Voice of the People Daily Bulletins April 6th, 2013 to November 8th, 2013

News that matters.  Brought to you daily from KABF and with the help and support of ACORN International, Local 100 United Labor Unions and Social Policy Magazine.

Hydraulic Fracking, Off Shore Oil Revenue, Emergency Plan in NYC, Obama and Minimum Wage, Safety Records, Toronto Mayor Problems Continue, and Insurers and Mental Health 11-8-2013

Insurance Commissions, Toronto Rally at City Hall, Nairobi Protests on Rape, Legal Pot, Koch Brothers, Minimum Wage Increases in the States, South Africa and Autoworkers’ Strike, School Advocates’ Defeat, AT&T and NSA Search 11-7-2013

Voters on Houston Bond and Astrodome, Job Discrimination, FCC and the Internet, Chevron, Change to Win, Disadvantaged Schools, Ground Beef, NFL and Bullying, and Toronto Mayor and Crack 11-6-2013

Senate Vote and Job Discrimination, Planets, Bangladesh Minimum Wage, NSA and Business, Anti-Abortion in Oklahoma, HHS and ACA Subsidies, Mortgage Companies, New Drug Hepatitis C, and David Letterman 11-5-2013

Social Security, Virgina Governor’s Race, George Romney, Riots in Capetown on Affordable Housing, NY Cigarette  Age, Pot Legalization, Insider Trading, Rental Housing, and MIA and Spying 11-4-2013

Employment Discrimination, Global Temperatures, Congressional Staff and ACA, Fast Food Workers Subsidies, Spying and NSA, Poverty and Urban Ghettos, and Good Looking Politicians 11-3-2013

Climate Change and Food Production, Housing Market and Affordability, Indonesia and NSA Spying, Snowden as a Patriot, ACA and Contraception, Cuts in Food Stamps, JP Morgan Chase, Department of Justice and Consumers, and Labor Market Participation 11-2-2013

FDA and Spices, Russia Spying, GMO Labeling, 5 Million Fund for Undocumented, Nuclear, NSA and Taping, Electronic Devices on Planes, Texas Anti-Abortion Strategy, and Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack 11-01-2013

Farm Women in Korea and Transmission Tower, ACA and Loss of Coverage, NSA and Spying, JP Morgan Chase Record Settlement, Immigration Reform, OK Supreme Court and Anti-Abortion Law, and Coal Fire Power Plants 10-30-2013

President Obama and Ban on Spying on Other Leaders, Federal Judge Ruling on Abortion Clinic Doctors, Forbidden City Killings, Penn State and Sex Abuse, House Reps and Wall Street, CMS and Congress, Human Rights, Indian Software Company Fined, Microlending in the United States, Ohio Governor and the War on the Poor 10-29-2013

State Exchanges, National Guard and DOMA, Immigration Bill, Medical Pot, Banned Women Drivers in Saudi Arabi, Friendly States for Retirees, New Citizens Movements, Muslims and Alcohol 10-27-2013

Interns and Minimum Wage, Protests in Tunisia, Cosmetics, Credit Crunch, Violent Crime, DDT Exposure, National Resources Defense Council, Leaks in Japan, FDA and Prescriptions, and Koch Funding 10-25-2013

Germany and NSA, Ruling in Dominican Republic on Haitians, EPA and Power Plants, JP Morgan Chase, Obamacare, New Jersey Displaced, Greenpeace, State and Pregnant Women, Detroit Pensions, Drone Strikes, BofA Guilty 10-24-2013

Tax Filing Deadlines, Maps, Singles and Online Dating, Human Rights Watch, Drugs Online, Tuition Increase, Subsidies, Tom Watson, Infant Morality Rate, and Small Government Workforce 10-23-2013

France and NSA Spying, Computer Glitches, Alligator in Wal-mart, Barte Rolling Again, Mexico City Activists, Voters, Medicaid Expansion in Ohio, Argentina and Chevron, Chase Settlement, Rio Demonstrators on Oil Field, Southern Baptist Leaders, Politics and Adult Baptisms 10-22-2013

ACA Online Problems, GMO Crops, Cali High-speed Rail, Slavery, 40 Year Low on Lobsters and Union, Breast Milk and Bacteria, Players’ Rights 10-21-2013

Voters in Maine and Pot, ACA Applicants, Good Night’s Sleep, John McDonogh High School in NOLA Gets an F, BRT in the US, Reports on JP Morgan Chase, European Populations, and Top 10 Books 10-20-1013

Foxconn and Student Interns, Former Detroit Mayor and Bribes, London Police and Recognizers, China and Girls Education, Crowd Funding, Maine and Prescription Drugs, Slavery and Forced Labor, Timber Logging, Secret Court, and Bourbon Thefts,  10-19-2013

Early Britains and Roasted Toads, Sleep and Brian Gunk, Country of Georgia, Obese Americans, Edward Showden,  Protests in France, 40 Arrested in New Brunswick,  Iraq Killings, Mexican Abuse, Gypsy Discrimination 10-18-2013

Arkansas DHS and Enrollment, Montana Road Kill, Republicans Defeated, Shutdown Costs, State Health Care Exchanges, Glenn Greenwald, Mark Cuban Found Innocent, Little Debt Reduction, Cancer, Global Treaty,  and Addiction 10-17-2013

JP Morgan Chase, GOP and Compromise, Arafat, Garment Workers in Haiti, Breast Cancer, Supreme Court and EPA and Campaign Contributions, Voter IDs, and MLK Children 10-16-2013

Xerox and Food Stamps and Walmart, Working Retirees, Richmond and Anti-Poverty, Leaving Near Airports, Hurricanes, Europeans and Outdoor Air Pollution Deaths, and Apple iPads in Schools 10-15-2013

Drugs and the US Health Bill, Asthma Costs, University of Arkansas and Border States Tuition, Problems with online college applications, Raising the Debt Ceiling, Generic Drugs, India and Politicians in Prisons, Russian Riots, $15/hr Minimum Wage 10-14-2013

President Obama and Funds to Egypt, Chorea and Haitians,  Labor Relations and Boston Bus Drivers Wildcat Strike, Hindi Workers on Strike, European Patrols, VW and UAW Vote, Charters Protest, Soldiers Benefits, and Head Start and Shutdown 10-10-2013

ACA Crash Being Fixed, Undocumented Immigrants on Juries, Muslim Brotherhood, Arizona Federal and State Ballots, Global Recession, Japan Nuclear Reactor, NSA Leak in Canada, Adult Skills, and Woman Head of the Fed 10-9-2013

Mayor of Newark, Colorado Seceding, Russia and US on Syria, Immigration and Governor Jerry Brown, Twitter Verse Mess and Women, Mark Cuban and Insider Trader, and Budget Battle and Shut Down 10-8-2013

Egypt Protestors Killed, Israel Prime Minister in Trouble, Speaker Bonner and President Obama, UAW in Mississippi, FAA Passengers and Electronic Devices, World Bank and Reorganization, Strong Demand for Private Option in Arkansas, and President Obama and Healthcare.gov 10-7-2013

Netherlands and Sea Laws, UN Civil Aviation and Airline Admissions, German Adults Unemployed, Vietnam General Dies, Government Shutdown and ACA Rollout, Mormon Church Leaders Admit Mistakes, Young Protestor Killed in Sudan, and Immigrant Rallies in US 10-6-2013

British Spies,  Russia and Greenpeace, Kenya Military, Citigroup and iPhone, ACA and Marketplace Still Slow, Twitter Going Public, and Literary Fiction and Smartness 10-4-2013

ACA Left Outs, Spying in Dallas, Indian Politics, Racial Profiling in France, Silk Road Shut Down, and New Immigration Reform Bill 10-3-2013

Enrollment for ACA, Shutdown of Government, UN and Elderly Boom, Rating European Countries, UK and Required Community Service, Wells Fargo Bad Loans, Venezuela Sabotage, Views of Jews, and New Debit Card 10-1-2013

Girl Scouts, School Lunches, National Testing, UK Conservatives, Protestors for Change, Justice Department ID Laws, Insurance Competition, Debt Ceiling, Disease Descriptions, and Online Enrollment and Navigation 9-30-2013

Alberta, Republicans and ACA, Somalia Americans, Military and Shutdown, Medicaid Expansion Stats, Open Planned Office, and Work and Personal Time 9-29-2013

Climate Change, Senate Votes, New Jersey Same Sex Marriage, Marching in the Rain, Planned Parenthood, FDA, Immigrants, Teachers’ Unions, and 40 Million Settlement on College Athletes Images 9-28-2013

Citizenship of  Children Haitian Refugees, Chemical Weapons, Teaching Chinese and Women Authors, Obama and Affordable Care Act, Online Enrollment in Spanish on Obamacare, JP Morgan Chase Settlement Talks, Helping People and Happiness, Greenpeace Protests, Wendy Davis, and Food Stamps Eligibility 9-27-2013

Turkish Protests Aftereffects,  Detroit Pension Problems, Indonesia, Greenpeace Ship, SAT and Low Income Students, Sex Trafficking,  Obamacare, Payday Lenders, Sick Leave, and Electronic Arts and College Athletes 9-26-2013

Russia and Greenpeace, China Exports to N. Korea, Obama on Foreign Policy, Attack in Kenya, Student Loan Borrowers in Trouble, Unlocking Used Cell Phones, Gender and Employment, JP Morgan Chase and Settlements, HHS Pricing of Health Care, Attorney Generals and E-Cigs, and College Football Players’ Association 9-25-2013

Muslim Brotherhood, Bangladesh Factories and Minimum Wage, Revenge Porn, San Jose, Hunger Strikers, Undocumented, Sugar and Fat, Pussy Riot and Jail Conditions, Child Labor, UAW, and Kenya Westgate Mall Tragedy 9-24-2013

Mexico and Immigrants, Homeless Shipped Away, NFL Stadiums and Tax Subsidies, Coal Emissions, Kenya, Trail-life Alternative, Positive Ratings, Gun Culture 9-23-2013

Killed in Kenya Westgate Mall, Housing Crisis and Single Family Housing , Global Green Complex in Lower 9th Ward, Violence and Abuse, Census and Health Insurance, Pet Stats on the States, National Diaper Network 9-22-2013

De-funding Obamacare, Dreamers and Law Licenses, Dorothy Stang Killer, Greenpeace in Arctic, Desegregation of White Sororities at University of Alabama, Internal Rape Hearings in the Navy, Making Obamacare Work, Population Growth Just Equaling Replacement 9-21-2013

Pay Gaps, Household Income, Wiretapping, Facebook Like is Free Speech, Pope Francis, House Voted to Cut SNAP, JP Morgan Chase Fines and Tom Delay Freed, Japan Shutdown on Reactors, Starbucks and Guns 9-20-2013

Pay Gaps, Household Income, Wiretapping, Facebook Like is Free Speech, Pope Francis, House Voted to Cut SNAP, JP Morgan Chase Fines and Tom Delay Freed, Japan Shutdown on Reactors, Starbucks and Guns 9-20-2013 – See more at: http://chieforganizer.org/radio/news-of-the-day/#sthash.6nOO8nYE.dpuf
Pay Gaps, Household Income, Wiretapping, Facebook Like is Free Speech, Pope Francis, House Voted to Cut SNAP, JP Morgan Chase Fines and Tom Delay Freed, Japan Shutdown on Reactors, Starbucks and Guns 9-20-2013 – See more at: http://chieforganizer.org/radio/news-of-the-day/#sthash.6nOO8nYE.dpuf

Oklahoma and Same Sex Benefits, Cancer Survivors and Death Rates are Down, Sudan and Genocide, Greenpeace on Russia Oil Rig, University of Alabama Protest, Food Policy Action on SNAP Cuts, Delaware and SATs, Bribes, and Flip Flops Ban 9-19-2013

Poverty Increases in the South, DHS and Obamacare Rates, Iran Blocks Access to Internet Again, Exercise and Stress Relief, Population and Income Stats, Home Health Care Workers, Policemen and Katrina Killings, Snowdon and Human Rights, President of Brazil, and Navigator Blockers 9-18-2013

JP Morgan Chase and Fines, UK and Uranium Boycott, Obamacare Confusion, NYC Mayor’s Race, War Crimes, Firewalls, Antibiotic Resistant Infections, Oil Companies and Methane Gas, Drinking Moms, GAO and Disability Payments, and Richest Americans 9-17-2013

Physical Assets of Big Banks, Arkansas Benefits of ACA, Wikileaks Party, Larry Summers is Out, Corruption in Cambodia, Anti-Obesity,  Payday Loan Fees, and Cell Phone Requests  9-16-2013

United Kingdom Postal System and Privatization, Plane Crashes, Oxfam and Expenses, BP Records, Larry Summers, Russia and Syria, Spanish Judge Splits Apartment, Medicaid Fraud Case, ACLU and Spy Court, Bank of America and Foreclosures, UAW and VW in Tennessee, and Opposition to Inequality Growing  9-14-2013

Women Arrested, ACA Mailings, China Pollutions, Land Protection, Koch Brothers and Freedom, 32 Years of Daily Protesting, Domestic Workers and Time and A Half, DC Mayor and Big Retail, Cubans and Yellow Ribbons, JP Morgan Chase, DHS and Employee Records, and McDonalds and Debit Cards 9-13-2013

FEMA and Private Insurance, Street Blocks in Mexico, Colorado and NRA Challenge, Verizon Bonds, Kenya, Union Members in Warsaw, Afghanistan Waste, Missouri Tax Cuts, California Minimum Wage, Tea Party on Syria, Facebook and Privacy, and Indian Tribes in Court on Payday Lending, 9-12-2013

Predatory Loans, Southern Poverty Law Center, Military Action in Syria, 65 Years and Working, Border Servers, and JP Morgan Chase and Insurance Kickbacks, Home Invasions and Foreclosures,  Union Membership Going Down, Porn and Aids  9-10-2013

Repression, VA Hospitals, October 5 Actions, Ben Jealous Leaving NAACP, FCC and Verizon, Protests in Brazil, and Most Populars 9-9-2013

FHA New Rule for Homeowners, Changing Time Before and After Work, Canada and New Immigrants, Mexico Crusade Against Poverty, Illegal Predatory Lending Scams, and AntiGay Laws in Russia 9-8-2013

New Jobs and Labor Participation, Care in Last Year of Life, Payton Manning 9-7-2013

Kaiser Foundation, NSA Spends Billions to Spy, Afghan Woman Shot Dead, Kenya, Anti-Discrimination, Teens and Ecigs, G20 Tax Loophole, Fossil Fuel Stocks, Pot Legalization Survey in Louisiana 9-6-2013

Health Study and Premium Charges for ACA, Federal Return and State Tax Returns, Louisiana Driving While Latino Challenged in Federal Court, USDA and Food Insecurity, Nebraska and Deaf Medical Student Lawsuit, Syrian Military Action and MoveOn, Yelling Lowest Self-Esteem, Same Sex Marriage, and Putin 9-5-2013

War, Japanese Nuclear Meltdown On Cleanup, Military Crackdown in Egypt, Assange Charges in Stockholm, Bush Family Political Brand, Recession and Bonds, NYC Union Members, and Dennis Rodman back to Korea 9-4-2013

Rebuilding Detroit Study, NSA Leaks and Spying by the United States, Russian Travel Alert, New Mexico Same Sex Marriage, European Now, Bronx and a Tale of Two Cities, Drugs in Short Supply and Drug Cartels, and Choice of Course Materials in Learning 9-03-2013

Secret Hemisphere Project and ATT, 3 Mayors in Florida Arrested, Employee Theft, Muslim Brotherhood, Nelson Mandela, and Wal-mart Inspections 9-02-2013

Syria Action, Leak NSA Documents, Unpaid Interns, Foreign Commerce, Accelerated Income Gaps, Greenhouse Gases in China, and African Americans and Progress and Median Net Worth 9-01-2013

Tea Party Candidate Challengers, British High Court and Police Power, Egyptian Protests, Poor in Philly,  Detroit Suit on Franchise Tax, Euro-zone Countries, Chinese Chicken, Equifax Data and Employers for ACA 8-31-2013

IRS Same Sex Marriages, NFL Concussion Suit, Bill de Blasio, President of Kenya on Traffic Safety, DOJ Won’t Sue on Pot, Edward Snowden and Funds for Spying, Western Sky and Payday Loans, and Fast Food Strikes 8-30-2013

DOL and Contracts, President Obama and MLK, Tea Party Revival, Direct Federal Grants in Innovations, San Bernardino goes Bankrupt, Colleges and Sex Assault, Expanded Medicaid and Coverage Gap , Tax on Sweets in Sweden, and Mexico City Sugar Ads 8-29-2013

New Home Construction, Grain Subsidy in India, Human Trafficking, Merrill Lynch Racism Settlement, Food Inspections, Michigan Legislature Expands Medicaid, Recession Impacts, Census and Same Sex Households, Facebook Personal Data, and New York Times Website Attacks 8-28-2013

Teachers in Charter Schools, Secretary of State, Philippines Protests, ESPN, ACLU and NSA Data Collection, Police Profiling, Saline Solution Costs, NY Attorney General and Donald Trump, Sleep, Baby Boomers, and Bank Bailouts 8-27-2013

Farmers Almanac Cold Winter, Private Lobbyist for School Boards, Moscow, Egyptian Military, Germany No Spy, Keystone Pipeline, UK Home Loans, Exit Exams for Colleges, Wages go Down in US, Minority Babies and Toxic Chemicals, and Wikileaks 8-26-2013

March on Washington Anniversary and Racial Perceptions,  US Hedge Funds in Argentina,  White Lung Disease, JP Morgan Chase, Fantasy Football Cities 8-24-2013

Justice Department and Redistricting, Obamacare, Discrimination of African Americans, AAA and Texting, TeaParty Stop Amnesty Tour, Area 51 Confirmed by CIA, Egyptian Leader Under House Arrest, 501c3 Donor Names, Koch Brothers, Doctors Reporting Gifts, Banks in UK Fines, Doping in Sports 8-23-2013

Minimum Wage and Spending Power, Catholic Bishops and Immigration Reform, New Mexico and Same Sex Marriages, Bradley Manning Gets 35 Years, Household Income Drops, Kansas and Arizona Sues Government on Voter Registration, UPS and Healthcare, Overpaid CEOs, Mortgage Services, and Asteroids 8-22-2013

African Americans and Poverty, Insurance Deductibles, UK Government and NSA, Growers in California, Telephone Manufactures and the Internet, Kaiser Foundation and Health Insurance Premiums, and Hispanics and Healthcare Insurance 8-21-2013

Death Row AC, Head Start Children, Banking Regulations, Sea Levels, UN Staff Picket, Deaf Medical Student, Insurance Companies Tax Exempt, NPR to National Geographic, Beer Consumptions, Tanning Beds, Student Loans, Coffee Growers on Strike, and Hunter Thompson  8-20-2013

Cairo Death, JP Morgan Chase and Bribes, Meat Inspections, 9% of Women in US Make over $75,000, Healthcare Costs, Former President Bill Clinton, Children Costs, Women’s’ Rights, Congressional Investigators, and Internet Divide 8-19-2013

City Anti-Crime and Housing Projects, Ecuador Gas and Oil, McDonalds at $15.hr in North Dakota, Parking Lot Ball, Oversight Fees, Russia and Alcoholism, Biking is Number One in Sports Injuries 8-17-2013

Navigator and ACA, Family for Better Care Ranking of Nursing Homes, Dead in Cairo, Center for Disease Control and Obesity, Kepler Telescope Retires, and Illegal Roadkill Dinners 8-16-2013

FDA Inspections, Prehistoric Drawings, Military Forces in Egypt, Jesse Jackson Jr. Jail Sentence, 5.7% of Consumer Debt older than 90 days, Nurses and Affordable Care Act, and Federal Reserve Bank & Debit Charge Fees 8-15-2013

Better Government Ranking of States, Brazil and NSA, Justice Department Sues Airline Merger, Nuclear Waste in Nevada, Car Buyers at Retirement Age, and Rating Tasters 8-14-2013

Stop and Frisk, Monday Marches on Healthcare, Farm Subsidies and Food Stamps, UK Trash Can Listening Post Ban, Blackberry for Sale, Affordable Care Act, Communist Party in Japan, Prague and Czech Republic, Town Hall Meetings, NSA Leaks, and Rich Drivers in California 8-13-2013

Department of Justice and Drug Sentences, Boycotts of Russia Vodka, Mesa Arizona Paying Homeowners to get Rid of Lawns, Florida State Capital Protests, Canada Telecommunications, American Bar Association, Freeman and EEOC Criminal Background Checks, and Pacifica Layoffs 8-12-2013

Immigrant Reform, Rio Protest, Mayflower Arkansas Oil Spill Cleanup, Spam Bots, Giving Health Beats Art, April and North Dakota and Maine Depression, Worker Centers, Korean Protestors, and Low Incomers in College  8-11-2013

President Obama and Student Loan Relief, FCC Rates on Prison Long Distance Phone Calls, JP Morgan Chase London Traders and Criminal Fraud, FDIC and SallieMae, Lottery Odds, Email Companies and NSA, Worker Paid Low GNP, and Minimum Wage 8-10-2013

Breast Cancer, Public Housing NY Wait List, JP Morgan Chase, Criminal Background Checks, Myanmar Independence Celebrations, Housing Sales, UFCW rejoins AFL-CIO, Firefighters in Arizona, and Back to School Sales 8-9-2013

Prison Population Goes Down, Arkansas Policy Changes on Sentencing, Department of Justice and Voting, Florida Voter Lists, JP Morgan Chase and Sub-prime Mortgages, Rents go Up, Freddie Mac my Sue Richmond on Eminent Domain, Global Pulse on Aid Development, and Obama at G-20 Submit, 8-8-2013

Renters and Housing Benefits for Homeowners, Mortgage Insured by Government, Obesity Rate for Children, Bank of America Fraud, Meteor Storm in Mid-August, Hot, Egypt, IMF in India, Japan Nuclear Leaks, 40 States Get Testing Waivers, Camping, Soccer in Turkey  8-7-2013

Baseball Suspensions, British Police and Vendor Death, Amazon Owner Buys Washington Post, Wendy Davis as Governor, NY State and Payday Lending, HSBC Faces Penalties, Student Loan Defaults, Bangladesh and Grameen Bank, New Zealand Food Scare  8-6-2013

Amazon Strikes in Germany, Public Employment Unions and Cadillac Tax, Mass Transit in Indonesia, 19 Embassies Closed, Goldman Sachs and Aluminum, and Immigration Reform Movement and Dream 9 8-5-2013

Barclays, Voting Adults in Texas, Obama Administration Overturn of Apple Products Ban, Drug Industry, and Public Benefits in Canada and Pension Funds 8-4-2013

Monopolies in Communications with Cox Cable and Charter, IRS Subpoenas, Slow Job Growth, Same Sex Spouses and Visa, China Human Rights, Border Patrols, Gluten Free Food, Equifax Credit Reporting Lawsuit, and Apple Price Fixing 8-3-2013

Mayflower Report in Arkansas and Pre-1970 Pipes, Pro-Immigrant Supporters Arrested, Ed Snowden in Russia, John Kerry, Nuclear Power Plant in Florida, MLK Statue in Washington DC, and Bank of America and Securities 8-2-2013

Student Loan Package in Congress, Fast Food Workers and SEIU, Istanbul Protests, Egypt, Brazil and Bus Service, Lawsuit on Deportation, Anti-Abortion in North Dakota and Ireland, and Electronic Arts 8-1-2013

Pensions and Unions in Detroit, Paul Vallas and Charter School, Arizona and Affordable Care Act, Consumer Protection, Facebook Everywhere, Sprint Price Cuts, and Born Poor and Stay Poor 7-24-2013

Death of Watermelon Vendor in China, Pope in Brazil, Talks with Venezuela, Workers Lose, Trayvon Martin, Walmart in DC, Food Donations in Texas, Occupy and Intern Wages, Unclaimed Wages, Temporary Workers, and Aluminum 7-21-2013

State of Michigan Pulls Plug on Detroit, Big Bank Profits, New Jersey Police and Phone Tracking, Kashmir Protestors, Japan Nuclear Leaks, IRS Investigations, No Child Left Behind, Affordable Care Act 7-20-2013

Bush and Immigration, Civil War in Egypt, Istanbul Arrests, Spain and Savings Lost, Ecuador Publication Closed,  Textile Retail Inspections in Bangladesh, EPI and Job Growth, and Rick Perry  7-10-2013

Syrian Journalist Killed, Egyptian Peace?, Dick Cheney and Daughter, Snowden Asylum, PETA, Shareholder Rights Project 7-7-2013

Snowden, Egypt on the Brink of Civil War, Marriage Equality, Citizens Against Crime, Obama and Keystone, Coup at Federal Election Commission, Part-Time Employees and ACA 7-6-2013

India Feeds the Poor, Snowden Leak, Development in Turkey, Military in Egypt, Bart Strike, and Public Hearing and Rally on Abortion in Texas 7-5-2013

Obama Delayed Employer Mandate on Health Insurance, Snowden Watch, FDA and Arsenic Rice, Women’s Deaths Due to Drugs, Children in China Must Visit Parents, and Freedom of Information Material on Verizon 7-3-2013

Snowden in Russia, Latino Populations, Bishops and Assets, Unite Here, Unemployed Workers, College Loan Defaults, Affirmative Action, Youth Coalitions, Citibank, DC and Retail Workers, and Change to Win  7-2-2013

Ecuador, Wikileaks, Vatican Bank, Disaster Relief,  Pepsi-co, Brazil, South Africans Born Free, Craigslist Adult Services, NSA Court Permissions, and Wyoming and Same Sex Marriage 7-1-2013

Student Debt Relief, Obama and Contraceptives, 38 African Countries Criminalize Same Sex Relations, NFL Won’t Publicize Obamacare, Pot Arrests, Police in NYC,  and Yahoo and NSA Challenge  6-29-2013

NSA Inspector General Leaks, French High School Graduation Tests Under Attack, Chinese Release, Abortion in Texas, Bangladesh Factories, Fast Food Workers in NYC, and Unhealthy Snacks Banned  6-28-2013

Supreme Court and DOMA, Fair Labor Standards Act, Walmart in India, UFCW Protests at Yahoo, Watchdog Banks, Texas Senate Filibuster Success,  Wall on Mexican Border, Delta Bumping 6-27-2013

Voter Rights Act Gutted by Supreme Court, President Obama on Climate Change, Medical Supply Company Layoffs, Mexico on Border Walls, Texas Senate Abortion, and more Snowden 6-26-2013

Brazil President, Germany Campaign for Re-election, Texas Anti-Abortion Rules, Supreme Court Saves Affirmative Action, Charters Still Failing, Topless Protestors,  and Snowden 6-25-2013

Snowden, Wikileaks, Sexual Violence in the Military, Pakistan Tourists, Boxes of Cash, Mosque Building, and Hospitals and Price Ranges  6-24-2013

Showden in Hong Kong, Missing in Mexico, Britain First Born and Gender Discrimination, Brazil Protests at Soccer Games, Coal Burning, Data Capture, Health Insurance and Employers, Calorie Counting in Restaurants 6-23-2013

Brazil Protests and Soccer Players, Cario Protests on Anniversary, Turkey Application to European Union, California Healthcare and Undocumented Workers, Supreme Court Restrictions on Class Actions, and the NCAA 6-22-2013

Military Aid, Farm Bill and Food Stamps Cuts, Supreme Court and Congress and AIDS, Immigration Bill, NY State Regulator on Tokyo Bank, and Beef Labeling 6-21-2013

Vaccines on HPV and Cancer, Obama and Coal-Burning Controls, World Vision on Child Soldiers, Brazil Protests, and Bank Failures on Foreclosures 6-20-2013

Immigration Reform and Deficit, Teacher Education Quality, Urban Core Growth, Brazilian Protests, Turkey Silent Resistance, Humanities Degrees Down, Obesity as a Disease,  and Rural Poverty & Fish Sticks 6-19-2013

Supreme Court and Voting Ruling, Free Fair Movement in Brazil, Fraud in Crop Support, Drug Prices, and Williams Condition on Schools 6-18-2013

State Health Insurance Exchanges and Affordable Care Act, Waste, Electronic Spying, Media, Sheltering Protesters, and Profiling 6-17-2013

Dangerous Cities, Wireless Connections, Bloggers Arrested, Teens, UFCW and Pot Stores, Work Flexibility, Turkey Protests 6-15-2013

Spying and 1984, Women Breadwinners, Reducing Standards for Graduations, Immigrants, Argentina Pizza, Demonstrations on Free Fair, Classroom Teaching, Google Challenges and Twitter, Interns and Back Pay, Sarah Palin on Fox 6-14-2013

EEOC and BMW Auto and Dollar Stores, Turkey on Park Development, Mixed Polls on Spying, African American Men Unemployment in New Orleans, Paid Vacation Around the World,  Coffee Prices, Fracking, Internet Usage Around the World   6-13-2013

Paid Interns, Walgreens Fines, Healthcare Costs, HUD Survey on Racial Discrimination, and Turkey Violence 6-12-2013 – See more at: http://chieforganizer.org/radio/news-of-the-day/#sthash.NQt9ZZ7j.dpuf
Paid Interns, Walgreens Fines, Healthcare Costs, HUD Survey on Racial Discrimination, and Turkey Violence 6-12-2013 – See more at: http://chieforganizer.org/radio/news-of-the-day/#sthash.NQt9ZZ7j.dpuf
Paid Interns, Walgreens Fines, Healthcare Costs, HUD Survey on Racial Discrimination, and Turkey Violence 6-12-2013 – See more at: http://chieforganizer.org/radio/news-of-the-day/#sthash.NQt9ZZ7j.dpuf

Paid Interns, Walgreens Fines, Healthcare Costs, HUD Survey on Racial Discrimination, and Turkey Violence 6-12-2013

Homicide Rates, Rapes in India and Tourism, President Obama and Justice Department and Morning After Pill, 400 Slaves at the Capital, Terrorists and Drones, Turkey Unrest, Walmart CEO and Directors and Bribes, Edward Snowden, and Yogurt Recall  6-11-2013

School Tracking, Tulane University Study in Child Labor in Chocolate, Clothing Origins, States Economic Boost with Same Sex Marriage, and Condom Use 6-10-2013

Bangladesh Workers, Medicaid Surplus, Summer Employers and Internships, Michigan United and State Minimum Wage, Credo and Phone Records, and Kid Rock & Cheaper Tickets 6-9-2013

Wells Fargo and National Fair Housing Alliance, Job Growth in Germany and Australia, Cameras, Cops and Internet, Cellphone and Email Spying, Google and Fake Drugs, Walmart CEO Wages, and Live Streaming Robots 6-8-2013

Student Beaten to Death in Paris, Britain Claims in Kenya and Torture, President Obama and FCC Charges, San Francisco Vacant Apartments, Walmart Shareholders, New Mexico Court Action on Same Sex Marriage, and Indonesia and Bikinis  6-7-2013

Unions of Mine Workers in South Africa, Femen, Steel Tank Leak in Japan, Turkey Unrest, Heart & Mind, Medgar Evers Memorial, Dashlane, JP Morgan Chase, Change.org, and Kraft & GMO  6-6-2013

TSA Screenings, Will Campbell, Egypt Nonprofits, No Child Left Behind, Florida Governor Rick Scott and Drivers Licenses, Military and Rape Crisis 6-5-2013

Fire in Chinese Plant, Blackstone, African Americans Arrested at Higher Rates, Assange, Sexual Assaults in Military, GMO Labeling, Throat Cancer & Oral Sex 6-4-2013

Demonstrations in Vietnam, Turkey Protests, Work Hours, Mobile Technology, Czech Republic and Geographical Confusion 6-3-2013

Bloomberg and Mayors for Gun Control, Turkey Riots, Texas Dumps Curriculum, Foreclosure Modifications, US Chamber of Congress Lobbying, Disabled Children, and Healthcare Costs in the US  6-2-2013

Universities and Lower Income Students, European Union and Discrimination, Turkey Protests, Japan and China Ban on US Wheat, Benefits, Job Discrimination, Topless Protests 6-1-2013

Blood Alcohol Levels, Migrant Workers’ Wages, Citibank Mortgage and India Servicing, Bangladesh Factory Safety, and ClubMed 5-28-2013

Suicides on the Rise, Hoarding Disorder, Sweden Inequality, Land in Columbia, IRS Nonprofit Status, TCOV and TracPhones, Spanish Citizenship 5-27-2013

HUD and IRS Closed Down on Furlough, 21 States Basic Tenant Rights, Monsanto and GMO, Panhandling, and Shareholder Democracy 5-26-2013

Medicaid Benefits, Arizona Immigration and Latino Profiling, Students and Exercise, Support for Tea Party is Declining, Oxfam America and Food Standards 5-25-2013

Citibank, Boy Scouts, Protests in India, President Obama and Code Pink, Tyrone Brooks, Rates on Student Loans, and Tim Cook of Apple 5-24-2013

Chicago School Board and School Closures, Boy Scouts and Sexual Orientation, Apple Taxes, JP Morgan Chase, Tax Exempt Status, Walmart Image 5-23-2013

School Suspensions, Immigration Reform Bill, Joint Union Representations, Tea Party, Financial Crisis in Spain, and Oklahoma Shelters 5-22-2013

Garment Workers’ Wages, Bangladesh, Import and Export Trade, Catholic Whistle-blowers, Care Fund, and Apple Profits 5-21-2013


Drugs, JP Morgan Chase, Poverty in the Suburbs, Unions Against Immigration Reform, and Senator David Vitter and Lifeline Phone Rates 5-20-2013

Social Security, Seeds, Poor Children, Plastic Bags, Toxic Stress, IRS Targets, and Remittances 5-19-2013

Barbie Dolls, National Compassion Fund and Disasters, Petroleum and Coke, and Predatory Hospital Costs 5-18-2013

Immigration Reform, Child  Mental Health, Prison Rape, ObamaCare, Chinese Labor and Foxconn, and Fair Labor Standards 5-17-2013

Bangladesh Death Toll and Labor Standards, Walmart, National Debt, Strikers in South Africa, Same Sex Marriage, and Justice Department 5-15-2013

Job Seekers & Credit Reports, Lobby for Immigration Reform, Petitions, Online Efforts in China, Elections in India, and Bangladesh Death Tolls Rises 5-12-2013

Debt Ratio, Immigration Reform, Tax Exemption, Oakland Police, Yonkers School Bus Drivers and ATM Scam 5-11-2013

Interest Rates on Student Loans, Homeownership, Cyber Crooks and ATM, Bangladesh Factory Deaths Increase and Fair Trade 5-10-2013

Conservative Heritage Foundation and Costs of Immigration Reform, Public Housing, Change to Win, Same Sex Marriage, Sexual Assault in Military, 705 Dead in Bangladesh,  Medical Costs, Affirmative Action and Public Advocate 5-8-2013

Comp Time and Paid Overtime, Farmworkers, Teacher Pay, Bank of America & Wells Fargo, Harrisburg Penn, Naked Swimmers, Lil Wayne & Emmett Till 5-7-2013

Bangladesh Death Toll, Maryland and Job Discrimination, Stockholders and JP Morgan Chase, & Private School Tuition 5-6-2013

Florida Voting Laws, Post Office Cuts, Mortgage Deductions, College Graduates and Income Gains 5-4-2013

Rhode Island Same Sex Marriage, Imported Food and Food Aid, Bangladesh Factory Collapse, Obama and Birth Control, and Apple Computers  5-3-2013

Congressman Watt, Reduction of Loans, Police and Cell Phone Thefts,  Pope Francis, Immigration Reform, May Day, Medicaid Access, Police Profiling and Discrimination  5-2-2013
Military & Camera Polls, Prison in Cuba, Times Picayune Tabloid, Arkansas Gazette, Governor Jerry Brown, and Protest for Medicaid Expansion 5-1-2013
Preschool Enrollment, Alabama Immigrant Laws, Mayflower Arkansas Oil Spill Impacts, and Housing Partnerships 4-30-2013

African American Voting Turnout and Mentally-Ill Immigrants  4-29-2013

Financial Crisis and Retirement, Cut Backs, Advances on Pensions, Planned Parenthood, and Union Security 4-28-2013

Drug Companies, Employee Owned Companies, Cuts to FAA, Wages, and 8 o’clock Coffee  4-27-2013

High Cost Drugs, Banks Cash Reserves, Home Mortgage Defaults, and Bangladesh Factory Fire 4-26-2013

Police & Rape Cases, Lower Down-payments & Foreclosure, Advocate Hospital Care, & Email Privacy  4-25-2013


Banks Bailing out Cities, Walmart Corruption, Predatory Lending 4-24-2013

Cell Phone Charges, Alabama Tax Credits, and Hospital Interns Overworked 4-23-2013

Sierra Club & Clorox, JP Morgan Chase & Wells Fargo, and Unemployment 4-22-2013

Corexit, Bush, Sandy and Angelou 4-21-2013

Discrimination in Human Rights, Part-time Workers, and Boy Scouts 4-20-2013

Regulations on Chemicals, Keystone Pipeline, Rape on Campus 4-19-2013

Bounced Checks for Foreclosure Victims, Gun Control, Boston Tragedy, Lawsuits for Human Rights Abuse 4-18-2013

Wage & Hour Disputes, Charters & Unions, Abortion Law Restrictions, Hospital Profit, Tar Sands  4-17-2013

Public Employees Grow, Walmart Bribe, Weight Training for the Elderly, and Texas Utility 4-16-2013

Forced Insurance Profits & Banks, Vocabulary of Low Income Children, Next Stop Project, Cable Costs, and Groundwater Contamination  4-15-2013

Drugs, Taxes, and Expanding Healthcare 4-14-2013

Remittance Caps, Community Health, Immigration Reform, Shareholder Votes, and UltraViolet      4-13-2013

USPS Saturday Delivery, Iron Lady and Mortgage Relief 4-12-2013

Weight Limits, Mortgage Troubles, Disability, SNAP, ILA Ports 4-11-2013

Foreclosure Checks, Fannie Mae Stock, Kenya and Social Security Threats 4-10-2013

Russia, Putin Protest, Whistleblowers at the UN, Student Loan Interest Hike, and Immigration Reform 4-9-2013

Dementia, Energy Drinks, Pirated Books, LED Blubs, AmeriCorps Volunteer Shot 4-8-2013

Animal Rights, ACORN International in Kenya, NOLA Jails, and Oil Spills 4-7-2013

Morning After Pills, Control Towers, Renewal of South Bronx, Young Voters, and Roger Ebert 4-6-2013