitment Fees, Oregon Governor Resigns, CCTV and Corruption, Jordan and Muslim Killings, Democratic Convention, Union Fees, and Enrollment in ACA 2-14-2015

Federal Judge in Alabama and Same Sex Marriages, Plastic Waste in Oceans, FDA and Binge Eating Disorders, Ancestry, WHO Study on Pollution, Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act, Montana and Indecent Exposure, Korean Airline Nut Rage, Egyptian Court Releases, Staffing Reports, Missouri and Repeal of Union Shop Legislation, Harvard and MIT Sued, West Coast Ports, and Apple 60 Hour Workweek 2-13-2015

Jon Stewart, Brian Williams, Anti-Corruption Party in India, Hong Kong Domestic Servants, Kansas Governor and Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Vaccines at Schools, Chinese Workers Rights, Lower Income Children in Schools, Designers at NY Fashion Week, League Little Cheaters, Solider Rapists, Diseases and Smoking, and Obama and Wildlife Trafficking 2-12-2015

Human Rights Watch on Alabama, Tax on Schools for Education of Girls, Urban School Districts, Lynchings Data, Iceland in CO2 Gases in Volcanic Rock, False Memories, Poor Stock Index and Divestment, Golden Visa, Weed Sales, and Strikes in China,  2-11-2015

Renters in the Largest Metro Areas, Nigerians and Honesty, Senate Staff Age, Minimum Wage in South Dakota, Argentina Forensics, HSBC and Swiss Affiliate, Hispanics and Global Warming, State Workers in Illinois, and Citibank and Price Fixing 2-10-2015

College Students Surveyed, Secret Cameras at Harvard, Harper Lee, Ferguson Missouri Debtors Prison, Same Sex Marriage, NY Working Families Party on Elizabeth Warren, Cable Monopoly, Payday Loan Borrowers, Pandora in Court, and Virtual Privacy Network 2-09-2015

Data Analysis, Crisis Text Line, Housing Towers in NYC, Austerity in Greece and Fake Nurses, Hillary Clinton and Inclusive Capitalism, Kenyan Trade Unionist Killed, Toilet Paper Seized in Hong Kong, Spending Bill, West Coast Port Showdown, Gallup Poll and Wealth Distribution, PGA, and Guatemalan Women 2-8-2015

Recorded Lynchings, Brian Williams, New Workers, Canadian Supreme Court and Assisted Suicide, Domestic Abuse, Mass Surveillance, Racial Profiling in Arizona, Vaccines, Refunds, Turbo Tax and State Taxes, Closed Skies, JP Morgan Chase and Chinese Hire, and Obamacare Plaintiffs 2-7-2015

SEIU and Adjunct Union at Boston University, Chicago Company Fined on Lead, Contaminated Food, Less Annual Income in Arkansas, 1 Per-centers, Bartenders and Class Action Status, Teach for America, Hacking and Anthem Health Insurance, Radio Shack, and Twitter Users 2-6-2015

Catholics, Pew Trust and Fish, Prisons and Video Talk, Recalls at GM and Bosses, Egypt Activist Convicted, Brazilian Oil Company Scandal, Ebola, Mississippi and Immunizations, Locks, Illinois and Public Employee Unions, Tennessee Medicaid Expansion Setback, and Young Girls and Puberty 2-5-2015

Shipping Industry and Indian Ocean, Republican Candidates and Vaccines, Argentina and Iran Deals, Special Investigation and Mexican President, Second Hand Smoke, House Votes to Repeal ACA, Carbon Emissions, Tax Loophole, Fuel Prices, Sales on Whiskey and Bourbon, Hepatitis C Drug, and Selfies and Plane Crash 2-4-2015

United Steelworkers, NY Wage Board, Scams in Africa, Brazil Corruption, South Korean Nut Rage, Herbal Supplements, Data Collection, France and Immigrants, Wyoming and Concealed Guns, Mass Shootings, FCC and Broadband Internet, and the Nonprofit Institute for Safe Medicine 2-3-2015

Spain Left Wing Political Party, Vaccine Exemptions, Republican Primary Voters, Wells Fargo Foreclosure Cases, Egypt Deports Journalism, Pay Day Lenders, Civil Human Rights Front in Hong Kong, Affordable Apartments in NYC, Justice Department and Bonds, and Tax on Foreign Profits 2-2-2015

Prime Minister in India, Developing Countries, Used Books, Cancers Causes, Rockefeller and Gates, Cotton Suppliers, Virginia Workers at McDonalds, Trafficking, Pipeline Oil Spill, China and Tracts of Land Tax, Debt Fire, Winter Haven Destinations, and Tipping 2-1-2015

Apple Earnings, Car Title Loans, Bias, Mitt Romney Not Running, Bribery Corporations, Curbing Global Warming, Bahamas Deportations, Measles Outbreaks, President Obama and Federal Construction Projects, GMO Products, Chevron Project in Poland, Income and Savings, and American Airlines 1-31-2015

Right to Work Bill, Children and Food Stamps, Philippines and Typhoon, Prisoners, Chinese and Counterfeit Goods, Suburban Riders, 6 Million and Health Insurance Penalty, Squirrels Hibernation, Mild Brain Injury, Revenge Porn, Keystone, Hard Liquor on Campus, Detroit Homes, and Venezuela  1-30-2015

Kentucky Counties and AFL-CIO and Right to Work Zone, Mortgage Securities Ratings, College Savings Taxes, Leadership of Anti-Immigrant Movement in Germany, Water Rationing in Brazil, Civil Unions, Memorial, Snowdon and Canadian Spy Agency, Arkansas Board of Education, Local 591 and American Airlines Lawsuit, and Drugs for HIV and AIDS 1-29-2015

Arizona and Citizenship Test, Rural College Students, Fiscal Water-boarding, Medicaid, Obama and 529 College Savings Plans, Virginian Minimum Wage, Signups for ACA, Apple Sales in China, Yahoo and Chinese Amazon, Medicare Payments, Princeton Professor Low Income Suffer for Licensing, and NFL Tickets and Sports Bars 1-28-2015

American Banks, France and Mug Shot, Transit Fees, Koch Brothers, Subprime Care Loans, Facebook and Turkey Users, Giant Contractor Suspended, ACA Costs, 30% Club in UK, Supreme Court and Retiree Benefits,  and Company and Executive Pay 1-27-2015

Homeowners, President Obama and Indian Human Rights Groups, Jury Selection Studies, User Data on Healthcare.gov, Student Debt Loans, Greece and Austerity Program, President Obama and Wilderness Areas, NY Nursing Homes, Rape Culture, Verizon Super Cookies, and Transferwise 1-26-2015

Veggies and Weight, Drivers License and Immigrants, Al Smith, Sons of Former Egyptian Presidents, Argentina, Indian Court Releases Activist, Gold Reserves in Libya, Arkansas Private Option, New Orleans Smoking Ban, Abortions, and Sheldon Sliver 1-23-2015


Yemen Seizure, CIA Internal Review, Justice Department and Cell Phone Case, Pope Francis and Rabbits, Arkansas Correctional Officials, Philanthropists on Emissions, German Leader Quits, Justice Department and Police Office in Ferguson, Budget Restrictions and Flight, Supreme Court and Money and Politics, Paul Ryan Praise, and Republicans and Net Neutrality 1-22-2015

Snowdon, Tear Gas on Students, NY State Supreme Court Ruling and Water Way, Dementia Rates, World Economic Forum, FCC and Shareholders, Oil Spill in Montana, Beverage Makers and Nutrition, Greece Political Parties and Tourism, Ford Recall, Walmart Financial Services, and Fox News and Paris Muslims 1-21-2015

Governor Cumo and Minimum Wage, Cubans and Felons, President Obama Approval Up, Oil Prices and Interest Rate, Affordable Care Act and Prices, Women and Fraternity Parties, FCC and Net Neutrality, Sub-Saharan  Africa and Electricity, Argentina and Iran, and Fox News and No Go Zones 1-20-2015

Flight Attendants Election at Delta, Mortgage Borrowers, Households and Gas Bills, Indonesia Smart Cards, Planning on College, Teens Who Listen, OxFam and Wealth, Protests in NYC, and Good Character Loans Rather than Credit History 1-19-2015

Hollywood and Race on the Oscars, NCAA and Penn State, 2014 was Warmest Year, Gay Marriage at Supreme Court, Kansas Governor and Sales Tax, Public School Lunches, Justice Department and Assets, Canary Islands Protests, Cans in Alabama, and States and Taxes 1-18-2015

Single Intelligence and Data, Humans and Oceans, Muslims and Free Speech and France, Governor of Michigan Vetoes Gun Legislation, Google Glasses Pulled off the Market, Oil Spills, Teamsters and Justice Department, Pew Research and Internet and Stress, and Baseball and Anti-Trust Laws 1-17-2015

JP Morgan Chase, Lines in France, Federal Agencies and Parental Leave, Costs of Medical Care, Cancer Drugs, Pork, NRA Sues on Firearm Regulations, Cuba Travel, and Target Closing in Canada 1-16-2015

Insurance, Chokeholds, Financial Reform, Small Businesses, Decision Fatigue and Prisoners, Taxpayers, and Republicans and Immigrants 1-15-2015

Social Security and Income Tax Refunds for Debts, Hackers Sold Frequent Flier Miles, Health Coverage and Earnings, UN and Women Businesses, Fox News in UK, Free Speech and Arizona Political Signs, Obama and EPA Regulations on Methane, NYC and Solitary Confinement, and  Arkansas and Children’s Medicaid 1-14-2015

MLK Dispute, Whitehouse and France, Teaching of Climate Science, Pro-Democracy March in Hong Kong, Treasury Official, FTC and Digital Student Privacy, European Appeals Court, Lifesaving Measures, Credit Rating, Spotify, and Snapchat and Intelligence Agents 1-13-2015

Turkey and Armenian Ancestry, Tanning, Philadelphia and Iron Workers Union, Police Brutality, 75% and Email, Welfare Reform Act, Default Rate for Mortgages, Talking to Children, 1 Million March in Paris, President Obama and Data Protection Act, and Hospitals and Debt Collection 1-12-2015

Churches in Chicago, Blogger Sentenced, Mitt Romney, Employment, Life, Global Economy, Speculative Trading, Alcohol Sales at College Games, and the Right and Affordable Healthcare and Rand Corporation 1-11-2015

Center for Biological Diversity, Venezuela and French Fry Shortage, US Agriculture Coalition for Cuba, Last Working Class Neighborhood, Community Colleges, Environmental Terrorist Release, Public Housing and Police, Broadband Internet, Honda Fined, FBI Investigation on CIA, Younger Voting Age, and Nebraskan Pipeline Ruling 1-10-2015

Bacteria Drug, Openpayments, Young Activists in Mexico, Germany and Ukraine, EPA and Carbon Emissions, Plastic Phone Containers, Internet Hackers, McDonald’s in Japan, China and Overseas Companies, Network Scans, and NFL Investigation 1-9-2015

NYC Police, Unemployment, Germany Immigration Protests, Right to Work and Walker, Random Cell Mutations, Standford and Black Death Sentences, Keystone, Bribes, CDC and Binge Drinking, and WHO Criticisms 1-7-2015

72 Death Sentences, Police Treatment Survey, Taylor Swift 1989 and Frozen Top Albums, Banned Self Photos with Lions and Tigers, Violence, Miami-Dade and Gay Marriage, Medicare Payments and Justice Department, Hepatitis C Drugs, Palestine Criminal Court, Illinois IRA, and Double Dipping 1-6-2015

Yale School of Public Health and Facebook, Louisiana State Permit to Oil Company, Inmates and Assaults, Rent Control to Expire in NYC, Census and Volunteering, Menu Items, Homeschooling Increasing, Iran President, Bangladesh Bands Protests, Entergy and Vermont Nuclear Plant, and Spanish Retailer Wage Increase 1-5-2015

Measures on Gun Control, Fortune Teller a Sin in Islam, Italy for Refugees, Kenyan Security Provisions, No Democrat for President, Pathological Hoarding, Broadband, Cities in the Minimum Wage Fight, Epson Charges, AirAsia No Permission to Fly, and 2115 and Languages 1-3-2015

CWA and Cablevision, Blood Tests, Upper Income Families, 9 States and Immigrant Driver License, Alcohol Desire, Japanese Economy, Childcare, Tent City, Grass Crops and GMO, Local and State Government Hires, and Chickens in Bigger Cages 1-02-2015

Federal Minimum Wage,  Whistle-blowers, Voting on Race, Supreme Court Online, Uber, Nigeria, Chinese Fines for Waste Acid, and Attorney Generals and Official Matters 1-01-2015

TSA and Firearms on Delta, Japan and South Korea, Radio Free Europe Detainees, Netherlands and Managed Healthcare, People Stay, Ebola and Economy, UN Security Council on Palestine, Annual Survey of Law Enforcement Officers Killed, Public Schools in Kansas, and ESPN 12-31-2014

Unemployment Reduction, US Attorney General and Civil Rights Act for Transgendered, Interruption Science, Kentucky Medicaid Rolls, US Rep Steve Scalise and White Supremest Group, Greece Austerity Reform, and Morgan Stanley and New Century 12-30-2014

Advertising, Mistletoe, Almond Trees and Drought, Chinese Government and Google Email, The Interview Revenue, Oil Related Incidents, Afghanistan, Commercial Tracking, and Sexual Assault and Bill Cosby 12-29-2014

Oil Prices, Germany and Male Boards, Immigrant and Customs, Facebook in Russia, Fastfood and Test Scores, Silicon Employment Figures, Docs and Medicaid Payments, Footprint Chronicles, and Open Books and Practices 12-28-2014

Ratio of Guidance Counselors to Students, Volunteers in President’s Motorcade, International Criminal Court on Kenya, Boris Johnson Mayor of London, German Court on Snowdon, Criminal Background Checks, Refugees, France and Movies, and Egypt and Nonprofits and Foreign Funding 12-27-2014

Economic Recovery, Hong Kong Cash, Booze Month, Survey on Cuba, Rent, Soldiers and Deserters,  Uber Charged, Bangladesh Factories, Habitat for Humanity, and UN Peacekeeping Force 12-26-2014

Banking Requirements, Union Leader Attacks, Discrimination, Ocwen, Uber Banned India, Children in 2014, ACA Consumers, Sony and the Interview, Ban on Gay Blood Donations, Lead in Bullets, Human Bone Density, and Terror Threats 12-24-2014

Bob Jones University, Gun Rights, FCC and Consumer Groups, Unemployed Men, Surveillance on Phones, Pope Francis, Joe Crocker, North Korea Internet, Facebook in Russia, Protestor Killed in China Mine, Tax Fraud, Princess Resigns, NLRB Ruling, and Ultrasounds and Doctor Lectures 12-23-2014

Percentage of Women in Workforce, White Households Net Worth, American Academy of Pediatricians, NLRB and Quicker Election Procedures, Republican President Candidates, Countries on UN Resolution on Executions, Passenger Bus Trips, Lame Duck, Health Care Consolidation, and the Internet and Isolation of Unemployed  12-22-2014

Google, Homeowners 65 and Older, Law School, Speed Cameras, Wealth Gaps, Tour Guides and Licenses, English Study and Feeling Younger, Man-Spreading Campaign, Holiday Gift-Giving, Google Searches for Depression, Anxiety and Suicide, and Pilgrimages 12-21-2014

Doctors and Blood Clots, Arctic, Oil,  Tibet, Palestine, Kenya and Security Measures, NLRB and McDonald’s as Joint Employer, Turkey President, Homosexuality in China, Computer Spying, Drivers’ License for Undocumented, Ireland Protests, and Auto and Bank Bailouts 12-20-2014

NYC Civil Rights at Rikers, Trade with Cuba, Nebraska and Oklahoma and Pot Laws, Malnutrition in Yemen, Obesity as a Disability, Mass on Traffic Fines, Executions, Attorney Generals Conflicts, Westbrook Housing in London, Air Bag Recall, MetLife to Big to Fail, Rent in London, Sony and Racism,  and Anti-Union Movement 12-19-2014

US and Cuba, Governor Cuomo and Fracking, Whistle-blower, Terrorism Insurance, Sony Pictures and the Interview, North Korea, Drinking Water in West Virginia, Immigrants and Drivers’ License, Jeb Bush, Prime Minister Putin, and Governor of Virginia and Gun Control 12-18-2014

Monitor and Ocwen, Koren Air, Greenpeace and Banner Hanging in Peru, NFL Players Association, Auto Recalls, Anti-Drug Aid to Iran, Lawyers for Tenants, Latin American Economics, Penn Judge on Immigration Law, and Motion Picture Industry and Internet Movies 12-17-2014

Tennessee Governor and Medicaid, Detention Center in South Texas, Arizona Anti-Abortion Law, Services to Same Sex Couples, NLRB and Work-Related Emails, Ukraine Restrictions, Economics and Hourly and Weekly Wages, Steven Cohen and Insider Trading, Urban Radio, and Robots and Jobs 12-16-2014

Immigrant Activists, Human Rights in Russia, Stats in NYC on Hunger, Republican Riders on Budget Bill, Stockholm Rent Control, Hong Kong Protest, Lima Accord on Climate Change,  and Kansas Income and Tax Cuts 12-15-2014

Opiates, Clean Water in School Lunches, Berkley Protests, Moveon Million Dollars for Warren, Doctors for Medicaid Patients, Oil Prices, BP Cutbacks, ACA and Home Health Care Visits, Bank of America, Copenhagen and Wireless Street Lights, TV Viewing Down and Streaming Up, Amazon Workers, Walmart and NLRB Decision, and CIA Tactics 12-11-2014

Senator Mary Landrieu Loses, States Attorney Generals, Mexican Remains, Mass Exodus of Staff of New Republic, Rolling Stone and Rape Story, Public Office and God, Black Friday Boycott, Bias, Berry  Consumption, Prisoners, and Net Neutrality Division 12-8-2014

Civil Rights Groups on Airports, Jobs Report, Income Rose, AIRBNB Insurance, 9 States Prohibit Perpetual Trust, John Kerry and Torture, Unarmed Phoenix Man Killed by Police, Chris Christie, Facebook and Political Campaigns, and Flowers Food Political Donations 12-06-2014

Killing Wolves, Department of Labor Study on Making Less than the Minimum Wage, Britain Tax on International Companies, Spikes in Income, Senator Mary Landrieu, Same Sex Marriage Gap, Facebook in UK, Irish Tax Break, Workers in Turkey, and Birth Rates 12-05-2014

Numbers USA, Federal Reserve and Irregular Incomes, Texas and Immigration Challenge, National Police Association and St. Louis, Wall Street Journal and Police Killings, NYC Grand Jury Choke-hold, Embassy Requests, Health Care Spending, Britain National Health Service on Home Births, India and Chicken Feed, Deaths from Chronic Disease, and Drug Tests for Benefits in Florida 12-04-2014

Marriage and Divorce, Hong Kong Demonstration, France Right Party, Public Universities, Koch Brothers and Right to Work, King Richard III Remains Identified, France Vote on Palestine, Egypt Trial, Teachers Wages, Rural Food, and Credit Cards with Fraud Chips 12-03-2014

Swiss Voters, Hong Kong Police, Infants and Soft Bedding, Girl Scouts Cookies, Pilot Strike, State Criminal Database, Cosby Steps Down from Temple Board, Rating Systems on Consumers, Colleges and High Schools Protests on Ferguson, Putin and Gas Pipeline, and President Obama and Military Equipment for Police 12-02-2014

Taiwan, Republicans 6 Million Investment in Women, College Applicants, Sharing Economy, Anonymous on Sexual Assault, Drug Companies, Cook County and Wells Fargo Lawsuit, Supreme Court and UPS Driver Case, Europeans and Anti-Fracking Protests, and Police Officers and Overdose Drug 12-01-2014

Racial Motivated Offenses in Ireland, Die in the Mall, Ferguson Police Office,  Households, Finland Marriage Rights, Colonists, Cigarettes and Cancer, Cost-Sharing for ACA, Egyptian Court, France, Harvard Graduates Survey, and Female Executives 11-30-2014

AT&T, FCC, NFL Suspension of Ray Rice and NOW, Islamic Protestors, Walmart Protest, David Cameron and UK Migration, Torture Treaty, Villages and Senior Citizens, Families of US Hostages, 90% of Black Murder Victims, and Thailand and Commercial Surrogacy 11-29-2014

Myopia in Chinese Children, Online, IUDs, Smoking Rates, NFL and Crime Spikes, Strike in Greece, Brain, Stress, Car Service Competition, Scotland Plan, Cultural Memory, States and Abortion Laws, Texas Choice, Hope and Grace Initiative, Argentina, and Bank One Lawsuit 11-28-2014

Airline Carriers, Airport Congestion, College Rapes, Heat Waves, Uber and Lift, Enrollments in ACA in First 10 Days, Anti-Polio Workers Killed, Drowning After Car Wrecks, Commuting, Swiss and Dogs and Cats, Hong Kong Officers Arrested, Wyoming and Medicaid, and Privacy Regulators 11-27-2014

Aviation Industry, Pediatricians and Reading, Arkansas Same Sex Marriage, Kenyan Protestors, Smaller Classes, Spoon and Hand Tremors, African Americans Views on Chances of Justice, Obama and Veto of Tax Giveaway, Pope Francis, UN and Privacy Right, Jobs Act, Tea Party, and Actors Equity Association 11-26-2014

Missouri Grand Jury, Civic Passion in Hong Kong Coalition, Afghan Women, Iranian President, Head of Pentagon, University of Pennsylvania, Nevada, Calorie Count for Alcoholic Beverages, Asian American Applicants to Harvard, Elizabeth Warren, Citibank Fine, and Savers Thrift Stores 11-25-2014

Okinawa Voters, NYC and Rockefeller Building, Costs of Electricity, Access to Banks, Mine Workers Union in South Africa, Great Britain and Adding Years to Life, Payday Deaths, and Party Contributors 11-24-2014

Undocumented Immigrants, Palestine Recognition, Glaciers, Texas Textbooks, Europe Visa, Arizona Consumers, Phone Line Taxes, Afghanistan War, Hourly Employees, Students at Community College, Bounce in Your Step, and Spouse Deaths and Remarriage 11-23-2014

Wages, Global Obesity, Taxpayers in US, US Geo Survey and 3 Million Buffer, Modest Program of Student Loans Modification, Penalties, AFL-CIO and Large Payouts, Inflated Prices, Cuban Future, Low Income Residents and Civil and Legal Needs, Female Service, Apple and Price Fixing on E-Books, Boomerang Giving, and College Costs 11-22-2014

UPMC Largest Employer and Employee Threats, Record Number of Youth, Walk Free Foundation, Mayday Pact, Harvard Students Sue, Britain Protests on Tuition, Montana and Same Sex Marriage, Obamacare Enrollment Numbers, Assange, Hunger Games Salute in Thailand, and Drinking 11-21-2014

San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Fair Scheduling for Workers, Italians and Job Act, Obama and Excise Taxes, Hong Kong Militant Group, Work Permits for Immigrants, 12 Billion for Child Care, Insurance and Doctors Care, Bankers Dishonesty, and NBC and Bill Cosby 11-20-2014