Voice of the People Daily Bulletins April 26th to November 18th, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton and Financial Records, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Drilling and Fracking, Air Bag Recall, National Security and Phone Records, Keystone Pipeline, and Russian Food Prices 11-18-2014

Data Privacy and Students, Chinese and Hong Kong Protesters,Cholesterol Drugs, Uber Executives and Critics, Countrywide and Lawsuit, Pipeline Groups Investigation, Coal Company Challenge, Keystone Pipeline, and Congressional Deal  11-17-2014

Federal Reserve Chair and Labor Meeting, Post Office and First Woman Head, Marriage Re-Dos, ACA, Hong Kong Students, Bill Cosby and Sex Assault, CMS and Insider Trading Concerning Medicaid Reimbursements, Carried Interest, Employment Rate of Men, and Retired Americans Abroad 11-15-2014

Amazon and Hatchet Publishers Dispute Settled, President Obama and Immigrants, Coal Miners Disaster CEO Charged, Pentagon and Nuclear Weapons Fixes, Psychological Association and Bush Torture, Adams Silver and Sports Betting, and New Contraceptive Drug 11-14-2014

VW and Union Policy, Mexican Protestors, 2014 Mid-Term Election Worst Turnout, Bank Fines on Foreign Currency Markets, Energy Department and Gas, Justice Department Investigations on Bankruptcies, Landlines Surveillance, Catholics, Same Sex Marriages, Joyful Heart, and Women Board Members 11-13-2014

Denmark and Renewable Power, Iranian Soldiers Suit, University of Cambridge Study on Executive Page, Nurses United Strike, Pandora, India Sterilizations, South Korean Ferry Captain Sentenced, Police in Brazil, Emissions Reductions, and EU and Richer Nations and Benefits 11-12-2014

Health Care Enrollment Estimates, Net Neutrality and Internet and as Public Utility, Joseph Smith and Wives, Republican Seats, Income, Hungry and Work for Welfare, Puppet and Hate Speech in South Africa, Sanitation, Medicare and Lung Screenings, Republicans and EPA Regulations, Education and Equal Access, Misdemeanors, and the Federal Reserve and Public Input 11-11-2014

Charitable Giving, Weather Channel and Flooding Risk, Hospitalized by Laundry Pods, Spain, Jeb Bush, Healthcare Insurance, Unpaid Work for Interns, US Adults and Savings, Mexican President and Government Contracts, Healthcare.gov, and GM Ignition Replacements 11-10-2014

Cigna, Fortune 500 Companies by Families, Obamacare, Homemade Lunches, Arizona Smuggling Law, Human Rights Campaign Runs Ads, Democrats in the South, Medical Records, Berlin Wall, Front Page and Poverty, Unearned Money, LinkedIn Pre-Screenings, Conn’s and Interest Charges, and Low Income Borrowers Credit 11-9-2014

Chinese Chicken, Citizenship and Voting, Jesuit Priests and Same Sex Benefits, ANRB, Mothers Tax Break, Poverty in US, City Residents, Saudi Arabia and Women Drivers, President Caroline, Mexican Students Killed, Grand Bargain for Detroit, and Dept of Agriculture and GMO Potato 11-8-2014

Michigan Fraud, Home Depot Emails, Muslims into Deportation, Dead Bodies Unclaimed, Tax Haven, Romanian Hunger Strike, Trinidad and Tobago Immigrants, ACLU and Incarceration Rate, Priest Sexual Abuse, Harvard and Student Pictures, Microsoft and Free Office, Bank of American and Legal Costs, and Patent Abuse 11-7-2014

Copyright Protection, U.S. Senate to Republicans, Small Business to Health Insurance Marketplace, Oklahoma Anti-Abortion Laws, Kansas Same Sex Marriage, Haitian Migrants, Egypt, Witchcraft, Ebola, Missouri Same Sex Marriage, Discrimination, Latino Voters, State Legislatures, and Working Families Party and Cuomo 11-6-2014

Unionists in Cambodia Arrested, 3 Million if Medicaid Expansion, Liberian Security Forces, African Health Care Workers, Hyundai and Kia Penalties, GM Recalls, Germany Chancellor and UK Out, College Endowments, State Treasurers, HSBC Legal and Restructuring Costs, and and Stryker and Metal Hip Lawsuit Settlement 11-4-2014

French Environmentalists, Labour Party and House of Lords, Transmission Glitch in Bangladesh, Morality, Alabama Hunting Rights Amendment, Shepard Protest in Spain, 104 Ballot Measures 2014, Egyptian Newspaper, NYC Workfare, Americans Spending on Holidays Online, Flipping the District, Virgin Spacecraft, Spain Separatists, and East Ukrainian Election 11-3-2014

Boko Haram, Veterans, Medicaid Prescriptions, Climate Change, ACA Winners, 37% Voted, Investors Lawsuits, Older Population, Republicans in Battleground States, President Obama and Warheads, and Dog Meat Trade 11-2-2014

Kentucky State Senator and Right to Work Bill, Federal Government Monitor on Albuquerque Police Department, Teachers and Unions in Katrina Decision Reversed, Ocwen, Ebola, Space Ship Crash, Chinese Bribe Case, Unclaimed Property in US, Utility Regs, and Spend-Down Foundation 11-1-2014

FDIC and Unbanked, Monthly Service Fees on Checking Fees, Saving in Informal Lending Groups, UPS and Pregnant Workers, Bolivian Legislature and Child Labor, Honeywell Industries and Wellness Exams, Sodastream and Westbank, Stop the Violence March, Korean Court Order on Japanese Company on Forced Labor, Government of Burkina Faso Falls, and Big Green Radical 10-31-2014

36 Million and Prescription Drugs without Prescriptions, NCAA Athletes and 4 Year Scholarships, DC and Uber and Lift Approvals, Americans Eat Less Beef, 11% of Income on Food, Underestimated Democrats, Domestic Workers in Bangladesh are Child Laborers, Mexican Government and Sugar, Noriega and  Video Game Lawsuit, and Tinder App 10-30-2014

Online Database on Food Products, Halloween Best Cities and Worst Cities, Starbucks Expenses, Guns and Children, Hong Kong Message, Gun Causalities,  and Recalls 10-29-2014

30 Million Uninsured, Medicaid Enrollment, Food Loss, World Food Program and School Meal Costs, Hungry, US Bicycle Deaths, NYC and Medicaid Lawsuit, UPS and Mail Monitoring, UN Human Rights Reports and Women in Iran, South African Union and New Left Party, MIT Students and  Assaults, and Raising the Minimum Wage in Arkansas 10-28-2014

Displaced in Japan, Brazilian President, Obama on NYC and NJ Quarantine Rules, Antioxidant in Chocolate, Physician Charges, Facebook and Math Formulas, Hurricane Sandy and Neighborhoods, GMO Labeling, Egyptian Protestors Jailed, and Abusive Behavior in Teenage Dating 10-27-2014

Public Traded Companies, Civil Forfeiture Practices, Jeff Greenfield and Waste in the US, Maui and GMO Crops, Working Family Party and Women Equality Party, Obesity, Growth of China and India, and Enrollment in ACA 10-26-2014

Hong Kong Leader, DaVita Kidney Care and Kickbacks, Tesco Profits, ROC and Racial Disparities, Amendment 1, Police in Ferguson, IRAs as ATMS, Pew Research and News Sources, 21 Quarantines in NYC and NJ, Queen Elizabeth on Twitter, Bar Mitzah for Girl, and 10 Commandments Smashed 10-25-2014

Chinese Executions, Somalia Sex Traffic Organization, Human Rights Award, Wikileaks, Athletes and Fake Taxes, Tax Evasion, Washington DC and Capital Bike Share Program, Green Party in NY, Ban the Box Ordinances, EU and Greenhouse Emissions, and Navaho Elections  10-24-2014

Toronto and Foreign Birth, Kentucky Bourbon, Isis Terrorists, Climate Change and Insurance, Citizens United and Campaign Spending, Educators and Retirement Savings, Blackwater Security Guards Sentenced, Online Hacking, Young Adults Renters, and Iranian Protest on Acid Attacks 10-23-2014

Charitable Giving on Ebola, High School Graduation Rates, Life Expectancy, Unemployment, High Interest Lenders, Civil Public Debate in Hong Kong, Confidence in the Government on Ebola, Fundraising, Wyoming and Same Sex Marriage, and Pew Research and Facebook De-friending  10-22-2014

Federal Housing Regulator and Mortgages, World Health Says Nigeria Ebola Free, Mugging and Phone Thefts in Karachi, Trinity Industries, Facebook Claims, Hottest Year, Viola Strike Threats, Open Enrollment Awareness, and Indonesian President 10-21-2014

Firearms, Restaurant Workers, Uber Drivers, Young College Graduates, Girl Scouts Membership, Telecom Workers Strike, Hackers, Money Owed, and Cuba and Ebola Fight 10-20-2014

Supreme Court and Texas ID Voter Law, Poor Minority Students and Schools, Auto Lawyer, Unequal Distribution of Wealth, Death Toll in Nepal, WHO and Senegal, Soda Tax in Berkley, Same Sex Marriage, LA Homeowners and Road Home Grants, and Non-English Speakers in US 10-19-2014

Texas and Voter ID, Yucca Mountain, Uber, Streaming on Demand, European Global Markets, NY and Papa John Franchise Wages, Kansas Voter Restrictions, WHO and Inactivity 10-18-2014

NY Attorney General and Illegal Renters, Ebola Staff Untrained, Arkansas Supreme Court and Voter ID Law, Ireland and Tax Loop Hole, Bid Charges, Beacons on Phone, Harvard and Sexual Assault, and Whole Foods and Produce Ratings 10-17-2014

Apple and Facebook and Freezing Eggs, Supreme Court and Texas Abortion Clinics, Voter Suppression, Hong Kong Protestors, Philly Schools and Unions, 10,500 in Cali Could Lose Insurance, Cambodian Wages, Ebola Nurse Infections, and Feminist Critic and Death Threats 10-16-2014

Chicago Teachers’ Union, Catholics, Access to Abortions, Amazon Markets, Odor Receptors, NYC Rats and Pathogens,  Bangladesh Alliance, World Health Organization on Ebola, Employers Non-Compete Agreements, and Citigroup Fraud in Mexico 10-15-2014

Crib Death, Medicaid Problems, Alzheimer’s, Judge Elections, Liberian Health Care Workers Strike, Unemployment, Marriott and WiFi Jamming, Britain Parliament on Palestine, Twitter and Government, and Hyundai Union 10-14-2014

Annuals of Surgery, Pope Francis, Obama and Deportations, Right to Work Foundation Sues in Minnesota, Scientists and Heat Wave, Monitoring Website, Iranian Woman on Strike, Mass Mobs, Babies in the Womb, Alaskan Ban, and Poverty and Physical Activity 10-13-2014

Extendicare, Good Credit, Asset Recovery, Artists and Tax Breaks, Migration Report, Wrongful Capital Convictions, Gay Marriages, Labor Stats, California and Gun Restraining Order, Central American Children as Refugees,  and Apple and Ireland Trade War 10-12-2014

Venezuela, Same Sex Marriage, NSA Security Clearances, Navaho Officials, Migrant Flow of Children, Airline Cabin Cleaners, Eva Morales, Nobel Peace Prize Awardees, Dairy Queen and Kmart Hacked, College Degrees, NYC and Park Makeovers, National Health Officials on Ebola, and Doctors without Boarders 10-11-2014

Asian Infrastructure Bank, Cubans to United States, Poor Residents and Private Options, Microsoft Executive on Women, Fuel Efficiency, Billionaires, Streamline Application Process for Peace Corps, Commerces on BP, Estonia and Same Sex Unions, Activist Charged for Twitter Post, and Hong Kong Protestors 10-10-2014

Researchers and Indian Fever, Financial Markets, World Bank on Ebola Economic Impacts, Wireless Billing Fines, North Carolina and Voting, 2011 Protestors Can’t Sue, Fracking Ban, Amazon Warehouse Workers, ActBlue, Low Price Smart Phone, Google Tax Dodge, and FBI and NSA 10-9-2014

Same Sex Marriage, 1% Sales Taxes on Sugar Taxes, Walmart and Health Insurance Terminations to Part-Time Employees, Delay in Minimum Wage Protections, State Minimum Wage and Overtime, Voter Suppression, France and Deficit Reduction, US Higher Education Costs, and College Degrees 10-8-2014

Walmart Environmental Impact, Coalition Government, Kenyan Human Rights Crisis, Coffee Prices, Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage, Banks and Price of Foreign Currency, Health Insurance Plans Cancelled, Nursing Homes and Staff Levels, and Gaps in Giving  10-7-2014

Illegalize Recreational Pot, Crimes as Misdemenors, Brazilian Presidential Election, Hong Kong Protestors, Annual Broadcast on Priesthood, Subcontracted Facebook Bus Drivers, Travel Embargo on Africa, and Medical Assisters Certificate 10-6-2014

UAW and Mercedes Benz Plant in Alabama, Kansas and Truck Drivers, NY Mansion Tax, Middle Class Priced Out, California and Ride Sharing Services, Federal Court and Military Videotapes, Sweden and Palestine, and Pope Francis 10-5-2014

Secret Service, Subprime Auto Loans, Texas Anti-Abortion Laws, Cyber Attack on JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Sanitizing Apartment in Dallas, Doctors and Drugs, and Nobel Prize Winners 10-3-2014

Midwives Strike, Dallas and Liberia, Secret Service Lapses, Joshua Long and Hong Kong Democracy Movement, Defense Secretary and Patient Care, ACA and Digital Records, and Germany Privacy Regulations 10-2-2014

Biotech, Air France Strike, FCC & NFL Blackout, United Airlines and Uber, Occupy Hong Kong and Umbrellas, Migrant Death Rates, Campaign Off in Spain, Apple and European Breaks, and Gov Jerry Brown Signs Plastic Bag Ban 10-1-2014

Fraud and Banks, Cities and Black Council Representation, Tobacco Companies and Warnings, ATM Fees, Facebook Atlas Program Tracking, Farmers Markets, and  Mayor of NYC and Living Wage Laws 9-30-2014

Silk Screws, Tortilla Prices, Hong Kong Democracy Protest, Food Stamp Work Requirements, Hit by Lightening, Apple iPhone 6, Progress from Reducing Hunger, Brazil President and Second Runoff, and Doctors and Gender Differences in Heart Attack Warnings 9-28-2014

Parliament in Indonesia and Elections, Respiratory Virus and Children, Shellshock Computer Bug, Olympic Committee and Discrimination, iPhone 6 and Encryption, International Medical Corps and Ebola, Athens Governor, Rutgers University and Gloria Steinem,  Military Lending Act, Income Gains and Tom York 9-27-2014

Justice Department, Subprime Auto Lenders, India to Mars, Chinese Activist Sentenced to Life, Republican Donors List Made Public, Federal Appeals Court on Walker, Strike in Venezuela, LA City Council Wage for Hotel Workers, and Student Interns in Chinese Plants 9-26-2014

Chronic Flooding, Corporate Lobbyists, Federal Prison Count, Brazil and Deforestation, CDC Financial Security, Marriage, Walmart and Greendot, Abdominal Obesity, Men and Women Wage Gap, and BP and Settlement 9-25-2014

Louisiana Judge and Same Sex Marriage, Hong Kong Protest, Electronic Speech, Israeli Court, Pew Research Survey on Religion, Relocation Abroad to Avoid Taxes, Sugary Drink Consumption, Wesleyan University and Women, and Flood Risks 9-24-2014

Columbia University Rape Action, Ukraine, Pennsylvania, Missula Montana, Water System, Artificial Sweetener and Glucose, Ohio Doctor Video Conferencing, IRS Fines, Global Warming, and Ordering Pills Online for Miscarriage 9-23-2014

Climate Change Marches, Paris and Chinese Tourists, Emissions Growth, Youtube Dancers in Iran, Women Firefighters, University of Texas Study, ESPN Reporter on NFL Violence and Abuse, Texts to 911, Rockefeller Fund and Divestment Movement and Navy Rules 9-22-2014

People’s Climate March in NYC, Occupy Wall Street and Twitter Account, Mortality Rate for Children, US Department of Labor Investigation in Malaysia, Medicaid and Republican Leader, Minor League Baseball Players and Wages, Science Teachers and Experiment Safety, Sweden Elections, Affordable Housing Proposal in NYC 9-21-2014

Net Worth Raises, Alex Summons and Scottish Party, NFL Commissioner and Off-Field Violence, SAM Indictment, Former Governor of Connecticut Found Guilty, Income Inequality in Brazil, and American Airlines and Stewarts Agreement 9-20-2014

Census Bureau Women and Men Pay, Joe Biden and Nuns on the Bus, EMS Corps in Colorado, Voting to Stay in the UK, 1985 and 2004 Study on Friends, Ebola Attack, North Carolina Bank, Oasis Brewing, Chinese Find British Company for Bribes, and Moscow no Recycling 9-19-2014

NDWU Leader Awarded, Ontario Teachers and UK Airport, Community Banks in US, Hospital Mergers and Anti-Trust Laws, FDA and Testosterone Drugs, Health Systems Reform Study, House and Scholars Testimony, NFL and Domestic Violence, and VA Delays in Care 9-18-2014

NFL, UN and Obama and Organizing, NGOs and Foreign Funds, Buy-Partisan, Global Investment, Consumer Services at Airlines and Unions, CD Sales, and Numbers of Uninsured 9-17-2014

Indian Generic Drugs, Pilot Strike in Paris, Kansas Governor Politics, Highway Safety, VA Union Founder, and Florida State and Rape 9-16-2014

Wellness Programs, Financial Assistance, Amazon Dispute, NPR and Live Stage Shows, Obama and Ebola Outbreak, WHO and Indian Roads, and CDC on Women Being Raped, Stalked and Violence from a Domestic Partner 9-15-2014

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing, Vikings Player Charged in Child Abuse, NJ Conversion Therapy Ban, Brain Problems in Players, Haitian House Arrest, Wisconsin Voter ID Laws, College and Marriage, St. Louis and Free Contraception and Abortion, and Urban Institute and Mortgage Loans 9-14-2014

14.5 Airbags Recalled, NFL and Former FBI Director Investigation, HSBC Investigation, Mayor Rob Ford and His Brother, Democratic Senators, and Alaska and Palin Partying 9-13-2014

Yahoo Fines, Pregnant Workers, Swimming Dinosaur, Chinese Officials’ Suicide, Blade-runner Not Guilty, 72 Hr Wait on Abortion, North Carolina Probation, Public School Funding, Lies in Politics, Pot, and Churches 9-12-2014

NFL Commissioner, Law Enforcement and NOW, NY Governor’s Race, 3 Days of Sick Leave, Japanese Disaster, Criminal Investigation on Gaza, Mexican Drug Cash Seized, Jagger Dinosaur, Wage Gaps and College, and Short-Term Contracts 9-11-2014

NY Lt. Governor Candidate and Garbage Plate, NFL Raiders Cheerleaders and Back Pay, Drug Policy, Police Departments and Race, Single Americans, Human Rights Watch, and Fed Reserve on Large Banks 9-10-2014

Public Records of Contractors and Fraud, Home Depot Stolen Credit Cards, Starkville and Same Sex Partners Benefits, 25-30 Killed by Trees Each Year, Rich and Poor Gaps, Colleges and Low Income Students, Peru Anti-Logging Activists Killed, Climate Activists Charges Dropped, and Supermoon Raising 9-9-2014

Thinktanks, Public Health Experts and Teens in Tobacco Fields, British Government and Scottish Independence, Migrant Researchers Detained, Immigration, Texas Identification, Crime and Race, and Older Adults and Digital Video 9-8-2014

California 967 Bill and Sexual Assault, Tech Giants Appeal, Immigration and Central American Women, Mary Landrieu Re-Election Challenge, Work Ratios, and Having Children on the Job Bad for Women 9-7-2014

Former Virginia Governor Convicted, Choices in Broadband, FDC and Google Refunds, Federal Judge Blocks Ohio Cuts to Voting, Federal Appeals Court on Same Sex Marriage Bans, Ebola and Economic Impact 9-6-2014

Domestic Servants and Wages and Race, City of Ferguson, Pew Center on Israel  Government, Police Departments, World Health Organization, Brennan Center for Justice and Voting Times, Nova Scotia and Fracking, and BP Penalties 9-5-2014

Jobs, George Barrett Passes Away, Military-Based Hospitals, Computer Hackers in Peru, Iran Internet Speed, Active Learning, Berkeley, and Southern Drawl and Northern Accents 9-4-2014

Supreme Court and Factual Expertise, 10% of Fatal Crashes by Distraction Involve Teens, Redlining Bank Loans Due to Race, Frankfurt Bans Uber and Fines, SEIU and Home Care Aids, Food Stamp Usage going Down, and Eric Canter on Wallstreet 9-3-2014

Louisiana Abortion Restrictions, Cuba Goods, Remittances to Cash, Israel Takes More Land, NYC Union Membership, Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division, UPS Investigation Blocked, Unemployment Figures, Election Fraud, and Carbohydrates 9-2-2014

Physicians Attitudes,  Medicare and End of Life, Renting, Americore, Abortion Restrictions, Disabled and Public Housing Rent, American Academy of High School and Middle School, Ocwen Accounting, AIDS, and Waivers on Health Coverage 9-1-2014

Women Scientists, Austin Judge in Texas on Abortion, 20K with Ebola, Dog Meat in Korea, Workers in Construction, GMOs in Hawaii, Coal Fields in India, Cheapest Air Travel, Unified School District, Smart Phones Kill Switch, and Nonprofit Hospitals 8-31-2014

European Family Friendly Policies, 174 Newspapers Worth of Information, Matthew Desmond on Evictions, Cost Benefit Analysis on Smoking, FCC on Kansas Fraud and Pensions, Pennsylvania and Medicaid, Texas School Funding, and Oklahoma Loses Wavier for No Child Left Behind 8-30-2014

Medicaid Reduction, Beheadings, McDonalds Shut Down, Wisconsin Honored, Mexicans Returned, Alaskans and Oil Tax, Students at Sports Events, Beard Cuttings, Domestic Abuse, FedEx Drivers and Unpaid Wages, and Marketbasket Grocery Strike and CEO Reinstatement 8-29-2014

Greenhouse Gases, Current Immigration Backlog, NCAA Patterns, United Airlines and Seat Dispute, US Banks Struck by Hackers, Britain Drinking, and CDC on US Drinking 8-28-2014

College Enrollment and Low Income, Scientists Cutting Pollution, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Grain Shipments, South African on Anti-Viral Drugs, and Police Union in Brooklyn 8-27-2014

Starbucks Closers and Shift Changes, South Korean Child Labor, Scientists Discover Methane on Sea Floor, Mark Driscoll Abusive, Evidence Based Sentencing, and Medicare Rankings of Nursing Homes 8-26-2014

Blue Growing in Red States, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Cell Phone Package Costs, Amtrak Trains, Mexican Minimum Wage, Climate Change Funds, Women as Fundraisers on Social Media, and Judge Rejects Settlement on Tech Companies 8-25-2014

Transfusions Down and Blood Bank Revenue, 12,000 Jobs Lost, Hunger Striker Arrested, Ohio State and Fraud, Invisible Ink on Marked Cards, HP Legal Settlement, North Carolina Movie Subsidies, Checking Oil, Apple Workforce, Tibetan Activist Released, and Southern States and Utilities and Solar Power 8-24-2014 

Minimum Wage in Nebraska, South Korea Food, Afghanistan Expels Journalist, Same Sex Marriage, Judge Corruption, Medical Aid Workers Cured of Ebola, Obama on the Poor, US Faith Charities and Birth Control, Florida Democrats and Election Map, and ACT Survey on College Readiness 8-23-2014

Financial Investors and Credit Report Agencies, Bank of America Settlement, Nestle and Animal Welfare Standards, Safecar.gov, DEA and Hydrocodone, Rick Perry and Islamic State, Sec of Education and Test Results and Teacher Performance, and Ice Bucket Challenge at More than 40 Million 8-22-2014

Anti-Fracking Protestors, Louisiana Tea Party, Mexico Mining, Pope Francis, Macy’s Bias Case, Standard Charter Fined, UNICEF Report on Children, AJ Reynolds Suit, Bacon Cheeseburger, Westpoint Liberia, and GDEP Growth 8-21-2014

Justice Department Mediation, Blacks in Poverty, Pentagon, Kentucky Bourbon, Oil Companies in Alaska, Harsh Places to Live, Community Health Systems Hacked, Children Costs, and Orange Juice Sales Fall 8-20-2014

Obama Action, Missouri National Guard, Paris Armed Robbery, Julian Assange Leaving Embassy Soon, Unemployed Americans and Workforce Investment Act, Ice Bucket Challenge,  and Heinz Recall 8-19-2014

Shipping Container Death, Grand Jury on Rick Perry, 60 Billion on Medicaid Fraud, Sharing Economy, 9.7 Million Unemployed, and Extremism Gunman in Iraq 8-17-2014

Jeff Bridges Petition, Special Serum from Ebola, New Map for Party Line Vote in Florida, Whistle blower Complaint on NSA, Hairstyles in the Military, Southern States and In-Migration, GDP and European Union, Walmart Troubles 8-14-2014

Police Shooting of Micheal Brown, White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge, NYC Housing Authority and 77 Million Budget Deficit, Robin Williams Suicide, General Motors and Audi in China, and Voter Access Expansion in 16 States 8-13-2014

Tennessee Supreme Court, Hawaii Governor, Welsh in Montana, James Brady Dies, WHO and Ebola, Colorado Pot Taxes, Washington State Licensed Dealers, NAACA Ruling, and Pew Research Says 40.7 Million Immigrants in 2012 8-12-2014

General Election in UK, United States and Incarceration Rates, Chinese Restrictions on Social Media, Washington Post Reporter Kidnapped, NY Daughter and Son Unpaid Interns, Early Voting, Password and Computer Hacking, and Republican Candidates for President 8-8-2014

Walgreens, Times Warner, Population, NCAA, Edward Snowden 3 More Years in Russia, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, Gaza Conflict, 6.4 Liters of Urine, Pot Legalization, Beef and Pork Ban, and Hilary Clinton and Colbert 8-7-2014

Colorado and Fracking, Anti-Abortion Rules in Texas, Broward County and Same Sex Records, Hacking, Women in the State Legislature, Malnourishment in African, Wealth Gap, President Obama Commitments to Africa, Army Corps Denies, First Woman Coach in NBA, British Protest, Russian Human Rights, Terrorist and Watch Database, and Oldest Weather Service Reporter 8-6-2014

Abortion, Ethiopia Protests, Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg and Women, Overdoses on Opiods,  Schools and Legal Career, Credit Card Collections, US Families, Community Colleges, and Immigration Reform and Hispanic Districts 8-5-2014

Toledo Water, Affordable Housing, Economic Growth, Oil Money to Environmental Group, New Jersey Working Family Party, Maria Shriver and the Shriver Corps, House of Rep Session, and President Obama and Veto Two Bills 8-4-2014

Wills and Talking to Your Children, Justice Department and Wisconsin Voting Rights, Amendment 1 in Missouri, Facebook Time and Mothers, Air Traffic Fatalities, Rape Victims in Memphis, and Brain Myths 8-3-2014 

Uganda Court and Anti-Gay Bill, Militia Groups, California and Doctors’ Drug Testings, Swiss Tax Hidden Accounts, Greenpeace Ship, House of Reps Pass Work Permits Law, Campus Sexual Abuse Shaming, Publishers and Digital Content, AirBnB and Fair to Share, US and India Food Security, Eric Canter Leaves Office Early, and Botched Electrocutions 8-2-2014

69% Shelter for Child Migrants, Jesse Ventura Settlement Award, Bills for Hostages, Ransom Money, Collective Bargaining Rights in Wisconsin and Voter ID, Public School Teacher Salaries, CIA and Hacking, Coffee Rust and Corp Losses, Pre-Paid Debit Cards, ACA Contacts Double, Ag Department Rules, GreenDot and Fraud, and Prosecutors and Overseas Data  8-1-2014

1998-2014 Active Duty Service Member Costs and Defense Department Budget, GAO and Healthcare.gov, Independent Employees, US Economy, Ministers of Dinners in Sweden, PeaceCorp Pulls Volunteers, Curbing Sexual Assault, Antibiotic-resistant Infections, Bank of America Settlement, 401K Plans, and B-Corporations 7-31-2014

Southwest Airline, Pro-Choice, 1000 Workers at Trump Plaza, Lawsuit Enrollment, Whistle-blowers, OSI Meat Company, Smith and Weston Bribes, Banking Companies and Overdrafts, TD, NLRB and McDonalds, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Credit Files 7-30-2014

57% on Lawsuit, Virgina Ban, Migrant Workers Killed, 30,000 Construction Workers Strike in Korea, Donald Sterling, Developed Countries and Working Parents, East Baton Rouge Parish School System and Free Lunch, Dollar Tree Buying Family Dollar, ChatApp Line, Mayday Super Pac, and Pagan Temple 7-29-2014

Alone with Thoughts, 92% of Adults Eating all Their Food, SEIU $15/hr, Separate Entrances Based on Income, Automatic Subsidies on ACA, Political Ads, Obama Iran Files, International Tribunal, and Emergency Relief for VA 7-28-2014

Legal Costs, Hillary Clinton and Refugee Children, Washington DC and Handguns, Men and Wages, CNN Poll on Obama Impeachment, Net Worth, Shackling Pregnant Inmates, Russian Missiles, UN Aid Group, and Unemployment Workers 7-27-2014

Jealousy, Cyclist for Peace Killed in Russia, Former President Sentenced, Refugees Released to Sponsors, Drug Traffic in Central America, Student Loans in Default, Women and Finances, GM Recalls, Foreign Good, Portland Oregon Potholes, and Wyoming and Sleeping in Cars 7-26-2014

Big Pension Fund, Migrants at the Border, Peace Corps Volunteers Pulled Out of Kenya, Culture of Hazing at Ohio State, Opportunity Grant, In-Mirgration, Tax Breaks, Loans as a Loss, Diversity in Companies, JP Morgan Chase and FHA Backing, and Fewer Middle Class buy Life Insurance 7-25-2014

Apple Employees, Montana Judge and Rapist, Fortune 500 Companies and Bias, UK and Genital Mutilation, Scotland ACORN, Wages and Poverty, FBI Con Artist and Migrant Children, Botched Execution, College Athletes, and ACORN Honduras Demonstrates 7-24-2014

My Brother’s Keeper, Jakarta Governor the Winner, Comcast Profit, Appeals Court Disagree on ACA, Prisoners Emails Read to Lawyers, Soft Money Donors, Federal Campaign Money, Governor Cuomo and Ethics, Health Insurance and Fake Ids, U.S. Military and Garbage Incinerators, and Halt Service to Israel 7-23-2014

President Obama and School Districts on Preschool Access and Interventions, Average Student Debt, Whirlpool and Energy Star, Tips for Jesus, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Death Count in Gaza, UNICEF and Married as Children, Hedge funds, McDonalds and Out of Date Chickens, Riots, Kids Count, and Healthy Lunch Support 7-22-2014

Wells Fargo Auto Loans, Banks Writeoffs, Lobbyists, Payday Loans, Rise of Chinese Exports, Georgia Voters, Unhappiness Events, and Snowden and Oversight 7-21-2014

TracFone Owner and T-Mobile, Jobs, Colorado Pot Users, Fed Guidelines on Pregnant Workers, Smoking Subsidy, Mileage and Time Frameworks, Tobacco Settlement, DOE and Nurses, Sunshine Act and Drug Company Contributions, and Credit Issues 7-20-2014

Prisoners and Drug Offenses,  Employers and Birth Control, Entergy Sued, University of Connecticut and Sexual Discrimination, Discrimination on Federal Contract, Migration Issues, Detroit Water, Missile at Ukraine Board, Steve Fords, Italy Supreme Court Ruling, and Swiss Bank 7-19-2014

Microsoft Cuts Jobs, Civilian Plane Shot Down, Israel, New District of Columbia Law on Drugs, Bucky Ball Recall, FedEx Shipping Drugs, Prostate Cancer, GM Problems, Regulating Short Term Rentals, College of Supervisors, Carbon Emissions,  Solar and Wind Energy Systems, and Medical Legal Partnerships 7-18-2014

Medicaid Trust Fund, Redistricting, Paul Davis, FCC Comments Record, Burgers, Calorie Intake, Pew Research and Younger Democrats, Californian Death Penalty, Wikileaks Lawyer Challenges, Liberal Democrats and Bedroom Tax in UK, Election Reporting, and UN High Commission on Refugees, 7-17-2014

States Link Funds to Program Success, 13.5 Alzheimer’s Fathers Pass on Traits, Flying J Pays Fines, Nadine Gordimer and James McGovern Burns Pass Away, Net Neutrality, $500 Fines for Wasting Water, Department of Ag Funds to Approve Electricity, Austin Race Consideration, Flexible Schedules, Part-Workers on Work Schedule, Walmart Workers, Arch Bishop Scandal and Utah Troubles 7-16-2014

Practice Time, House of Cards, Citibank, Accreditation of Colleges, Staples and Postal Service Ends Relationship, Consumer Assistance on ACA, and VW in Chattanooga 7-15-2014

Illinois and Debt Settlement, EPA and Lead, Pew Research and Polls on Democrats and Republicans, South Park Continues, Barriers to Tax Breaks, Job Jumping, Changes in Sense of Smell and Sight, EmilyList, Sweden Wikipedia Entries, and Part-time Workers 7-14-2014

ENI and Union Refineries, Burberry Shareholders, Immigrants and Business Ownership, Permanent Resident Visas, Sheriff Association and Unconcealed Weapons, Chelsea Clinton Speech Fees, Ecosystem Investment Partnerships, Terrorists are Not Poor, Stormfront Website Audience, Uber Rideshare, and Troops for the UN and Funds 7-13-2014

Population Growth in Cities, AFSME and United Negro College Fund, Ace Cash Settlement, Former NOLA Mayor Nagin Sentence, CDC and Atlanta Labs, Cigarette Companies Mergers Plan, Lebron James to Cleveland, Chinese Businessman in Canada Hacker, Organic Fruits and Veggies, Former Bush Official Convicted, and US Commerce Department and Illegal Steel Pipe Dumping 7-12-2014

Child Workers in Samsung, Medicaid and Residential Treatment, Amazon, League of Women Voters in Florida, Reporting Database, Mayday Pac, Health Plans Under Obamacare and Coverage Satisfaction, UAW in Chattanooga at Volkswagen, Barcelona Cannabis Clubs, and Germany and US Spying 7-11-2014

Germany and Foreign Cars, Foreigners Pay Top Dollar for Homes, China Hackers, Doc in a Box Medicine, Chinese Foreign Aid, European Union Countries and Underground Businesses, Fines on European Drug Makers, Phone 2Action and Crowdhall and Civic Tech Start-ups 7-10-2014

Religious Groups and Anti-Bias Rules, Appeals Court on Arizona Drivers License to Immigrants, Young Migrants from Central America, Swiss Bankers Charged on Tax Evasion, CitiGroup and Justice Department Deal, Writers on Amazon and Petition, UN on Climate Problems, and Russian Hacking Credit Cards Arrested 7-9-2014

NAACP and ACLU in Court in NC that Scales Back Ballot Access, Voter IDs, Data Scientists on Age 18, Settlement Talks with Commerce Bank, GM Trucks, Security Measures on Airports,  Business Groups and Infrastructure Spending, Hotel Complaints on Internet,  and Umpire Errors 7-8-2014

Secure Committees, Wait for Doctors Appointments, Bangladesh Food Items, Sperm Production, Louisiana Tax Subsidies for Duck Dynasty, Coal Emissions, Nonprofit Merger Drove up Health Care Costs in Boston, and Sex Abuse of Minors in the Catholic Church 7-7-2014

Web and Digital Economy and Online Traffic, European Views on Poor, LA Public Library, Households with Kids, ExpressScripts and Compounded Medicines, Voter IDs, Paid Surrogacy, FCC and Apple, Global Gaming, Strikes in Egypt, and Social Media Conversations 7-6-2014

American Identity, Climate Change, Deadly Virus for Pigs, In-State Angels, Google De-linking, British Government on Scotland,  Andy Coulson Found Guilty on Phone Hacking, Nigerian Soldiers, MIT Living Wage Calculator,  and Wall Street and Home Prices 7-5-2014

ACA Enforcement and Hobby Lobby, Security Tightening in Uganda, Jobs in US, South Carolina Sheriff and Bribes, China and South Korea Joint Statement, German National Minimum Wage, Security Researchers Investigation on Brazil, World Cup, and Google Share on Searches 7-4-2014

Cyber-bullying, South African Mining Strikes, San Francisco Housing Ballot Issue, Pain Killer Prescriptions, White House Staffers at Top Pay, Missouri Governor on Abortion, Single Women and Democratic Party, Vaccine Costs, Economists, Anti-Terrorist Measures, Bankers, Census Bureau Lawsuit, European Union and Privacy, and Stephen Gaskin Founder of The Farm Passes Away 7-3-2014

Congress, Obama and Immigration, Anti-Spam, FTC and T-Mobile, French Startup Ride Sharing Service, Hong Kong Democracy March, Prescription Drug Abuse, Same Sex Marriage, ACA Signups and Data Defaults, Foundation for Individual Rights, School Nutrition Standards, and US Post Office and Janice Joplin Stamp  7-2-2014

Veggies, Supreme Court and Contraceptives, German Law and Pensions, Rehab, Hot Streaks, Hillary Clinton Polling Numbers, Chilean Court and US, Kansas City Diocese and Abuse Settlement, Pelvic Exams, AirBnB, Iran Sanctions, Paris Bank Fines, and Multi-Employer Pension Plans 7-1-2014

Ford Mileage, Garnishing of Wages for Student Loans, Spanish Court and Coca Cola, Hong Kong Voters, Doctors Licensing, Verizon Loses Contract in Germany, Home Care Companies and Minimum Wage, Lab Leaks, Brazil Poll on World Cup, Facebook News Feeds, Email Newsletters, and Internet Streaming Services 6-30-2014

Probation, Poor Countries, South African Mine Workers Union and Settlement, Barclays Suit, Firm Growth, Fear Circuit, Immigration in Britain, and Freedom Summer is 50 6-29-2014

Red Card on Immigration, No Appointments, Pension Age, Supreme Court on Abortion, Land Minds, Medicaid Drug Management Overcharges, VA Health Care, Foreclosure Modifications, Phone and Internet in Prisons Ripoffs, Tour Guides, Pakistan Honor Killings, and Detroit Foreclosures 6-28-2014

Franchises and Minimum Wage, Warrants, Hilary Clinton’s Memoir, NYC Mayor and State Legislature, African American Voters in Mississippi, NFL and Cash Awards, Britain Pay Day Lender Fined, Utah Same Sex Marriage Ban, Mass Governor Signs Minimum Wage Legislation, and Immigrants 6-27-2014

Marketplace Enrollees, Homes for Sale in England, Greenpeace in UK Losses, Like a Rolling Stone Draft, Gases,  Oil Pumps, Google Glass-wearers, Zero Hour Employees in the UK, and Bad Flu Strain 6-26-2014

Tea Party Challengers, Intercepting Phone Messages, Homeland Security and NoFly List, Mass to Vote Again on Casinos, Iran Population Measures, US Home Prices, CarMax Investigation, and Indian Names for Sports Teams 6-25-2014

Apartment Rents, Reporters Sentences, Debt, Global Warming in Coastal Counties, EPA and Greenhouse Gas, Women and Democratic Candidates, Working Women, Mormon Church,  Airbags, China and Human Rights, and Latin Middle Class 6-24-2014

Casino Gambling, Oklahoma Minimum Wage, Sleeping and Television, NYC Immunization Policy, Homeless, House Majority Leader, Credit Report Errors, and Insurance Beneficiaries 6-23-2014

Health Plans, Immigrant Workers, Expand Benefits to Same Sex Couples, Death Sentences in Egypt, Street Protestors, Thailand Fishing Industry, Baltimore Curfews, Walmart Superstore and Taxpayers, UN Refugees, and Guns and Casinos 6-22-2014

Social Security Closes Offices, FDA and Social Media, Living with Parents, Immigration Enforcement, NSA and Warrants, Scott Walker and Campaign Spending, Presbyterians and Same Sex Marriages, Israel, Drug Prices, Sun Trust Settlement, and the UN and Cholera Epidemic in Haiti 6-21-2014

Stock Trades and Insider Information, Patent Office, Doctors and Medicare Screenings, Unemployed, Television Audience for World Cup, Walmart Food Safety, GM Recalls, Voter Restrictions, Tech Jobs, Railway Strikes, Common Core, and Children Investment Fund 6-19-2014

Population, Income, and Education, Highway Deaths, Truck Drivers, Welfare Recipients, and Justice Fellowship Fund on Crime 6-18-2014

Cheerleaders go to Court, Hispanic Population, Starbucks and Free Education, United Methodist Sold Stock, Divestment from Isral, TV Station Licenses, NY Attorney General Office and Capital One, and Violent Video Games 6-16-2014

Baby Boomers Retirement Moves, Expanded Medicaid, Sexual Violence in Conflict, Obama Presidential Library, Internet Service Providers, Anti-Sex Traffic Charity, Blacks and Gun Ownership, Civil Rights and Court Interpreters, and Presidential Emergency Board on Railroads 6-15-2014

VA Hospital Performance, Health Care Providers and Networks, Governor Brown in California and Disclosure of Donors, Criminal Sanctions for Cyber-Bullying, Health Care Questions, Google and EU Decision, ATVs and Roads, Iran and Population Growth, and Foreclosure Sales Tensions 6-14-2014

Labor Department on Financial Professional, Zimbabwe Court, Catholic Bishops, Colleges and Sex Abuse, Congress and Military, Facebook Data, Student Loans, and Banks and Employees 6-13-2014

FCC and Rural Telephone Service, Texas Employees in SHOP, Unequal and Equal Areas, Vacation Cutting, Clorox Trading, Traffic, Egypt President, World Cup Strike, and Voting Rights Restrictions 6-12-2014

Moscow Criminal Court, Immigrants in Canada, China Detention Charges Dropped, Scotland, Eric Canter Upset, Microsoft and Emails, Teacher Tenure Laws in California, Unionized Hotel Workers, Uber Protests, Connectivity in Schools, and Louisiana and DC High Schoolers in Fights 6-11-2014

Student Loan Dept, Derrick Fisher New Knicks Coach, VA Waiting, Climate Change, Path to Citizenship, Transportation Security and Guns, Earnings, Children of Immigrants, and World Cup 6-10-2014

Special Insurance Policies Against online Attacks, St. Louis Hospitals Charging for Co-Pays, Labor Department and Wage and Hour Violations, Tip Workers, Justice Department and , Tyson Foods and Hillshire Merger, Paid Subscriptions for Pandora, Digital Download Sales Down, GM Report and Management Programs, and One-Day Divorce Programs in California 6-9-2014

Taxi Drivers Union in NYC, GM Legal, EPA and Electricity, Political Ads, Obama and Cap on Student Loan Debt, Senate Races, Affordable Housing Units in NYC, African American and Latinos and High School Graduation Rates, Unicef and Military Children Reports, Soldiers Rate Worksites, and India High Temperatures 6-8-2014

Big Cities and Food Scrapes, Vodafone, Tech Companies and Encryption, Grants for Immigrant Children Representation, Public Sector Employment, Facebook Blocks Access in Pakistan, Nigeria TV Channel for Youth, Same Sex Marriage, Coal Emissions, and Common Core 6-7-2014

Earners and Exercise, Young Immigrants, VA Acting Secretary, Brain, GM Investigations, Aerospace Company Penalties, International Criminal Court and Gender Crimes, Changes in Trading, BP Deep Water Accident, Netflix Verizon Error, and Settlement on Mortgage Lending Abuses 6-6-2014

Monarchies, Hong Kong Park Memorial, Health Care Coverage Rejections, T-Mobile and Sprint Merger, Walmart Scandal, Handguns, Citigroup Settlement, and Economic Growth and Poverty Rate 6-5-2014

Michigan Pensions, NY Teachers, Isolation for a Decade, Brazil Poll on World Cup, Economic Sanctions, Raising Dues, Duties, Food Safety in India, Charlotte Former Mayor, Police Kill Homeless Man, Budget and Money Launderer Arrested 6-4-2014

Computer Networks Seized, NY Times Appeal Denied, NY Times Reporter Upgraded, Nigeria Police Ban Protests, Student Loans, Coal Fire Power Plants, Oxford Colleges, FEMA and Children, Seattle Minimum Wage, Thai Protesters 3 Fingers, Spanish King, and Handwriting for Children 6-3-2014

Facebook Founder Gives Money to Schools, Medicare and Sex Reassignment, Violence on Women, Harrah’s Closing in Mississippi, Board Seats on Fortune 500 Companies, Criminal Records, Fast Food and Impatience, and Politicians Views Reflect Donors 6-1-2014

Money Handling, Police in Barcelona, Natural Gas Company in Houston, Levi’s and Cambodia, China and Wal-Mart, Cell Phone Stolen, VA Secretary Resigns, House of Representatives and Pot, Illegal Border Crossings into Europe, Rock Throwing at the Border, Amazon and Book Orders, Savings, and IRS Rules on Non-Profits 5-31-2014

Spanish Vote, Insurance Companies and AIDS Patients, Pope Francis, VA Hospital Doctor Shortage, NGO in Cambodia, Product Choices, No Tanning, Measles, Obesity, Louisiana Legislature, Abortions, Bank Regulations, Health Metrics, Turkey YouTube Ban, and Clippers Bid 5-30-2014

Pipeline and Hazardous Material, Primary Houses in Spain and Social Housing Fund, CEO Surveys, Dogs and Cats, Egyptian Prisoners Fined, BP and Oil Spill Victims, Renewable Sources, Mortgages, Minimum Wage, Google and Technical Employees, Videos of Gun Sales, and Prohibition Era 5-29-2014

Shareholders Servers, Michelle Obama and Food in Schools, Supreme Court and IQ on Death Penalty, Facebook, UK Independence Party, Bike Thefts in San Francisco, Exercise for Elderly, Privacy Concerns, Broadband Costs, Immunity for Indian Tribes, 6.5 Million Families Under Water, Detroit Rehab Plan, and 60 Thousand Immigrants Worked in Jail 5-28-2014

Obamacare Poll, Minimum Wage, Populist Surge in Europe, NYU and Contractor Abuse, Ranking of States in Clean Energy Jobs, Suburbs Outgrowing Cities, Egyptian President Sentenced, Montana Governor, Veterans, IRS and Nonprofit Rules, and FAA Hiring 5-27-2014

Median Household Income, Voters, Women’s Colleges, Transgender Students, Wyoming Tribes, Caribbean Risk Insurance,  Age, Mortgage Bankers Association and African Americans, and Airport Expense 5-26-2014

Antisemitism, Twitter in Pakistan, Egyptians Polled, Ecuador Oil Drilling, Redskins, Rapes, John Conyers, Soft Money, Federal Trade Commission and Data Use, and Haitians 5-24-2014

Foreign Born Populations, Turkish Miners’ Death, Video Tapes of Suspects, NSA and Telephone Records, Robert M Gates and Boys Scouts of America, Indian Deaths, Americans and History, and Debt Collectors 5-23-2014

Thailand Coup, Anti-Abortion Laws, Raising Costs of Housing, Same Sex Marriages, Disclosure in Airlines, Privacy Checkups, Iran Teenagers Arrests, Students in College, Student Debt, Spreadsheets, and Charting Exercise, Diet and Weight 5-22-2014

NYU Workers, Thailand Military and Marital Law, NBA Charges Sterling, Same Sex Marriages, Credit Suites, Less Healthy Foods in Schools, VA Hospital Wait-list, Meds, Guns in Restaurants, Vaccination Drives, GM Recalls, JP Morgan Chase, Public Records, Registering without Proof of Citizenship, and Reimbursement for Tele-medicine 5-21-2014

Highest Minimum Wage, Wyoming Conservatives on Climate Change, President Obama and VA Hospitals, Pool Tips, Inspectors to Workers Ratio, Unemployment Benefits and Lower Wages, NYU Building Strikers, Income and Charity, NYC and Rental Subsidies, BUSCH and Gender Discrimination, Drug Ratification, and Teacher Tenure 5-19-2014

Apple and Google, Fossil Fuels, HUD, Alzheimer’s, Triggers, New Medicaid Patients, Vietnamese, Stockholm, Household Debt, Face Recognition Systems, and Poll on Workers 5-18-2014

General Motors and Recalls, Education Department and Multicultural Schools, Student Loans, BJP and India, Polling Data on ACA, HHS and Shelters for Under-aged Immigrants, Degrees, Toddlers and ADHD, Citizenship for Military, Composting Food Waste, Swiss Highest Minimum Wage, and Walmart Stock in Portland 5-17-2014

Secretaries of States, Economic Freedom Fighters, Rightwing in India, Sterling, 911 Museum, Health Care, Vulnerable Populations, Financial Planners and Social Security, Banks as Criminals, and FCC Approves Waivers 5-16-2014

Pakistan, UN Conference on Flights, College Protest, Alcoholism, Preventing AIDS, John Conyers, Change to Win, Consumer Watchdog, Right to Work Laws, NBA Fans, 247 Miners Dead in Turkey, School Re-segregation, Testing Labs, Veterans Treatment, Voter Identity, Sprint and Bulk Data Collection, Citibank Firings, and McDonald’s Protests 5-15-2014

Religious Bias, China Smartphones, Firefox, Online Retailers, Methane Eating Bacteria, NSA Spying Information, Chlorine Gas, Turkish Mines Killed, Paid Maternal Benefits, Links to Personal Information, Civil Rights and Closing Schools, HUD Regs to Increase Rents, Sallie Mae Restitution, and Israel Bribes 5-14-2014

Rural Hospitals, FAA and Drones, Overdraft Fees, Brazil and Factory Workers, Melting, Sweden Traffic Deaths, Indian Court and Marital Sex, NSA Leaks, IMF Chief, Energy Bills, Large Employers and Health Care, AT&T and Direct TV, Hotel Meeting Cancellations, and Cognitive Control Exercises 5-13-2014

Dreamfields Pasta, Oil and Gas Wells, ADHD, Demonstration in China, Alliance Defending Freedom, Secretary of Treasurer and Foreclosure, Apple Cash, Coalition of High-techers Against FCC, Money Laundering, Native Fishing Rights, Steelworkers Unions, and Walmart Branches and Fees 5-12-2014

NFL Mock Drafts, Tattoos, Arkansas Court Same Sex Marriage, Drought, Pregnant Women, State Supported University, AIDS for Women in Africa, Going Home, Nigerian Kidnapping, Riding the Beast, Head Start, Partisian Decisions, and Gender and Race Discrimination 5-11-2014

Homeowners and Underwater States, Venezuela, Protestor Raids, Criminal Exemptions on Violence, Nortel, Defibrillators, Legal Aid Budgets, Census on Popular Names, Senator Rand Paul on Voter Ids, China Drilling, South African Vote, Construction Workers Killed in Brazil, Federal Workers, and Workers’ Ages 5-10-2014

Health Insurers, Keystone Vote Not Happening, Boggs Lobbying Firm and Chevron, Glass and Lewis and Excessive Pay Packages, SNAP Chat, Kidney Disease, Human Rights Groups, Pennsylvania and Voter Id Law, Immigrant Children in the Classroom, Bank and Pot Sellers in Colorado, Comcast Monopoly, and Kellogg and Organic Cereal 5-9-2014

NFL Cheerleaders, Teen Pregnancy, SCC and Chinese Banks, Massachusetts Healthcare, Prescription Drug Database, Uruguay Pot Regulations, DNA and Artificial Code, Political Contributions, Nigerian Kidnappings, English Elections, Catholics, Sea Levels, and DOT and Railroad Safety 5-8-2014

Mayor De Blasio and Affordable Housing, Walking is Good, Petition Lost, Church Attendance, College, Minimum Wage, Vatican and Sexual Abuse, Climate Change, Boston College, FBI Investigation in Kansas, Coal Holdings, Climate Change Impressions, Less Transparency Think Tanks, and Jet Magazine Only Online 5-7-2014

Oklahoma and Toronto Shelters, Jerry Adams, Portugal, Law School Grads, New Union Network, Republicans and Common Core, Argentina Tax Evaders, Pre-Meeting Prayers, Credit Card Hacking, Australian Women, Mortality Down in Massachusetts, Global Health Alert on Polio, UN Torture Panel, SNAP, and Hollywood Boycotts Beverly Hills Hotel 5-6-2014

Rent Vouchers, Savings and Loans Scandals, South African Election, Palestine, CIA, Hispanics in Office, Obesity, Death Penalty, Full-time Jobs, Iron Man 3, Female Law Firms, Software Glitch at Pentagon, and GOP in State Legislature 5-5-2014

Rice Declines Commencement Address, Same Sex Marriage, State Spending on Education, Gun Shop Inspections, Renewable Power, Vatican and Sex Abuse, Can’t Smell, Stolen Smartphones, Mobile Homes, Bikes, Federal Judges, Bar Qualifications, Newspapers, and Video Ads 5-4-2014

NSA and Cell Phone Data, Death Penalty, Muslims, Strikes and Protests, Oil Spill in Alberta, Schools and Desegregation, ATMs, Ransom, Germany and US Spying, Donald Sterling, Anti-DC, and Rent Verses Owning 5-3-2014

Plastic Bags, VA and Sexual Assault, Vitamins, Coca-cola, Discrimination and Sexual Assault, Disclosures, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, NAACP Registration, Settle Mayor Compromise, 40k Turkish Protest on May Day, Greenpeace Ship, Dream Kids and in-State Tuition, Military Rapes and Sexual Assault, and Innocents on Death Row 5-2-2014

Economic Globalization, Unemployment of Young People, TXU Buyout, Job Sharing, Limes, Government Healthcare Exchanges, Tattoos, Lethal Injections, Federal Minimum Wage, Teachers, Labor Practices, New Military Hair Policy, Facebook, Poverty, and OCC and Foreclosure Error Rate 5-1-2014

Water Canons on Protestors, Clippers Owner Banned for Life, Supreme Court and EPA Rule on Coal Pollution, Banks, Turkey, Voter ID Law, Migrant Policy Institute, Virgina Attorney General, All-State and Insurance Agents, Wal-mart and Auto Insurance, and Incarceration Spending 4-30-2014

China and Video Streaming, Post-Recession Recovery, 17 States and Hunting and Fishing, Muslims Deported, Muscle Mass, Disengaged at Work, Better Educated, Lying, Growth in Airport Traffic, Egyptian Death Sentence, Clippers Sponsors Pull Out, Sexual Assault on Campus, Marriage Law, Pain and Facial Expression and Bank of America Errors 4-29-2014

NYU Bacteria on Dollar Bills, Anti-ACA Ads, Diabetes Explosion, Contact, Bylines, Chocolate, Medical Workers Killed, Crash Cash, Medicare and Physical Therapist, Quality Care, Smart Phones, Community Internet Networks, Cable Services, and NRA and Smart Guns 4-28-2014

Slavery, High School Graduates, Dallas Football, Craft Beer Sales, Investigators and Health Care Providers, Runaway Children, Google Maps, TD Bank, Forest Fires, Population Growth, NBA and Clippers Owner, and Baseball Pitchers 4-27-2014

Adidas Strike, US Manufacturing, Computer Engineering, ROC and Minimum Wage, Charging Parents, Immigration Reform, Walmart Family Foundation, Egypt Religious Tolerance, Indian Political Candidates, Obama and Prescription Drug Costs, Philly Schools, NSA and Phone Company 4-26-2014