Voice of the People Daily Bulletins November 9th, 2013 to April 25th, 2014

News that matters.  Brought to you daily from KABF and with the help and support of ACORN International, Local 100 United Labor Unions and Social Policy Magazine.

High Tech Collusion, FDA Gene Test, Chinese Protests, Fair Food Programs, NCAA and Health Insurance, Oregon Health Care Website, Seattle Mayor and Wages, Land Management, Arkansas Voter ID Law, American Flagships and Food Aid, Justice Department and Bank of America, US Rail Car Tank Standards,  and FCC and Net Neutrality 4-25-2014

American Postal Workers Union, Senator Mary Landrieu, Human Rights Watch and Caste Discrimination in India, Gypsy Discrimination in Europe, Wages, BART Fined, Discrimination, Nonviolent Prisoners, Squatting, FDA and E-Cigs, Bogota Mayor, FCC and Net Neutrality, FBI and Hacker Informants, ACA, Transparency, and Hearing Loss 4-24-2014

Chinese Clothing, Obama Budget and Student Loan Forgiveness, Bankruptcy Shield, Race and Admissions, Income, Arkansas Polls, SC School Book Selections, Literacy Skills, Jet Blue Union, McDonalds Sales, IRS Workers’ Bosses, Development and Direct Downloads and the Supreme Court 4-23-2014

Networking, Mt. Everest Safety, Bankers in Hong Kong, Poverty Counties, Hypertension, Grants for Enroll America, Sexual Abuse, California Drought, Silicon Valley Engineers, Drake and Fake Friends, and Hispanic Enrollment in Universities 4-21-2014

Chinese Government, Raffle, 420, Common Core, General Mills and Forced Arbitration, Loan Obligations, Academics Rank Funniest, 1% for 1 Year, and Disengaged on the Job 4-20-2014

Japanese Whaling, G7 Countries and Employment, Kangaroo Court, Prisoners, Keystone Pipeline, Oregon and Immigrants, NSA Leaker, Golfers, American Airlines and Benefits, Low Income Drivers, and Ferry Driver Negligence 4-19-2014

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Costs on Medicine, Britain Life Expectations, Chinese Soil, Death Million, 8 Million for ACA, Walmart Money Transfer, Tax Rates for Superrich, Libraries and Internet, and Chris Paul and NBA Union 4-18-2014

Deadly Dust, France and Bob Dylan Hate Speech, Whiskey, Stock Brokers, Independent Auto Dealers, Consumers, Immigrants, Russian Economy, Detroit Deal on Pensions, Turkey and Twitter Demands, Hillary Clinton, North Dakota Abortion Ban Thrown Out, Forced Arbitration, and Northwestern Football Players Pressure 4-17-2014

Lara and John Anderson Foundation, Brookings, Brokers, Iran and Subsidies, SCC Trading Fees, Seafood Consumption, BP Cleanup, Obama and Immigrants, Woman Owned Businesses, States and Exotic Wild Animals, Gun Violence, Former Italian Prime Minister, E-Cigs and Cancer, Railroads, and Jobs and Wages 4-16-2014

Veto Criminal Assault Charge on Drugs, Farm Bill, Rent and Utilities, Health Care Advocates, Congressional Budget Office, NSA Leak Stories, Mine Workers on Strike, Bank of America, Higher Prices for Stocks, and Traffic 4-15-2014

Run-off in Afghanistan, Allergies, UN Panel on Climate Change, Kissing Congressman, Adults and Suicide, Community Service and Running for Office, Wall Street Waste, Voting Rights Act, Walmart Fines in China, Indian Workers, Safaricom and Free Wifi, and Sodexo Variable Workers 4-14-2014

Ohio and Fracking, Taxes, Bollywood, Center for American Progress and Public Schools, Pension Plans, Antivirals, Poor, Prison Staff Misconduct, Museums and Art Collectors, Savings and Age, Oracle CEO, and Ethical Travel Sites 4-13-2014

Equal Pay for Women, Building Trades in Ohio, Indians and Toilets, GM Recall, Bangladesh Fund, Death Certificates, Pope and Priest Abuse, France Communication Break, Iran Visa, Rio Police and Squatters, Turkish Court, Affluent Neighborhoods, and Taxes on Wages 4-12-2014

Minnesota Minimum Wage, Louisiana Wages, Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton, Murder Rates, HHS Director Resigns, Police Department and Residency Requirements, Colbert to Replace Letterman, Albuquerque Police, Border Crossing, NY State Corruption Panel, GM Switch Problems, Deficit, and Password Computer Corruptions 4-11-2014

Women Migrant Workers, Indian Workers, Nigerian Economy, Public Places, Rand Corporation and Insurance Rates, Coffee Drinkers, Wal-Mart Cash and Carry, Medicare Doctors, Los Angeles in Decline, Maryland and Netflix’s House of Cards, FBI Rules on Profiling, School Testing, Comcast Monopoly, and  Bank of America Credit Cards 4-10-2014

NEA Union Membership, Maryland, IRS Changes, Domestic Flights, Fake Cancer Drugs, Credit Card Security, Payday Lending, Gas Prices, Paycheck Fairness and Gender Gaps, Doctors and Medicare Payments, Banks, Elite Colleges, Quebec, UK Apology, Russian Registration Nonprofit Regs, Stay at Home Moms, and Media and Global Warming 4-9-2014

States and Child Abuse, 9.2 Million Households Don’t Have Cars, Federal Contractors, Moveon.Org in Louisiana, Taiwanese Protestors, Kansas Funding for Schools, Maryland Raises Minimum Wage, Predatory Tax Preparers, Rev. Al Sharpton as Informant, Transaction Taxes, Silicon Valley hiring, Citigroup Fines, and Comcast 4-8-2014

Jobs Numbers, Men’s Health and Divorce, McDonald’s, Obama and Federal Workers, Vatican, Canada Voters, Brazil and Rape, Nike and Right to Organize and NCAA, Spending at Colleges, Immigrants and Criminal Records, and Inequality and Affordable Housing 4-7-2014

Chinese Dancers, Population Loses, Pacific Gas and Electric, Teen Pregnancies in MS, Voting in Afghanistan, Jobs, Adoptions, Koch Brothers Firings, Soft on Crime, Earthquakes, Standard and Poor Stock Index, Internet and Relationships, Anti-Women Cultural in Tech World, Single Payer Health System,  and German Minimum Wage 4-6-2014

Tip Employees, Exxon and Fracking, Add Ons to Credit Cards, Inflation, Illegal Front-running, Fundraisers for Both Parties, Increases Medicaid Varies Widely, Ohio Same Sex Marriage, IRS and Whistle-blowers,  Indonesian Blood Money, 40 Thousand Protest in Brussels, UAW NLRB Hearing, and Army New Hairstyles Rules 4-5-2014

Former ACORN President Elena Hanggi, Mozilla CEO Resigns, David Letterman Retiring, Feds and Drug Crisis, State Rep Arrested for Gun Running, Hawaii ACA Subsidized, Oil Company Settlement, Money in Luxury Cars, Economists and Employment, Net Neutrality, and Race Horse Deaths 4-4-2014

Comcast Stock, Supreme Court and Caps on Political Donations, Striking Indian Workers, Lawmakers and GM, Bank Overdraft Charges, Feds Investigation of Citigroup, Campaign leaflets in Afghanistan,  Declassification, DC Wages, Employment Gaps, Pilots Strike, and SEIU and the University of Pittsburgh 4-3-2014

Federal Judge Lets Abortion Law Stand, Smoking, Fatalities, Toyota Plants, FBI and Insider Trading, Grandparents, Health Disease, ACA Enrollment, Women Senators’ Bill on Woman’s Pay, Paul Ryan, Catholic Church, Charlotte North Carolina Mayors, DC, ATMs, Senate Hearings on Tax Dodger, and Lobby Groups 4-2-2014

Goods at the Border of Spain and Moracco, Gasing to Catch Rattle Snakes, Anonymous Crashes Servers, Televised Baseball Games, ACA Enrollment, Mid-Term Election Worries, 1/3 Side Jobs, Coblats, Japanese Whaling, Climate Change Fund, and Greece and Big Housing Development 4-1-2014

Voter Suppression, NY Pre-K, Anti-Terrorism, President Obama and Saudi, Independents, Teenage Boys in Britain, Pay Gaps, Employers and SAT Scores, Umpires Missed Calls, Port Authority, Gender Discrimination, President Carter on NSA Pardon, Slums in Rio, Climate Change, and Trade Treaty with China 3-31-2014

National Geographic, Horse Racers, Same Sex Marriage in Michigan, Methane Admissions, US Air-force Fired, Turkey, Putin & Obama on Ukraine, Roots of Peace, Free Speech in China, U.S. Retailers on Bangladesh Fire, and Credit Card Swipe Fees 3-29-2014

Chicago NLRB and North Western Football Players,  TSA Armed Guards, Secret Service in Netherlands Drunk, Working World Delayed Repayments, Linked In and Ford Motors, Marathons, Book Stores Down, Fair Shot for Everyone, Google India, World Health Organization and Pollution, Pope Francis and German Bishop Resignation, Segregated Schools, General in Egypt, and Jack Lavey 3-27-2014

President Obama and NSA Bulk Data Phone Collection, Georgia Legislature and Guns, Arizona Sheriff, Legality of ACA Subsidies Challenge, ACA Enrollment, Language Acquisition, Smoking Rates, UN Leaders and Egypt Death Sentences, Rape Tests in India, Auto Safety Reporting, and IRS and Bit-coins 3-26-2014

Research on High Heels, Israel Strike, Bangalore India Rally on Development, Pro Soccer  Players Unpaid, Business Income in US, President Obama Sends Planes to Central Africa, Warmest Centuries, JP Morgan Retirement, E-Cigs Chemicals, UK Labor Federation on Fair Pay, and Un-banked Consumers 3-24-2014

Wall-Street Bankers, Heavy Oil Spilled Off Texas, Confusing Obamacare, Millionaires Running in India, Civil War in Syria, Philippines, Rule Making, Cyber-bullying and Suicide, Backdating Unemployment, Section 8 Housing Subsidies, Doctors Lost, College Athlete Pay, and Airport Screening 3-23-2014

Thailand Elections Overturned, Online Courses in India, Michigan Same Sex Law, Waves of Appeals in Circuit Court, Indian Elections, NSA Breached Chinese Servers, Micro-Agression in College, Military and Sexual Abuses, Pope and Sexual Abuses, Cloud Computing Business, Michelle Obama and Free Speech in China, and Hotel Booking Sites 3-22-2014

Chinese Insurance, Doctor Assisted Suicide, Indian Rapists, Gates, Twitter Blocked, Koch Brothers Spending, Oracle, Racial Minorities in School, Bloomberg Grant, Federal Court Suit on Songs, Times Warner Cable, VW Lying, Credit Card Use Prices, and NY Port Authority Living Wage 3-21-2014

Convictions of Immigrants, Protein, Failing Banks and the Euro, Low Growth Forecast, Guinness Beer Boycott, Outdoor Garden, Caste Hiring in India, Substandard Drugs, PETA, and the Origin of Canada 3-20-2014

Ukraine, Citizenship Checks, Warrants for Emails, Moral Mondays and Truthful Tuesdays, Mayor Banks and Foreclosure Rates, Justice Department, Global Inequality, White House and Climate Change, JP Morgan Commodities, Obamacare and Young People, and  I Put it To You, My Lady 3-19-2014

Louisiana Completed Films, Government Shutdown Delayed Immigration Hearings, Heart Disease, Activists, Abandoned Property, Utah Corruption, Texas Donations to Tea Party, ACA Enrollment Passes 5 Million, Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients, Funds for Schools, Drought and Meat and Dairy Prices, Coffee Prices, Used Video Games at Walmart, and Lights and Feelings 3-18-2014

Federal Reserve, Countrywide Penalties, African American Businesses, Enrollment on ACA and Problems, Union Organizing at Plants, Jobs Added, Russian Federation, Egypt Crackdown, Japanese Nuclear Cleanup, Moroccan Laws on Gender, Minimum Wage Workers, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Colleges with Higher Tuition Rates, Alzheimer’s Deaths, and Software Piracy 3-17-2014

FDIC Sues Big Banks, Pacifica Radio, Bangladesh Foundation, Reducing Pensions, TV Networks, IBM Fires Strike Leaders, Bosses Silence Treatment, Digital Global Volunteers, New Hampshire Death Penalty, Moveon.org Sued, Tuition Increases, Baggage Theft, Restaurant Association and Minimum Wage, Wisconsin Voting Law, Generosity Among Strangers 3-16-2013

Missing Aircraft, IMF Report, Bullying by NRA, Internet Addresses, Deportations, NYC Mayor and Teachers’ Union, NY Knicks Hire Jackson, Indian Diplomate, Jakarta Governor, Scott Brown, Price and Quality of Health Plans, and Mortgage Relief Suit 3-15-2014

Airbag Failure, BP and Oil Leases, Senate and 5 Month Extension on Unemployment, Air Pollution, Justice Department and FBI, Colorado, Argentina Inflation, Myanmar and Doctors without Borders, Delhi Rape Gang Death Penalty, Cambodia Radio Owner Arrested, Due Power, Profit Schools, Wendy’s Adoption, and McDonald’s Wage Theft 3-14-2014

Healthcare.gov and State Exchanges, Women and Sexual Partners, Sexual Violence and Abuse, National Fair Housing Alliance and Foreclosure Property, CIA Searching Computers, Health Care Facilities, Knee Pain, GM Recalls, Snowden and Rare Data Sharing, Obama and Overtime Rules, and the Sex Industry 3-12-2014

Egypt Housing Construction and Politics, Medical Pot, FAA and Drones, Edward Snowden, General Sex Assault Case, Airline Pilots, Anti-Semantic Comic, El Salvador Elections, Obama on Funny or Die, Cap Coverages, DC Contractors and Illegal Contributions, Health Care Savings Accounts, and Ad Campaigns on Childhood Hunger 3-11-2014

Texas Mortgage, Honduran Police, Stress is Biological, FTC and Herbalife, Ukraine Missing, Nucleaur Plants, Nigeria Central Bank, Former Columbian President, El Salvador, Public Transit, Jackson Mississippi, NY Public Radio, Swiss Bank, NFL Concussions, Inequalify and Economic Growth, and  New Apartments 3-10-2014

Urban Libraries, Dick Boon, Workers Settle, 18 to 33 Differs, New Farm Bill, Congressional Leadership, World Cup and Summer Olympics in Brazil, Mid-Class in Iran and Capital Punishment, Nonprofit Growth, Auto Investigations, Theft from US Retails, Autozone, and Crime Lab in Chicago and Zipcodes 3-9-2014

Bit-coin, Duke Power, Employee Payments on Health Care, Safeway, Boeing Pensions, Kansas Supreme Court, CIA Interrogations, Muslim Brotherhood, Facebook and YouTube Shutdown, Leaking, Telecom Monopolies, Hispanic Elected, Human Rights Abuses, GM, FBI and Prison Investigation, Minimum Wage Workers, Tip Credit, AARP Fraud Watch Network, and Earnings 3-8-2014

Russia, Sex Abuse in Military, Abortion Clinics in Texas, China Anti-Vice, Indian Tanks, Civil and Political Rights, IRS Hearings, Medical Pot in Washington, Nursing Homes, Tax Reform, Canada Pipeline, and FCC and Local TV 3-7-2014

Sub-par Healthplans, Medical Trials and LSD, Louisiana Lt. Gov and Moveon.Org, Facebook and Gun Sales, Babies Born with AIDS, Indian Election Date Set, Muslim Brotherhood, Civil Rights Division, Pope Francis, Chicago City Hall, Koch Brothers, Dewey Law Firm, and Nation Star 3-6-2014

Amazon and Supreme Court, Speed Trap Cameras, Educational Services, FCC and Chinese Scam, Religious Freedom Acts, Flood Insurance, US Aid to Ukraine, Pizza Tips, Antibiotics, AIDS Drug Test, Immigrants and Drivers License, Kentucky Attorney General, Albany Rallies, Women in Film Industry, and Chevron and Farmers 3-5-2014

Price Increases, China and Gift Giving, Raised in Pair, World Wildlife Day, Dogs and Shame, Gay List, Jobs Cut, Graffiti Cut, Health Care Mandates, Siting, Victims and Rape Kits Testing, Cities and Property Taxes, Hen Hatching Cages, EITC Doubling, Citibank and Money Transfers, Hong Kong Dresser Convicted, Equity, and Bill Gates Back on Top 3-4-2014

Jews Protest, Hong Kong Protest, Russian Intrusion, John Kerry in Ukraine, Social Hierarchy, Obese, Sulfur in Gasoline, Machines Restrict Infant Groups, Ads Against Obama, Strip Clubs, Rates of College Grads, Chinese and Home-ownership, and Oscar Winners 3-3-2014

Economic Mobility, Naples Italy and Dog Poop, Terrorism on Twitter, Annual Revenues, Boy Scouts of America Membership, Federal Call Center Wait Times, Russian Armed Forces, Active Killing Documentary, Myanmar and Killing Buddhists, Women Mormon Missionaries, Investor Fees, Pell Grants, and New York City 3-2-2014

Customer Financial Credit Bureau, UK Women Part-Time, Global Wage Differences, Turkey Coup, FDA and Portion Size, Citi Bank and Fake Invoices, Pearl Jam, No-Pouching, Poor not in Protest, Thailand, Obama and Health Insurance Payments, Hugging Children, and Delta Airlines and Frequent Flyers 3-1-2014

Obama and My Brother’s Keeper, FDA and Food Labels, 21 Billion for Vet Health, US and Potholes, US Flag T-Shirts, Uganda Funding, Sexiest Comments to Women Pols, British Spies, Ukraine, Heroin Epidemic , and Food Production Loss 2-28-2013

Arizona Governor and Anti-Gay Bill, Legalization of Pot, Unhappy and Angry, State Department and Keystone, Oppressed, Indian Elections, Federal Judge and Texas Same Sex Marriage, Hillary Clinton, Electronic Cigs, Health Care Enrollment, FCC and T-Mobile, and Women in Power 2-27-2014

Obesity Rate in Children, Doctors without Borders, Japan and Nuclear Plants, Parties in India, Vietnamese Dissident, Plastic Bags in California, Supreme Court and Search Warrants, NACA and Bank of America, Argentina Case and Loan Defaults, Crude Oil on Trains, Swedish Bank, and Medical Houses 2-26-2014

Egyptian PM, Turkey Protests, Ukraine, Scottish Independence and Oil, Uganda and Anti-Gay Bill, Deadly Camels, Healthcare Markets, Michigan Politician Retires, Holder, Bit-coins, Obama and Federal Employees Wages, Living Wage Campaigns, Flight Delays, and Alex Rodriguez and Players Association 2-25-2014

Ukraine President, Jason Collins, Immigrants and United We Dream, 40 Million Fund for Bangladesh, Mexican Arrest, Venezuela Protests, Pentagon, Net Neutrality, USA Prison Population, Pension Disclosures, and Pre-K and Attention Deficit Disorder 2-23-2014

Ukraine Civil War Peace, Venezuela Protests, South Korea, Rubber Bullets, Frankfort Airport, Medicaid Advantage, Ted Nugent, UAW Challenge, Ban on Gay Marriage, Railroad Safety, and Client Advice 2-22-2014

Ukraine Protests, EAU and Travel, Younger Men in Barricades, Journalists Denied, Big Powers and Nucleaur Issues, Venezuela Communications, University of Mississippi Racism, Colorado and Weed Revenue, Part-Time Hours, USDA Meat Inspectors, Sports Bar Wage Theft, Jobs Up, Social Security, Wages and Mid-Term Elections, WhatsApp, and Anti-Gay Bills 2-21-2014

Court Documents of Scott Walker, FCC and Net Neutrality, Large Cities and Income, Paid S, Expansion of Medicaid in Arkansas, Paddling, Gap Workers, UN Treaty to Protest to Disabled, Denver Museum, Urkraine, Pussy Riot Beaten, Government Aid and Loans, Hispanic Enrollment in ACA, and Death of Civil Rights Activist 2-20-2014

Street Violence in Ukraine, EPA and Trunk Pollution, Pussy Riot and Russian Protests, Speed Limits, Thailand Protests, Cigs on British TV, $10.10 Minimum Wage, China and High Income Economy, Federal Reserve and Foreign Banks, Kick-starter Hack, European Union, Coke, Security, Sobriety, Climate Change, Immigrant Workers, and Oakridge Plant 2-19-2014

Ukraine, Pubs and the Recession, Palestine, Kansas Businesses, Bolivia Economy, NSA Stories, Adjunct Professors, Maryland Racism, Restorative Justice, Breitbart Global, Volkswagen, SNL & Watches, Hackers, and Voting Strength & Taxes 2-17-2014

Obama Climate Change Fund, Wells Fargo Credit Scores, Indonesia Spying, Protests, Cable Bills, Highest Paid, Swimming Pools, Jury Panel Tweets, Automobile Features, NBA Players and Fathers, Savings and Income, Refugee Camp, Fiddle, Tattoos 2-16-2014

UAW Loses, Indian Drugs, Virginia Same Sex Marriage Ban, NFL Bullying, Delhi Corruption Reform, Pot Businesses, Executions, Comcast, Rhode Island Pensions, School Uniforms, and Anderson Foundation 2-15-2014

Money Worries and Sex, Comcast and Time Warner Merger, Health Consumers, Avon Trouble, Facebook Rankings on Relationships, China and Pollution, Obamacare Enrollees, Bridgestone Price Fixings, Oil Spill, Apple Computers, France Bank Fines, Russia Bans Adoptions for Gays, and Marriage 2-14-2014

UAW and Tennessee, CGI and Healthcare.gov, Chick Fil a and Antibiotic-Free Chicken, College Grad Pay, Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Sugar, ACA Extension on Medium Size Companies, 3.3 Million Signed up for Obamacare, Farm Income, Hindus Book Banned, Airline Pilots, Insurance Companies and Federal Payments for Aids Payments, UN and Women, Sochi Critic Sentenced and Public Citizen 2-13-2014

Coal Cleanup, Same Sex Marriage, Sochi Olympics and Fraud, Trulock Paradox, Military and Sexual Abuse, Alzheimer’s,  Food Prices and Immigration, British Footprints, Better Markets and JP Morgan Chase, ACA Timeline for Employers, NY Mayor Ids, Cuban Policy, Iraq Bomber, and The Beatles on Ed Sullivan 2-11-2014

Salt Beds, Tim Armstrong of AOL, Washington Redskins, NFL and Gay Players, Swiss Voters and Foreigners, Tokyo and Nuclear Power, Bangladesh Factory Fire, Undocumented Workers, Nude Sunbathers, Favors, Encyclopedias, Stock Photos of Successful Women, Zombie Properties 2-10-2014

Holder and Same Sex Marriage, Web-crawler Software, Cobalt Poisoning, Poverty for Seniors, Emergency Responders and Heroin, HBC, Musicians, Green Card Delays, Minimum Wage, Articles on Diabetes, Unmarried Couples and Children, Unethical Requests, Whistleblowers, and Taxes and Gifts 2-9-2014

Facebook News, Dumping of Construction Materials at the Olympics, Medicaid Expansion, Federal Judge Appointments, Wells Fargo, Caribbean Islands on Diesel, Flash Mobs, Nuns Losing Work in Spain, Ukraine Aid, Alex Rodriguez Drops Lawsuit, Sex Museum, Rights of Terminal Ill, Online Pizza Orders, Wages Stagnant, Nuclear Power in Japan, NY Retail Workers, NSA and Telephone Calls 2-8-2014

Property Taxes, AFT and Hedge Funds, Apple Computers, Google and Anti-Trust Case, London Underground, UN and Catholic Church, CVS and Tobacco, Twitter Growth Slow, Target Hack, Union Elections, Swiss and Immigrants, Banks and Free Checking, NJ Sick Leave, Turkey and Internet,  and Donations to Iran Hospitals 2-7-2014

Home Remodeling, National Institute of Health & Drugs, Economy and Divorce, Montezuma’s Revenge, Iranian Sanctions, Free Tuition, Morgan Stanley, Army Recruitment Scandal, Housing Cuts, Deficit, Obama Care Enrollment, Mortgage Reductions and Apologizing 2-5-2014

Massachusetts and Emergency Shelters, Hedge Funds and Income, Tsumani Shelter, 14 months at Sea, Mandela Estate, Chess Computer Club, VW and UAW, Gay Rights Activist, Anarchist Released in NYC, Surge in Heroin Use, and the Super Bowl 2-4-2014.

Governors Spending All Over the Map, Palestine President, Minority Efforts in Thailand, Iran Nuclear Agreement, Abortion Decline, Declining Middle Class, Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, GMO Wheat, YELP,  and Walmart and Strike Activity 2-3-2014

Doctors and Smoking, Barbie Sells, Unemployment Discrimination, Lobbyist, Retirees, Social Security, Political Committees, Immigrant Children at College, State Run Health Exchanges, Football Fan Compliant, Cancer Studies, Falling Asleep While Driving, and Winter Olympics Ads 2-2-2014

NSA Leaks, Amazon and Shipping Fees, Henry Waxman, Anti-Fracking Protestor Banned, AK47 Inventor, Food Crisis in Malia, Water Cut Off, Elections in Thailand, Dominos’ Drivers  and Back Wages in NYC, Keystone Pipeline, Trafficking Victims Project, and Chicago Football Players Unions 2-1-2014

Neanderthal  Genes, Egypt Chaos?, Execution Drugs, Facebook, Colleges and Fossil Fuels, EITC Benefits, Germany Retire Age, Immigration Principles, NYC Mayor Racial Profiling, Ukrainian President, SodaStream and OxFam, and Bill Mahar and Congressional Race 1-31-2014

Immigrant Justice Core, Pete Seeger,  Russia, Greece Misfortune, Sodastream Controversy, UAW Efforts, NFL and Volunteers, Immigration Bill, Obese Children, Food Stamps Cuts, Savings Accounts, Port Authority Responds to Pressure, and Banks and Foreclosures 1-30-2014

Walmart in China, Midlands, Indian Supreme Court, Congress and Farm Bill, Steelworkers, Farm Bill and Subsidies and Tyson Foods, NSA and British Spies, Arkansas Insurance Commission, Obama and State of the Union, Flood Insurance Bill, and Not Funding  Abortions 1-29-2014

Pollution, Conservatives and Solar Power, Drugs, Out of Money, Russian Olympics Costs, UN Investigations, Spam, Former  New Orleans Mayor Nagin, Predatory Lenders, Tip Workers Pay, Actors Unions, Surplus and Pre-K, Nurses, and Washington State Bikini Baristas 1-27-2014

Neiman Marcus, Straw Donors, Duck Dynasty Viewers’ Drop, Weak Retail, JP Morgan Chase Raise, Wave Simulations, Woman Off Life Support, 3 Year Anniversary in Egypt, Korea, Snowdon Asylum, Keystone Pipeline, Listeners to News, and Huckabee 1-25-2014

Philly Teachers, Verizon and NSA, Mexican Extortion, McDonalds Tax Avoidance, Katrina Teachers, Voter Registration Drive, FDA Nutrition Labels, Goodfellas Arrest, JP Morgan Chase Raise, Democratic SuperPac, Justice Department and Health Management Association, Rapist Married, Immigrants, Screen Time, Pots and Banks, and Missouri Navigator Interference 1-24-2014

Income Inequality, Data Wipe, Residential Housing Markets, Louisiana Governor and Pot, Eating Seafood, Virgina Governor Indicted, Mail Orders, Turkey Police, New Citizens Movement, NSA Bulk Phone Collections, Chinese Internet, Conservative Hollywood Group, Voter Improvements, and Upward Mobility 1-23-2014

States and College Funding, Special U.S. Visas, Twitter Diversity, Car Seats, Hot Year, Mayor Rob Ford, Qualify of Life for Latinos, North Carolina Unemployment, Dolphin Hunting, Snowdon Not a Soviet Spy, Gay Women on Juries, Cost of Living, and Computer Buses 1-22-2014

Super Rich, Crude Oil Spills, Organizers on Pot in Florida, Woman Behind the Camera, Expanded Medicaid in West Virginia, Iran, Gas Prices, Delhi Protest Against Police, JP Morgan Chase Settlement Divided, Birds Flying in a V, Smoking Industry, and South Korean Credit Card Hack 1-21-2014

Poverty and Cash Transfers, UPS and Staples Deal, Violent Protest in Ukraine, States and Juvie Life Sentences, Abortion Access, Brazil, Fraud and Social Security Disability, British Apprenticeships, Traveling Costs and Demographics 1-20-2014

Charter Schools, Voter ID Rules in Penn, NSA Spying Rules, Uganda President and Anti-Gay Bill, Priests’ Abuse, Farm Bill and Prices, NYC and Paid Sick Leave, 9-11 Calls, Health Care Costs, Student Debt, and Yahoo 1-19-2014

Bipartisan and Voter Rights, Flood Insurance Hikes, Fired Teachers in NOLA, Fair Food, Detroit Settlements, UN and Vatician, Budget Bill, Korean Leaders in Queens, White House Conference, Bank Regulations, and Business Groups 1-17-2014

Diocese Bankruptcy, Beanie Babies and Tax Fraud, Insurance Increases, Massachusetts Protest Zone, Mercury, Deportations, Apple Computers, Justice Department, NY State and Homeowner Settlement, Benghazi, Drug Gangs, American School in Delhi, Israel and Holocaust Slurs, DC and Pot Laws, Far Right Isolation in Budget, Subsidies Legal, Homeless Vets, Federal Subcontracting, and NLRB and Wal-Mart  1-16-2014

New Mexico State Court, Supreme Court and Appointments, Alex Rodriguez,, No Labels, NFL Concussion Settlement, NSA and Radio Waves, Transpacific Partnerships, Obama and Public Advocate for Secret Court, Federal Court and Voter Protection in Alabama, Oklahoma Same Sex Marriage Ban, Freedom of the Press, FCC and Express Lanes, Tax Credit for Single Adults, Ralph Nader and Company Boards 1-15-2014

Brazilian Police Force, Ocean Lanes, PreK Money, Over 2 Million ACA Enrollment, Arizona Abortion Law, HUD Inspector General, Crossword Puzzle, Nigeria Law on Meeting, French Sandal, School Segregation, Jim Beam Bought Out, Ford 150, Apple Computer and Antitrust, Foundations to Save Detroit, Chemical Spill in West Virginia,  and IRS and Crime 1-14-2014

Indian Diplomat, Target Hack, Ads on BP, Same Sex Marriage in Utah, Lt Gov in Arkansas, World Bank, Protests on Beer, GCI Dismissed, New Florida Unemployment Website, Smoking, and North Dakota Rail Safety 1-11-2014

Germany and Immigrants, Tax on Women in India, Mayor Mitch Landrieu Endorsement by Obama, Pre-K Spending, Health Costs and Food Stamps, Insane Clown Posse and Gang Classification, Housing Mortgage Mess Costs, Gov. Christie, Pakistan Suicide Bower, Iraq War, Promise Zones, Congress and Millionaires, Food Bill Snag, Indians Owed Back Pay, and Poet Amiri Baraka Passes Away 1-10-2014

IRS and Identity Theft, Book Trackers and Self-Publishing Numbers, Community Colleges, Anxiety Disorder, Gov. Christie and Traffic, Return to Congress After Drug Plea, T-Mobile and Termination Fees, Greenpeace and Pouching, Indian Strip Search, Calorie Content Reduction, and Asian Carp 1-9-2014

Young Invincibles Unemployment Report, Wellness on the Job, CEOs and Physical Attractiveness, FAA and Rest for Pilots, Online Teaching Impossible Due to Slow Internet, Sirius Digital Radio Takeover Price, Unemployment Benefits Extension, FTC and Sensa Protects, Anti-Smoking Measures, Turkish Police Resign, Thailand Corruption Trial, Garment Strike in Thailand Ends, Ohio and Alternative Parties, Kansas and Free Education, and France Boss Blocking 1-8-2014

Health Care Drug Costs, Supreme Court and Gay Marriage in Utah, Cheney Abandons Race, Tracking Sharks, AT&T Wireless Sites, Woman to Head Fed, Unemployment Benefits Denied, Africans Protest in Israel, Testing Sandal in Atlanta, Hospital Visits and Low Blood Sugar, and FBI Surveillance 1-7-2014

African Americans Internationally, Little Rock Most Livable, Tools Early, Oceania Environment, Bread for the World, Food Stamps Importance, Violence in Bangladesh Election, Migrant Protests, Spain and Deficit, Schools and Zero Tolerance, JP Morgan Chase and Pyramid Scam, Recession Recovery, and Readers of E books 1-6-2014

Hong Kong Groupies on Double Decker Buses, Baltimore Slumlord Watch, Highest Water Expenditures, Bank Lenders in Control, Health Care Costs in US, Spanish and Alzheimer’s, Boeing Contract Extension Approved, College Recruiters Avoid Low Income, Tours of the Ruins of Detroit, Smoking Dangerous Anniversary, NY State Medical Marijuana, Putin and Advance Protest Permits, and Obesity and Stress with Low Income Backgrounds 1-5-2014 

Korman for the Cure Donations, China and Meth Seizure, Senator Cruz and Canada Citizenship, Mental Health Checks for Gun Ownerships, Veggie Cafes, Demographics on Demos, Abortion Restrictions, Obama Justice Department, Zimbabwe, Cambodia Mayor, and Seattle Wage Increase 1-4-2014

Vitamin E, New Years Eve Practices, UAW Retirees Fund Bought Out, Boeing Contract Extension, Talking on Cell Phones While Driving, Hackers and Snap Chat, Myanmar Constitution, Oregon City and Expansion of Insurance, British Austerity Measures, State Department and Climate Change, Donkey Meat Recalled in China 1-3-2014

CAT Scans, Refinancing Homes, Coffee Prices, China and Smoking in Public, Laptop Searches at Border, Mike Dunn, Supreme Court, Chinese Investor in NY Times, Colorado and Legal Pot, Immigration Reform, and Collection of Taxes 1-2-2014

Prices of Homes, Mass Transit and Tax Breaks, Thailand and Anti-Election Protests, Immigrant Population, South Africans and Toll Booths, Torrid Freak and Illegal Downloads, Jaywalking in LA, Cambodia Garment Workers,  Banned Junk Food, Electricity Use Drops, US Population Growth, and Falling in Love 12-31-2013

Delhi Corruption, Jewish Youth Organization, Mexico Subway Fares, Standards Grading, LA School District and iPad, Gays in the Boy-scouts, ACA Sign ups at 1 Million in December, Generic Drugs, Cambodia Governor, Urban Slums and Doctors, ADHD and Drugs, State Minimum Wage Efforts, Bloomberg and Personal Fortune, Internet Speed, Millionaire Tax, and  Access to Courts 12-30-2013

Young People in US, Carjacking, Craigslist, Italy and Gambling, Health Worker Killed in Pakistan, Russian GPS, Pussy Riot Documentary, Socialist in Settle, NYC Mayor, Bank Loss, Health Care Bills, Computers and Central Nervous System, and Mexican Asylum, 12-29-2013 

Subway in Moscow, NSA, University of Houston, NY, Turkey Corruption, Lifeline Telephone Rates, Power Companies, $15 Wage Restricted, Singapore Riot, Duck Dynasty, and Sherlock Holmes 12-28-2013 

Florida Population, Philly Seniors, Obamacare, Egypt Government on Brotherhood, Ukraine Activist Beaten, Volunteers, Job Quitters, UPS Missed Deliveries, General Workers’ Union Investigation, China and Port Inspections of Grain, Shareholders Services, and Knee Surgeries 12-27-2013

Energy Department and Vampires, Flu, Mental Health Costs, Small Collages and Tuition, Egypt, Turkey Corruption, Pope Francis and World Peace, Arctic Protestors Charges, Privacy, Renters and Wages, Thai Election Judges, Worker Co-op Goes Under, UPS Missed Deliveries, and Bangladesh per Loss of Life 12-26-2013

Home Foreclosure in Greece, Goldman Sachs Housing Funds, Electricity Use Declining, US Air and American Airlines, Manufacturing and Outsourcing, Contingent Workers, Pussy Riot Release, Heart Attacks at the Holidays, New Delhi, North Korea Political Turmoil, UK Leadership Split, Cheese Brim and Rock Salt, ACA, 40 Million for Bangladesh Fire Victims, and Fashion Model Alliance 12-24-2013

Seniors Selling Homes, Business as Necessity, Charity Bars, Louisiana Discrimination, BP Spill, Foster Care, Bangladesh Factory Owners Indicted, Young Group Sentenced in Egypt, Elf Activists, Clothing Overseas, Violence and Alcohol in Britain, and Rich Drunk Driver gets 10 Years of Probation 12-23-2013

Chinese and Indoor Pollution, Liver Injuries, Public Schools, Indian Embassy Fraud, 1% Income, Health Care Lobby, New Congress Members’ Wealth, Federal Reserve and Bank Exemptions, JP Morgan Chase Victim Offender Dialogue, Pay for Educational Support, Fatherhood, Companies and Labeling Requirements, VA Pensions, and Junk Health Insurance 12-22-2013

Military and Sex Assault, Uganda and Anti-Gay Law, Mexican Gas Open, Prostitution Law, Abortion Reforms in Spain, ACLU and Freedom of Speech, Same Sex Marriage Legal in Utah, Joint Spying Operations, Metal Workers Unions, and President Obama and Cancelled Health Plans 12-21-2013

14 Million People with AIDS in Africa no Meds, New Mexico and Same Sex Marriage, Executions, Target Credit Hacking and US Failure to Move to Chip, Phil Robertson Suspended, African Americans with Breast Cancer, Egyptian Group Raided, Mandatory Life Drug Sentences, Obama Deportations, Max Bacchus as Chinese Ambassador, New Jersey Dream Act, Surcharge on Credit Cards, Ocwen and Home Mortgage, and GMO Petitions FDA to Call Products Natural 12-20-2013

World Trade Agreements and Tobacco Campaigns, Pizza, Afghanistan Women, Mass Affluent, Cutbacks in NSA Spying Recommended, Poll on Obamacare, Drug Companies and Charities, Greenpeace, India Elections, Bangladesh Factories, Doctor Advisory on Blood Pressure Medicine, Death Penalties, and Insurance Companies Extend Payment Times 12-19-2013

Duolingo App, Edward Snowden Going to Brazil, CIA Interrogation, Ukraine Bailout, Forced Labor on Cotton Crops, BP and False Claims, Kids and Pot, Video Commercials on Facebook, US Poverty Rate, Ownership Rules  for Media, Washington Mutual, Mortgage Fees to Rise, Differences Between Men and Women 12-18-2013

Doctors as Drug Pushers, Boycott of Academic Partnership in Israel, NSA Phone Call Collection Program, Thailand Protests, Nonprofit Hospitals, Justice Department and Financial Crisis, NJ and Racial Discrimination in Sandy, Dental Requirements, FDA and Antibacterial Soap, and Macy’s and Large Department Stores and Shoplifting 12-17-2013

America the Homebody,  ACA Goals and Enrollments, Vitamin K and Leukemia, Oil Movement by Rail, Congressional Losers Running Again, European Union and Ukraine, Prison Sentences in Egypt, College Presidents getting Paid, Brain Injuries, AOL Ad Base, IKEA and Spying and Watching You 12-16-2013

NSA, ADHD, Plastic Particles in the Food, Same Sex and Polygamy Laws, Median Income Falls, Vitamin Supplements, Cook Islands as Tax Haven, Sales Taxes Less on Internet, Iraq Religious Sect, Horse Slaughterhouse, and Snuggle Houses 12-15-2013

JP Morgan Chase, FDA and Antibiotics for Animals, Canada Post, Indian Supreme Court, ACA Sign Ups, Michigan Legislation and Abortion, NOLA Police Officer Acquitted, Gun Control as Public Health Issue, Budget Deal and Cuts, 38 News Organizations Post to White House, Small Businesses Offered Health Insurance Drops, Minimum Wage Increase Support, Deaf Interpreter a Fraud, and Bullying in the NFL 12-12-2013

Budget Deal, Ukraine Security Forces, Online Courses, Volcker Rule, Philippines Women and Protection, Uruguay And Pot, Financial Agency, Farm Bill, Ohio and Medicaid Expansion, Arizona and Child Abuse Cases, Obama Approval Rate Back Up, and Federal Contractors and Back Pay  12-11-20143

Banking Reforms, Rules for Bids, Edward Snowdon Leaks, Government in Ukraine, Building Materials in the Gaza,  Nelson Mandela Funeral, Anti-Smoking, GM Stock, Bailouts, Steel Workers, Investors, ACLU Action, Sexual Assault in the Military, and Airline Passengers and Screening 12-10-2013

Jobless Rate in US, DC Suburbs and Minimum Wage, Age Discrimination at Rutgers, Wells Fargo Sued on Redlining, Private Insurance Subsidy, ACA Errors, $1000 Donations, FEMA and Emergency Health Workers, JP Morgan Chase Son and Daughters Program, Ukraine Protests Continued, World Trade Organization, Customs and Mental Health Issues, and Census and Facebook and Gay Men 12-08-2013

Nelson Mandela, Levee Board and Oil Companies, Fast Food Protests, Pope Francis and Child Abuse, United Arabs and YouTube, China Visa Revocations, Ghana and Social Protest Songs, Loss of Human Rights in Prisons, Progressive Change and Economic Populism, Medicaid Fraud, and Organic Coffee 12-6-2013

Commonwealth Fund on No Medicaid Expansion, Payday Lending Trade Association Survey, Mothers and Physical Activity, Bank Foreclosure Monitor,  Poor Minority Men and Aids, Amsterdam Alcoholics, Carbon Tax, Oldest Human,  Detroit Art, Debt Average for College Students, NSA Leaks and Foreign Cell Phones, New Home Starts, DC Council Minimum Wage, FDC and Internet Ads, Bank Fines, and Senator Warren Not Running for President 12-5-2013

House Ban on Plastic Weapons, Fast Break, IRS and Fraud Protection, Detroit Bankruptcy, Change in Airports,  Donor Nations, Unions in Colleges, Frequent Flier Miles, Electricity Around the World, Discrimination, UK Guardian, Portugal, Mandatory Arbitration, Trust Fund Audits 12-4-2013

Supreme Court and Sales Tax, Ukraine and UU, US Hospital Costs, International Aid Workers Attacked in Afghanistan, Governor Indicted, Gays and Transgender, Birth Control Bans, Public Radio and Political Ads, Gay Discrimination,  Humanitarians Education,  Court Challenge to Voter ID Law, Bank Involvement, and  Amazon and Drones 12-03-2013

Ukraine Protests, Thailand Protests, China on the Moon, Plates Made of Sugar Cane, NNA and Immigration Grant, Swedish Factory and Living Wage, Minimum Wage Benefits, 1.7 Billion Spent Less on Black Friday, Fast Food Workers Demographics, College for Minimum Wage Workers, Poor Immigrants 12-02-2013

Voters in Albuquerque, Poor Nations Walk Out, Gates Foundation, DNA in Siberia, Illinois Same Sex Marriage, Congressman on Cocaine, Saints Football Pin, Bangladesh Factory Inspections, Appointments, Gaps in Payday Lending Laws, Alabama, Homeless Population, ACA Enrollment in California, Rejection of Substandard Plans 11-22-2013

JP Morgan Chase 13 Billion Dollar Fine, Johnson And Johnson and Hip Defects, Bicyclers Killed in London, Military Rule in Egypt, Common Man Party in India, Supreme Court and Texas Anti-Abortion, Substandard Insurance Policies, Nuclear Power Fees, Filibuster, and Ecuador Bribery in Chevron Case 11-20-2013

Greenpeace, Russia and Soviet Block, Emelda Marcos, Heart Disease Calculator, Hidden Surveillance Cameras, Insomnia and Depression, Colorado and Greenhouse Gases, Fuel Rod Removal in Japan, Egypt, Security Court and Domestic Phone Records, NLRB and UFCW and Complaint on Walmart, and John Edwards New Law Firm 11-19-2013

Libyans Killing and General Strike, Insurance in DC Fired, Princeton and Meningitis Drug, Chile Presidential Elections, 38% of Facebook Users will be on Less, Prescriptions, Risk Pools and ACA, Military Pay and Benefits Decreasing, Wal-mart and Bangladesh, Sales Problems 11-18-2013

Justice Department and Surveillance, Interracial Marriages, Fast Food Workers, United States and Carbon Emissions, Wall-street, Drug Addiction, Bank of New York Mellon, Prisoners for Life and the Cost, Discrimination for Long-term Unemployment, Current Farm Bill is the Poor Subsidizing the Rich 11-17-2013

Acidic Oceans, Japanese Green House Gas Reduction, China and 1 Child limit, Toronto Mayor Power Limited, 15.1 Million Premature Babies, Bilinguals and Dementia,  Libyan Protestors Killed, Parole in Place, Myanmar Prisoners Freed, European Unemployed and Unengaged, HHS and Enrollment Fix, Pets as Emotional Supports, Pipe Defeats, CIA Computer Break-ins, JP Morgan Chase Settlements 11-16-2013

Google and Authors’ Lawsuit, 18 Arrested in NOLA on Immigration Rates,  Substandard Insurance, Less Mobility, Toronto Mayor, Turkey Silent Protest, Egypt Curfew Lifted, Brazil and Workers’ Party Jail Sentences, CIA and Money Transfers, Soros and Democracy Alliance and Koch Donations, and Boeing Contract Rejected 11-15-2013

Nurses Understaffed, Stalled Nuclear Negotiations, Toronto City Council and the Mayor, Nigeria , JP Morgan Chase in China, Enrollment in ACA,  Same Sex Marriage. and Climate Change 11-14-2013

Public Citizen and Keystone Pipe Line, EPA and Exxon Mobile Fines, Senator Mary Landrieu Lobbies, New Archbishop, Anti-trust Issues, President Bill Clinton and Ripoff Insurance Plans, $15 Minimum Wage Hanging, Manhattan Rezoning, and North Dakota White Supremacist is Part African American  11-13-2013

Thailand Protests, Private Insurers Lobby,  UK Tax on Sugar Sodas, NSA Spying and European Resistance, Protests on Slavery,  Anti-begging in Louisiana, Dallas Moms Protest, Largest Cities Population Goes Down, Healthcare.gov Issues, and Violence 11-12-2013

Foreign Laborers in Saudi Arabia, Soldiers in Stores in Venezuela, Same Sex Partners and Military Benefits,  Water Raising in Florida, Brennan Center and Early Voters, USPS on Sunday, Supreme Court and Labor Unions, and Health Officials and the Fines 11-11-2013

Climate Change and Typhoon, Brazil Coffee Farmers and Protests, Section 8, Vatican and Family Issues, Housing Allotments in China, Insurance Scams, New Mayor of Boston, Applicants and Facebook, and Kareem and God Bless the Child 11-10-2013

FDA and Trans Fat, UAW in Mississippi, Mexican Mayor Dead, Palestine Exclusion, Immigration Reform, Medicaid Expansion, CNN Discrimination Suit, Jet Building in Seattle 11-9-2013