Chief Organizer Report November 9th, 2013 to June 25th, 2014

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Right-to-work and the Making of the American Precariat 6-25-2014

Study Establishes that People-User-Based Public Service Strategy Could Save Billions 6-24-2014

English Community Organizing Program Tries to Plot a Path to the Future 6-23-2014

Going to Action Camp 2014 with England’s Community Organisers Programme 6-22-2014

Finding a Way out of the Maze:  Citizen Wealth Centers 6-21-2014

The Precariat and the Global Erosion of Job Security 6-20-2014

Feeling the Love, Outrunning the Haters 6-19-2014

Forty-four Years and Some of the Campaigns Still Stay the Same 6-18-2014

Protecting Bristol Bay and Putting Musicians in the Mix 6-17-2014

The Military Sees Grassroots Organizing in USA and Globally as a Threat 6-16-2014

Leaders and Stewards Demand Expanded Vision for Unions with a Long List of Details 6-15-2014

All Demonstrations are Now Spying Opportunities All the Time 6-14-2014

Twitter is Not Going to Make It:  Too Passive, Too Clunky 6-13-2014

Public Employers are Dangerously Confused about Protecting Workers’ Pensions 6-12-2014

Developing Money Transfer Alternatives to Beat the Remittance Cartels 6-11-2014

Calculating the Benefits of Bridging the Digital Divide 6-10-2014

Zero-hour Contracts, Compromise Agreements, and Payment by Outcomes 6-9-2014

Affordable Housing Push-out Problems in Vancouver, New York, and London 6-8-2014

Skyping Reports and Global Organizing Debates 6-7-2014

Tenant Health Protections Need to be Equivalent to Health Protections 6-6-2014

Affordable Care Challenges and Contradictions Blocking Progress 6-5-2014

More Dilution of Affordable Care Act for Lower Income Workers 6-4-2014

Minimum Wage Increases for Tipped Employees are Critical 6-3-2014

WFP Knows the Rules:  Save the Party First, Endorse the Candidates Second 6-1-2014

Minimum Wage Only Rising in Small Steps Despite $15 Per Hour Demand 5-31-2014

Beltway Groups Seem to Have Gotten “Nothing for Something” on Deportation Relief 5-30-2014

President Defaults on Net Neutrality, Companies Bully the Public 5-29-2014

Confusing Signals on Deportations, Deals or Desperation for Immigration Reformers 5-28-2014

Are New Obamacare Rules Another Step Backward for Low Wage Workers? 5-27-2014

Proving Registration and GOTV Work for Lower Income Voters Once Again 5-26-2014

Campaigning for New Standards for Pay Day Lending in British Columbia 5-24-2014

How are Hospitals Handling Charity Care and Health Insurance? 5-23-2014

Criminalization of America’s Poor and Minorities on Trivial Beefs 5-22-2014

Poor Students in Poor Schools have Poor Prospects:  Surprise!  5-21-2014

A Joint Study with Ottawa ACORN Asks Important Questions about Voting and Polling Places 5-20-2014

The Attack on Lower Income College Students is Widespread and Predatory 5-19-2014

Dragnet Nation Finds Personal Privacy Unobtainable with Some Tips 5-18-2014

Support for Affordable Care Act Continues to Grow 5-17-2014

Public Health is not a Privacy Breech for Citizen Protection and Disaster Prevention 5-16-2014

Google Corrections and Google Bombing:  Privacy and the Right to Know 5-15-2014

Low and Moderate Income Housing Policies Remain Confused and Contentious 5-14-2014

No One is Stopping Banks from Ripping off Soldiers at US Bases 5-13-2014

Opposition Building to FCC on Net Neutrality and Comcast Monopoly 5-12-2014

Is Comcast’s “Internet Essentials” Failure Finally Going to be Exposed? 5-11-2014

Tide Turning on Voter ID Suppression 5-10-2014

Going Old School with the Teachers’ Union 5-9-2014

A Fighting Chance with Elizabeth Warren 5-8-20214

Worried About Climate Change? Move to Arkansas, Mississippi, or Alabama 5-7-2014

Global Handles are Proving Good Tactics, Even if not Huge Leverage 5-6-2014

Keystone XL Pipeline Jamming Up Arkansas and Louisiana Politics 5-5-2014

Criminals, Organizers and Many Others Had BlackBerries in Common 5-4-2014

Nickeled and Dimed By Both Wall Street and Main Street 5-3-2014

May Day in Memphis, Istanbul, and Bengaluru 5-2-2014

FCC Needs to Stop Bluffing and Make Internet a Public Utility 5-1-2014

Public Racism is now a Hope for Voters’ Rights 4-30-2014

Bad Math and Foreclosures are Twin Towers of Banking 4-29-2014

Chris Paul Pushing the Union down the Court 4-28-2014

Jazz Fest Highlights the Contractions of New Orleans 4-27-2014

The Lessons of Philanthropy Leverage:  Bloomberg, GiveWell, and Walmart 4-26-2014

Pipeline Politics is All About Profit for Koch Brothers 4-25-2014

FCC Caving in on Net Neutrality – What Next? 4-24-2014

Supreme Court Ok’s Building A Separate and Unequal Educational System 4-23-2014

April Showers Bring Volunteer Flowers 4-21-2014

The Melian Debate:  One of the Great Organizing Exercises 4-20-2014

Shoot to Learn 4-19-2014

Sprawling Roads to Nowhere 4-18-2014

The Inequality Dividend:  The Rich Against the World 4-17-2014

Games Allstate is Playing on National Flood Insurance 4-16-2014

Protecting Consumers from Conflicts between Taxes and Healthcare 4-15-2014

The Double Edge of Variable Worker Exclusions under Obamacare 4-14-2014

Poor, Minority Schools Get the Worst Teachers 4-13-2014

Getting Elections Right and Hope for On-line Registration Potential 4-12-2014

Texas Just Messing Around with Health Navigator Testing 4-11-2014

Texas Judge Slaps Down James O’Keefe Voter Reg Claims 4-10-2014

Wanted:  Medicare Whistleblowers! 4-9-2014

Unions, the First and Last Hope for Egyptian Revolution 4-8-2014

The Non-existent “Laboratory Conditions” on Union Elections in Auto and Sports 4-7-2014

How can Billion Dollar Fines be Little More Than Water off a Duck’s Back? 4-6-2014

Remembering Elena Hanggi, Jack Lavey, and the Wilbur Mills Expressway Fight 4-5-2014

How in FCC World Can Workers’ News Not be News? 4-4-2014

Before We’re Flooded with Big Money, Let’s Build a Party Boat 4-3-2014

Finally, Lead Paint Poisoners Being Brought to Justice 4-2-2014

Midterms Looking Very Bad  4-1-2014

In Affordable Care Numbers it’s the Politics not the Policy that Counts 3-31-2014

Middle Class Movement Takes Needs than Wishing and Hoping in India 3-28-2014

In Mumbai ACORN’s Ragpickers Start Rolling 3-26-2014

The Wonder of Political Party Politics in India 3-25-2014

Alphabet Soup as Affordable Care Enrollment Comes to Wire 3-24-2014

Building a Union of Street Vendors in Bengaluru 3-23-2014

Middle-Class Movement Meets Political Machines in Indian Election Run-up 3-22-2014

Movements Take Infrastructure, Not Simply Communication 3-21-2014

The Mixed Blessings of Globalization 3-20-2014

Where the Heck is that Malaysian Plane? 3-18-2014

Obamacare Enrollment Coming Down to Wire with a Few Exceptions 3-17-2014

Time for a “Silver Revolution?” 3-16-2014

Important Suit to Stop Diversion of Foreclosure Relief Funds for Other Purposes 3-15-2014

Making Earned Income Credits a Better Incentive for Work and Fair to the Childless 3-14-2014

Defining Overtime and Discretionary or Supervisory Workers 3-13-2014

Banks Shirking Responsibility for Foreclosed Property Maintenance 3-12-2014

Enough with the Privatization of Security 3-11-2014

More Fights for a Billionaire to Fund 3-10-2014

Arkansas Health Care Battleground Focuses on Stopping Enrollment 3-9-2014

Debit and Credit Card Security 3-8-2014

Do We Need a New Party to Turn Texas Blue? 3-7-2014

Expanding Post Offices into Financial Services 3-6-2014

Momentum Building against Wage Theft 3-5-2014

Mardi Gras Misery 3-4-2014

Looking at Life through the Literature of the Exotic 3-3-2014

For Tenancy to be an Alternative, Renting Has to Work 3-2-2014

Big Talk and Slow Walk in Texas Move to Restrict Obamacare Enrollment 3-1-2014

Is it Time to talk about a Backlash against Women? 2-28-2014

Privatization Everywhere in UK, and Monopoly Rising in USA 2-27-2014

Scotland at a Crossroads with Independence Vote Coming 2-26-2014

Multiple Occupancy Tenants Moving in Edinburgh 2-25-2014

New FCC Rules and Stopping Comcast 2-23-2014

Provocateurs Filled with Obama and ACORN Hating 2-22-2014

Unions Building Community Organizations in Britain 2-21-2014

Training Government Community Organizers in England 2-20-2014

Charter School Like Takeovers in English “Academy” Movement 2-19-2014

IRS Tax Exemption Hullabaloo 2-18-2014

UAW Lesson:  It Takes a Village to Win a Union Election 2-17-2014

Sponsor Boycott and Coach Firings:  Locker Room Culture Has to Change from the Top Down 2-16-2014

Euphemisms and Rationalizations are No Substitute for School Board Elections 2-15-2014

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Must be Stopped! 2-14-2014

Obamacare Numbers Rising Despite Fierce Opposition 2-13-2014

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Crossroads for Israel 2-12-2014

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Bank Mortgage and Foreclosure Problems Won’t Go Away 2-11-2014

MisLead Delivers a Chocolate Surprise 2-10-2014

Academic Proof Finally that More Diversity Equals More Community 2-9-2014

Hard Fight on Eminent Domain to Stop Foreclosures Still Raging in Richmond 2-8-2014

Political Ground Game in Ascendancy as Simple Math Triumphs with Big Data 2-7-2014

Rulemaking that Matters on Deportations and Union Elections 2-6-2014

Raising Obamacare Enrollment Can’t be Stopped 2-5-2014

UAW Breaking Through in Transplants in Chattanooga 2-4-2014

Pregnancy Protection a Great First Step for Sick Leave Victories 2-3-2014

Another Crossroads for Immigration Reform Strategy and Tactics 2-2-2014

Latina Women Trumping White Men as Keys to the Future 2-1-2014

Worker Centers Next Up on Attack List:  New Song, Same Verses 1-31-2014

Unions Pushing Up Wages from Below 1-30-2014

$10.10 Executive Order May Have More Impact Than You Think 1-29-2014

Connect the Dots:   Attack the Navigators While Wall Street Runs up the Tax Preparers 1-27-2014

Predators Cashing in on the Wild West of the Internet 1-27-2014

Obama:  Sailor for Social Change and Movement Man 1-26-2014

The Oxfam Report on “Working for the Few” 1-25-2014

Weaker Unions Mean Less Racial Inequality 1-24-2014

No Place for Young Men:  Why Snowden Can’t Get a Fair Trial in the USA 1-23-2014

Home Care Workers’ Union at the Supreme Court 1-22-2014

Is it Right to Divert Settlement Money Intended for Citizens? 1-21-2014

Another Year End / Year Beginning Meeting 1-20-2014

More Battles in the Walmart Wars:  Florida, Strikes, and Delhi 1-17-2014

More ACORN Bans in New Congressional Budget 1-16-2014

Fight against Obamacare Getting Nasty 1-15-2014

Texas Goes to War Against Obamacare Navigators 1-14-2014

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Target, NSA, the House of Reps, and Life in a Land with no Irony 1-11-2014

Reaching the 30,000 Indians Still Owned Cobell Trust Land Royalties? 1-10-2014

Bonuses, the Wolf of Wall Street, and Canadian Scammer Jesse Willms 1-9-2014

Attacks Continue on Obamacare Enrollment Process 1-8-2014

More on Scarcity, Slack, Bandwidth and Impact on Poor and Public Policy 1-7-2014

How Scarcity Affects the Poor 1-6-2014

Technology versus the Poor 1-5-2014

Movement to Raise Minimum Wages Going Strong across the Country 1-4-2014

Working Families on the Move 1-3-2014

Golf Time is Over, What’s the President Going to do with Snowden and the NSA? 1-2-2014

Year End Loose Ends 12-31-2013

The Moral Dimensions of Price Protections for Drugs and Basic Necessities 12-30-2013

Why Deny the Poor Access to Telephone Service and the Internet? 12-29-2013

Solid Resolutions for the New Year 12-28-2013

Remember Bush’s Medicaid Expansion?  Same Problems with Obamacare! 12-27-2013

People Analytics are a Scaring Part of the Hiring Future, but… 12-26-2013

Temps Taking Over the Workforce Creating Organizing Obstacles 12-24-2013

Looking at Metropolitan Areas for an Understanding of Declining Union Strength 12-23-2013

Employer Facilitated Workplace Loans Skirting Payday Loan Restrictions 12-22-2013

Freedom of Speech on the Job, Where Do You Live, Duck Man? 12-21-2013

Ocwen, the Mortgage Loan Servicer, Pays $2.2 Billion for its Mess 12-20-2013

The Biggest International Philanthropists are Still Immigrant Families 12-19-2013

Swiss and NWRO Have Right Ideas for Ending Poverty in Income Guarantees 12-18-2013

Doctors and Hospitals Gone Wild 12-17-2013

Amnesty for Edward Snowden, the NSA Leaker 12-16-2013

Walmart Organizing Dilemma:  Publicity Strikes without Publicity 12-15-2013

Of Course Corporate Contributions are About Buying Access and Influence 12-14-2013

What Went Wrong with Memphis and the Mid-America Mall Desert? 12-13-2013

Small Employers Switching to Health Exchanges over Affordability Issues 12-12-2013

Federal Contractors:  Money First, Workers Last 12-11-2013

Managing the Money:  Feds versus States – Bailouts and Tobacco Money 12-10-2013

Good News:  Wealth Up!  Bad News: Not for You! 12-9-2013

The Ups and Downs of Obamacare Recruitment 12-8-2013

Charitable Deduction Reforms 12-7-2013

Nelson Mandela and Dewey Armstrong Both Passed This Way 12-6-2013

Fast Food Tradeoff:   Less Jobs for Living Wages 12-5-2013

Attempting to Hijack Low Power Community Radio 12-4-2013

Faith in Public Life Answers the Pope’s Call and Defends CCHD 12-3-2013

Debbie Downer Alert:  The Site Works Much Better! 12-02-2013

Proposed IRS Rules on C4s a Mixed Bag to See Lobbying from Right and Left 11-27-2013

JP Morgan Chase Whining is Hardly a Lesson Learned 11-26-2013

Act Fast with the Majority Favoring Some Kind of Immigration Reform 11-25-2013

Bring on the Trust Busters to Stop Comcast and Times-Warner Cable Monopoly! 11-24-2013

Hard to Deny that Snowden Did America a Favor 11-23-2013

Health Insurance Companies Gaining Whip Hand over Affordable Care Act? 11-22-2013

How About a Better Deal for Philippines Disaster Relief from US Banks & MTOs? 11-21-2013

Suspend Remittance Charges for Philippines Typhoon Recovery 11-20-2013

Social Enterprises as New Types of Nonprofit For Profit Companies 11-19-2013

The Low Percentage Odds for Short-term Victory for Fast Food Workers 11-18-2013

Before Throwing Obamacare Under the Bus, Look at Lessons in the Louisiana 5th District 11-17-2013

A Diversity Garden Comes to Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans 11-16-2013

Western Union and Others Turning Over Remittance Info to CIA 11-15-2013

University of the People 11-14-2013

The Emerging Fight to Prevent Institutionalization of Substandard Health Insurance 11-13-2013

Going Small versus the Grand on Immigration Reform 11-12-2013

Trouble Coming for Labor on Issues before the Supreme Court 11-11-2013

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Presidents, Modern Communications, and History 11-10-2013

Card Act 11-9-2013